Thursday, July 13, 2017

In The Know Ignorance Of Africa

"Wouldnt it be mean to tell Africa About the global economy?"  OMG! Are you people serious?

I am sorrowful, livid and outright righteously indignant as anyone can see why. This is exactly what many of those people think of Africans and Africans give them nothing other than to think the way they do. Yet it is through Americans ignorance of Africa and Africans that they perpetuate such denigration and disparagement against Africans. This, I believe is to wash away their lack of retribution in the diabolic role they have played in slavery.

Even if it were satire or in jest, how arrogantly ignorantly raw of raciest Americans.  

People like this are the problem and are too stupid to know it. I wonder if either person on that panel has ever been to Africa.

However,  many African leaders have projected this ignorance with their greedy,  conning, welfare ways and not taking care of  or protecting their citizens neither taken charge of their  countries resources.

Yet,  the West don't like Maguba. Mr Maguba has been the only African President to stand up to the United States interference with the growth and stabilization of Africa's economic recovery and their raping and pillaging of Africa.

I am just totally disgusted with both sides. Africans make me ashamed to be African and I was never an American, I merely existed there as a displaced African under their "Color of Law".

The truly pathetic thing is that many Africans will watch the video still  clinging on to their White Jesus. The same Lord and Master America and Europeans have used to force Africans to convert to Christianity to control us, dumb us down then tell us how we can't be trusted with quality goods, to have the basic essentials of life or technology!

Now,  think about this Africans; why do you think that the US Africa Command and other US Armed Forces are slithering into Africa?

Just in case y'all did not read about the US Shadow War In Africa  (Click Here)

I am telling you Africans,  we had best wake up and do all we can to wake  our brothers and sisters up.

Nothing,  and I do mean nothing is accidental.   All things are relevant and connected.

Time for playing church is over!

For those of you who ain't got it yet,  this "Oburoni " (as I am disrespectfully called,  among other things) is a Watchman,  the Prophet and oracle  of the Most High G-D and y'all best know that when I speak that is where I get it from; and, you can bet that it will come to pass. Even my intuitions are divinely inspired.

Why? Yes,  I, we are all special but I yield myself in Spirit and Truth. Proclaiming the message of Restoration is the very reason and my purpose of my existence on  earth--to shine light and love in a dark world.

It doesn't matter what one may think of this vessel and channel but y'all surly had best receive what G-D is speaking through me and the many other rejected channels of light for such a time as this.

Beloved family, I don't know it all and not one of us ever will,  however,  I see through the Eye of the Spirit where things are headed and the dots are being connected  right before our eyes.

My spirit is truly troubled. This is not a rant but rather a prophetic word of knowledge. 

I am a part of other agricultural and green housing groups who are wanting to invest in Ghana with long-term leases.  However, governments, land owners,  Chiefs, Nana's, and queen mothers have their hands out for something, selfishly thinking of themselves and their own personal gain, not Ghana or the future of Africa and Africans.

I want to reiterate  how serious and imminent this thing is.  I won't post comments and other group info here but what I have said to one,  I can say to all,  is that OK?

What Africans don't know is that those old dark religious energies have passed away.  It's a new day.  A new paradigm and they will either get on board that Good Ship and return home,  back to the way of the Ancients or be consumed in their own greed,  chaos and darkness.

The Shift is happening whether you get on board or not.

Gaia,  Mother Earth will shake to the very core. Already,  the earths axis have shifted  polls.

This causes fresh water or ice caps to melt going in the wrong direction to mix with sea water.

Weather patterns are changing. There will be earthquakes,  tsunamis,  comets falling to earth, along with other anomalies and  disasters. If you think that I am just talking,  do your own research.

This means drought, which translates into no food and a whole lot of homeless people with no place to go, no food,  no water.  

Henry Kissinger as the National Security Advisor for the United States coinciding with the National Security Study Memorandum 200 on depopulation has said, "Who controls the food, control the people; who controls the oil, controls nations; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world". Depopulation is still an issue.

The Ancestors have revealed divine plans for agriculture projects,  green housing, desalination of salt water and how to drill for fresh water reserves to sustain growth and human consumption.

Dispite the messages that have been coming forth many or you continue in your day to day activities not making the necessary plans for emergencies and future events; oblivious to reality. To use a metaphor, Just like the story of Noah, Africans are saying rain?  A flood?  Ignoring and rejecting the vision of those sent to help them survive.

Not survive only but to become just like Maat (Egypt) of long ago; a place of safety,  peace and plenteous, where all the world came as Joseph stored grain to sell to other countries who came to buy food to survive. Catch that vision.

It's,  and I am gonna say it,  a damn shame. However,  there is a divine plan that has been set into place and those enlightened ones are the initiators of it.

This is why we can't give up!

We must see our visions through to fruition.

Africa must open doors for those of Diaspora, these helpers,  investors and workers of light to come freely. We must get down to business while we can. Catch the Vision!

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