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Think Africans of Diaspora had it easy?

I have lived in Ghana  now for nearly three years.  No, this does not make me an expert on Africa. Like most, I am merely scratching the surface of the powerful history of the most ancient, beautiful and richest Continent in the World. However I know more about Africa than perhaps most Africans.  I will even go as far as to say that I am and most of Diaspora are more African than most Africans.

I was recently told that I was angry and bitter; I would hope this is not the case. I do admit to being aggravated at the willful ignorance of those who acclaim to know the Ancients of Days who display ungodly characteristics and acts against humanity and divine nature. I deplore the acts of those who pollute the earth and dishonor creation merely because ‘it’s always been done this way’ calling it culture. 

However, I would like to apologize if I come across angry or bitter, which is not my intent. I am sorrowful and embarrassed of how an ancient spiritually powerful, highly evolved and productive civilization has strayed from the Way of the Ancestors, taking their captors religion and ways of life, rejecting their African-ism. 

Perhaps it is time for Africans and the human race to become righteously indignant to the evils and darkness in this world and do something about it.

What can we do? What do we do? We work on us instead of trying to evangelize others with a brainwashed and white-washed way of living. We cultivate love, acceptance and tolerance for other human beings. We respect and honor the earth on which we live.

As many of you may know, I was raised in the US. Having experienced  and know the injustices perpetuated upon the African home and abroad; I have, through the guidance and teachings of the Spirit learned and are still learning our true history beyond the false convoluted histories perpetuated throughout the World about Africa. 

I have studied the Africa, religion, both Islam and Christianity and the part they played in the initiation of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery.
US History taught that we were slaves.  That “Blacks” could not learn, although they made it against the law for Blacks to read and write English.  This was done in order to keep up that false image of superiority and 'White privileged'. Therefore, many were passed from one grade to another without even knowing the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. 

Of course, the educational system in the US, their thought is that “Blacks” were slaves and made no contributions to society even though they stole our inventions, patents and kept the accomplishments of Blacks unknown from the World.  Black history to this day is not being taught in public schools. Literary works are still being kept from the international publishing markets. Their religion have taught and teaches that Blacks were cursed, using their bible to keep them subservient.

Even more disparaging is that the educational system in Africa is from a colonial mindset of academics that ignores our rich African History and culture. 

From my youth, there was this inherent quest and knowingness that I was special and of African royalty. It was because of the many injustices I endured that the Ancients of Days took me under personal care and handling. So if you Africans think for one minute that all African descendants of Diaspora have been acclimated to the American way of life; I can assure you that it is our Ancestors who have given knowledge, truth and revelation for such a time as this, to be a light for those Africans who are in darkness.  

Not Africans only but nations of peoples who lives under the bondage of the elite worldly systems and the contrived perverted religious system of Christianity.

Many think slavery passé and over, however the face of slavery merely changed. As a matter of facts, I am of a generation whose fraternal grandfather was a runaway slave. My parents were the product of forced servitude who was kept from and denied an education.

Many of Diaspora have lived in Africa for ten, twenty, over thirty years. The most distressing thing is how Africans view those of Diaspora. Many of us perhaps have the same sordid sad stories to tell of our treatment and rejection from our African brothers and sisters.

My African brothers and sisters you have been bedazzled, hood-winked and fed a lot of misconceptions and falsehoods from Western and European media, corporations and their religion.  By the same token, those of Diaspora in the United States and the people of the United States and around the World are fed disparaging and negative propaganda in regards to Africans—the Dark Continent they call it.
They call the people who live in Her dark having no light--ignorant, heathens who are in need of Europe and the West to control them because of their lack of  knowledge and intellect.  This is because the majority of Africans do not know  their own or true history and what these foreigners have done and taken, are still to this day taking from  the African. 

They call it the Dark Continent because of Africans lack of integrity to reclaim and regulate what is rightfully theirs by acting like them.  Because of Africans disjointedness and greed in  trying to recover what is theirs, without knowing how, but emulate the same people who keep Africa in darkness, chaos and  ignorance of who they truly are.

Why do they see Africa as Dark? Because this is how they want it.  They want to keep Africa’s people in darkness of ignorance and chaos. They have done a great job of doing just that!  

Too many Africans are totally oblivious to the things they do to cause their own demise as they live below their means in poverty and lack in the richest Continent in the World.

The movies you watch, the news you get portray a convoluted view of life for the African and erroneous depictions of those of Diaspora.  

Africans white-brain-washed views of those of Diaspora, who has never traveled outside of Africa, are all from a warped false concept from Hollywood and Nollywood that have caused the African to act just like them.  You act like everyone except who you are. You want to look like everyone except for who you are. While they covet what you have and your divine DNA of who you are.
The news you get is censored, controlled by the elite class, very one-sided, used as an implement of subliminal messaging to cause division and distrust among Africans and the Diasporas. The same demeaning images in the news and movies are disparaging depictions of Africa and those of Diaspora shown throughout America and around the World. 

Diasporas do not live the life you see on TV shows as the Cosbys, Fresh Prince of Bellaire, etc. They do not  all live in mansions or paid great sums of money for being great athletes or entertainers.  

Many of the greats died penniless leaving no inheritance only a name. Yet, many of you think that America and Europe is the “Land flowing with milk and honey”—The “land of the free”. Many Africans desire to leave your rich heritage to get a piece of that great ‘American Pie’ of opportunity, which is a fairytale dream even for them.

Fact is when an African, those who think they are lucky enough to be allowed to enter the US; the US government dissuade Africans from integrating into the “Black” communities. However, they have, for the most part, destroyed and dispersed thriving Black communities under the guise of redevelopment or with the infiltration of their drugs. 

They have disjointed black communities by relocating blacks as they built freeways and other so-called improvement development projects. These redevelopment projects created communities of ghettos for transients, homeless and many others of an unsavory character.

This uprooting caused struggling black businesses to fail. The history of the intentional bombing of a thriving Black Wall Street are even unknown to many Diasporas in the US.  These intentional destruction's created more unemployment and disparaging situations for many to become victims of an unjust legal system; financing the courts, city and county governments along with the prison system that left, what was left of "Black" communities in ruin, degradation and dysfunctional. 

Most disparaging of all; they rebuilt those areas for other ethnic immigrants giving them loans, better communities and opportunities they never accorded those of Diaspora. The Diasporas had to fight hard to get what they have and still do today.

We of Diaspora are treated worse here in our Mother Land than we are in the US. Yes, you have killed us too. You have cheated us, stole from us, perpetuate their lies about us.  You have invited us, yet you treat us as aliens who do not belong; just as they treat us as aliens and a scourge in the US. We have become a displaced people rejected by those who should receive us a brothers and sisters with open arms and pure intent having no agenda. Yet, you too, see us as a money making scamming opportunity.

We come; many have been drawn by the Ancestors. Many have been sent to reconcile the African and restore them to the Ways of the Ancients of Days. Only we are met with contempt and rejected by convoluted Western and European ideologies and religion from a colonized African mindset.  That is to say, get all you can from whomever you can, whatever and however you can get it no matter how hurtful.  

You think it is those of Diaspora who come to steal, destroy and change the African way of life. Not realizing that they have already done that!  So you dig in, determined not to make changes to let go of old dark energies to advance. This is the reason Africans cannot recognize the greatness within themselves or the greatness of and the value of what the Diasporas bring.

You have given up your rich history for that of the European having no idea or concept that they have taken all that you are, all that the Ancestors left, reducing the African to a vile version of them.

You have rejected restoration of African spirituality for Western and European religion thinking it has set you free. Free from what?

Your minds have been conditioned and acclimated to a false religious System created by them and for them; that of which they stole and plagiarized from our Ancestors.  They watered it down, white-washed the African, demonized truth and reality so that you cannot recognize yourselves; the greatness in you and most of all the god in you or the Diasporas.

These dysfunctional mindsets are the results of colonization and the Transatlantic Slave Trade of which they want you to forget. They do not want the African to know the true history or reason for their infiltration and control of Africa even to this day. 

You think these enemies are here to help you as you put your hands out like beggars to get that of which is yours; that you already have of which they took and are taking from you.

Africa controlled by non-Africans.  The monetary system is controlled by non-Africans. The job market and minimum wages are controlled by non-African. Your school curriculum, exclude practicals and is designed to brainwash Africans resulting in lack of self esteem, self worth and hatred for your blackness. They teach and acclimate Africans to a non-African way of life with a perverse history of lies and deceit while they keep technology and economics from you. Dangling their inept carrots of deception that you follow totally forgetting who you are.

These become your leaders and you wonder why the country is in the state it is in.  They have forced their greedy corrupt dark concepts upon a nation of people who are fighting for a mere existence and to stay alive just as those of Diaspora has had to fight to survive.

Africans, you have lost your way. Yes, so have many of Diaspora.  However, many have awakened to the god within acknowledging the Ancestors and honoring their divine DNA. 

In order for Africa to be healed and return to Her greatness is for Africans to turn back to the Way of the Ancients of Days. You can continue to fool yourselves into thinking that European and Western Religion is the way and that it is the right humane principles for the African that is your choice.  

However, if that way has not worked for you in 60  or even 400 years why continue to hold on to a foreign way of life designed to keep the African in bondage, ignorance and poverty? 

Perhaps they are right; Africans do need someone to run their affairs.  Ask yourself, is it them? What have they done in the 400 years they have been in control for Africa or Africans? They control your economy; they control the way you look, think and act. They control the products you buy and consume. What more?

Africa has no viable water purification plants; no industrial plants; no proper sanitation, refuse, recycling or sewer systems. There is no efficient but costly electrical production system.  All of these are the very basics necessary essentials of life all around the World, yet lacking in Africa. There are no governing agencies that they do not control.

The entire World covet and need Africa and her resources of which without, their economies will fail. Africa supplies the World with those resources that advances all other countries into modernization and technological advancements , stabilizing their financial base and economy  except for Africa. 

Now, what lengths do you think they will continue to go through to keep stealing Africa’s resources keeping Her people in lack, ignorance and poverty as Africans continue calling on their White Lord and Savior who has keep Africa a Dark Continent? Catch the vision. SANKOFA my brothers and sisters.

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