Thursday, April 20, 2017

Africans In The Destruction Of Africa

I received a most disturbing video of a possible murder of a young African woman.  I have inserted the video within this blog because of the evil calculated actions of the perpetrators of this heinous crime who actually recorded it.

My purpose is to bring a public awareness of the injustices foreigners commit against Africans.  This is merely one young African of many who are taken advantage of, harm inflicted upon and killed. Not by other Africans but foreigners.

Secondly,  that there be a assertive effort to find and identify  these men to  persecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

This video should be brought to the attention of every human rights agency, law enforcement and government agencies throughout Africa and the World. The news media must stop censorship of the many gross injustices committed against Africans. They must stop painting a horrid picture to the World that Africans are unintelligent heathenistic 'spear-chuckers' and that they do not deserve to be treated like humans.

This young ladies face and limp less  body are  indelibly imprinted within my mind.

Africans care, however they have been rendered powerless through their crooked politicians who are controlled by the elite. I had conversation with one of the Queen Mothers and  Royal Sisters, this is what they had to say:

I am asking My Creator for the answer to my return. I send people into Ghana trying to meet with the Royalty I know and I get no answer. However, if the Chinese come with money or a White agency from Europe they get immediate audiences. The Chiefs take the money in the name of development and demand that their people be treated with decency and respect. I can recall not long ago when Malaysian Telecom first came to Ghana one of the Executives from Malaysia slapped and insulted his  Ghanaian driver. He was ran out of the country in 24 hrs.

*When they shot a Ghanaian, 3000 plus illegal Chinese miners were rounded up. I am sure they are back destroying the soil and polluting the water with their toxic methods of mining, raping the land and  the last of Ghana gold. Why don’t Ghanaian's mine their own gold one might ask?  Ghana miners don't have the resources or equipment to mine as they do. It is up to us to partner and unite to build and lift ourselves up from the disparagement's foreigners has forced upon us.*

Yes, but how do we get there? How can we survive and do the work when we must go through so many tainted channels?

**The Continent of Africa is  suffering deeply from this colonization mentality. We have miss-leaders in positions of authority throughout various countries.  These leaders more than often misuse and misappropriate and embezzle public funds. That result is economic deprivation for its citizens.  Hence, lots of its People throw their hands up in frustration and despair  receiving disgusting individuals who lure innocent girls as the one in the video clip.


*One thing that is important to keep in mind. In Africa, it is not just the leaders but many of our populous as well. We have been trained from an early age, even forced to training camps called schools where we learn values that are not ours. How many have you seen here on visa only thinking of themselves and their immediate family?   Ivan Van Sertima coined the term, "suffocation of vision". Reuniting our visionary abilities is a must. Our youth only see making it out of Africa. However, I have seen the light in their eye when we brainstorm possibilities.* ~ Queen Nana Wakeelah, Royal Sisters *Rehema Porter & **Jideayeola.

You see, the reason the enemies of Africa continue to kill Africans is that many Africans don't want to face the facts that there is a Depopulation Agenda (National Security Memorandum 200) that targets annihilation of the African. They believe that European Countries and the US are helping Africa. They refuse to believe that the Western and European religion of  Christianity was instituted mainly for control of the slaves, and  a tool to take their focus from the true issues.

The African has been so manipulatively brainwashed and removed from reality, their culture and spirituality that many are unaware of their own history. Yet, they are aware that in every castle or dungeon there was a church where their colonizers and slavers worshiped thanking their god for their valuable bounty of gold and those Africans they made their lucrative slave commodity.

Those dungeons are no longer in use, however, the effect of Christianity now permeates throughout all of Africa, while the West and other countries continue to mind control the African, stealing their valuable natural resources, intentionally keeping them in poverty and lack. 

Religion helped the African to forget the injustices being perpetuated against Africans home and abroad. Thinking that this god of the colonizers and slavers  will come to free them from it all to take them to a futuristic heaven when they die as they live in hell on earth. Echoing  phrases such as forgive and love your enemies, God Almighty be our helper as they bury their head in the sand. Pray because trouble don’t last always; thinking that if they pay tithes and offerings it gives them a place in heaven.

It is the African, who has allowed  such things to continue by turning a blind eye. It is time for Africans to wake up to the fact that these dark forces of the elite are out to destroy Africans. Everyone loves Africa, no one wants the Africans within Her, only Her rich natural resources.

Africans blame the politicians and rightfully so. Many of their politicians are so-called ministers of the gospel. Many Africans are disgruntled but sit back as greedy politicians help the enemy  to advance their Depopulation Agenda and do nothing but pray giving homage to the same religious System that was designed to take their focus and power away that enslaved their minds.

Every church, religious leader and government leaders need to step up. However, too many are greedily, many ignorantly are still selling their own people out  adhering to that slave colonization mindset, thinking it is G-D's way when in fact it is their Baals way.

I tell you, RESTORATION has come to Africa but it is up to us to receive it! Perhaps the message of Restoration is not understood. Restoration is to receive freedom, socially, politically, mentally, physically, economically and spiritually.  However, first the spiritual. Africans must be restored back to the Way of the Ancients. SANKOFA!

Restoration is not a message I and perhaps others have dreamed up! It is a message received from the Ancients of Days that will bring all of humanity into  unity and love in the hope of our Glory.

I could go on but my spirit is so agitated because our people are so selfishly blind to or obstinately reject the true  Way of The Most High that I am righteously indignant as we should all be.

Oh Africa, Oh Africans Catch the vision!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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