Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Clarion Call African-Ghana Governments & Leaders-Protect Your People!

African and Ghanaian ministers and religious leaders, it is time for y'all to wake up from your dream world, come into reality, do your job; start protecting and teaching our people Truth!

It is past time that you start taking your roles in leadership unselfishly with integrity that citizens deserve.

The news has spread all over Ghana and perhaps Nation-wide as well as internationally. So, one may wonder why I am repeating it.  I am repeating it first out of honor and remembrance for the family. Secondly, to reiterate to African governments and religious leaders the necessity to fulfill their positions of public servants who no doubt took an oath to protect and serve. Thirdly, as one sent to Ghana by the Ancients of Days to bring Africans into repentance (change in mindsets) and Restoration.  It is my duty to publicly admonish and remind religious leaders and government leaders of their responsibilities to each of their respective countries, their citizens and the entire Continent of Africa.

As bad as I hate to “air dirty laundry” of Ghana and Africa, in light of the false and negative perceptions of Africans worldwide, it is my responsibility to remind you and to hold you leaders culpable to start taking care of business and take care of your own.

"A military officer with the 5th Infantry Battalion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra but on detachment duties at Denkyira Boase in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central region has been lynched by residents on suspicion of being an armed robber.

Captain Maxwell Mahama who is commander of a military detachment in the area according to his subordinates, on Monday dawn was seen jogging along the main road and as he stopped by to ask some women for directions, they saw the pistol on him.

According to them, he was not dressed in military uniform and because of recent spate of armed robbery in the town after residents were attacked a day earlier, the women called the Assembly man who organized the youth of the town to lynch him.

Several pleas by the security officer to the effect that he was not a criminal yielded no result as the angry residents kept hitting him life threatening objects including cement blocks until he died.

News of his death was later conveyed to his subordinates who visited the scene to ascertain things for themselves.

The body has since been conveyed to a health facility in the area but for fear of being attacked by the soldiers who may avenge his death, the youth have started fleeing the town realizing that the deceased was not a criminal as they thought.

Police in the area have confirmed the incident to My News Ghana and disclosed that investigations have commenced to apprehend those behind the act."  Source:

Ghana,  you have been ignoring important issues for far too long. This incident could have been totally avoidable. The leadership and government truly need to began enforcing basic laws that would render a respect for the laws. Ministers  and Directors should stop "passing the buck" when they receive complaints with their hands under the table for something extra in order for the complaints  to receive justice. Your greed and inept practices have perpetuated a lackadaisical attitude in government, public and private sector employees.

The schools teach a distorted on-sided colonized curriculum that diminishes the self-worth of the African students. The religious leaders reject those who have been sent to keep from upsetting their scamming, deceitful ways. In addition, they condone those who scam and scheme because they want tithes and offerings and to build big buildings at the peoples expense. Instead of teaching  people what is righteous and appropriate moral conduct; they denigrate true spirituality of our Ancestors for a Western and European religion that belittles the Africans total existence. This is total chaos, ignorance and lawlessness that must be dealt with. Truly our people perish for lack of knowledge.

Africans cannot keep turning a blind eye to ignorance under the guise of cultural tradition or to corrupt greedy leaders, whether they are government leaders, religious leaders, or  leaders within their communities or villages. Situations such as this abominable atrocity will only get worse. If the Head is sick the entire body is sick.

Whether Africans seem to realize or recognize it or not, Africa is sick! It is sick from the head down! Change starts at the top!  Africa must change!  Ghana must change; they must change to allow those who have been sent to help heal this Land.  However, these are the one’s that Ghana treat with contempt and disdain.

The most pathetic thing about this all is the perpetrators and those on lookers, who are just as guilty as if they had murdered Captain Mahama, will perhaps be jumping up and down in church on Sunday.

I am at a loss of words...However, know this one thing YOU ALL WILL BE HELD CULPABLE as if you murdered this young man with your own hands, for your lack of action and integrity of the way you have been inappropriately mishandling your duties.

Let me remind you of the prophecies regarding Ghana. I am telling you that these words of G-D are sure and will come to pass.  Even now calamities are beginning because you have rejected the Words of the Most High for your false religious teachings and beliefs; and, those who have been sent with the message of Restoration.



"I speak as the Acting Rector of GIMPA which recently commissioned a Criminal Justice Centre, with the Chief Justice designate, Special Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and a former Justice of that court all present. I speak as a lawyer whose life calling is the pursuit of justice. I speak as a public servant who has once occupied the office of Director of Legal Services and Investigations at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice. I speak as an Old Saint who has lost one of his own.  I speak as a native of the Central Region whose fellow natives committed this dastardly act in the Region. I speak as a Citizen and not a spectator. I speak with pain and shame, but, with resolve. I speak thus:

Law and order are the bedrock of civilization. Public protection, due process and effective justice are the only bases for establishing Government.

Impunity, indifference, incompetence and corruption have been creeping on us as a country and have resulted in ineffective State institutions.

Government must examine and strengthen itself to carry out its mandate with effectiveness and dispatch and to curb public rampage, passion, mob justice, vigilantism and impunity.

State investigative authorities including especially, but not limited to the police are to be well resourced and professional. They should make no demands on citizens for money, transport or otherwise to work and they should be subject to performance indicators. Evidence should always be diligently gathered to meet all ingredients of an offence.

Prosecution authorities should prosecute based on law and evidence only. Political interference should be resisted, reported and sanctioned. And prosecution must proceed with dispatch.

Judges and magistrates should try cases with dispatch, and without fear or favour. They - and not politicians, business executives, corrupt litigants, public opinion, - yes, judges and magistrates control their courts; and cases brought to courts for trial require expeditious, fair and sound consideration  such that decisions are based on law and evidence only, and that reasons for judgements can be appreciated by the public.

I pray that Old Saint Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama’s death would not be in vain but that it will be a trigger to (1) restore efficiency and integrity in our public service, (2) eliminate mob justice, vigilantism and impunity amongst the populace, and (3) root out illegal mining in our beloved country.

May God be with Ghana." ~ Professor Philip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson Ag. Rector, GIMPA (Peace) Light One Love!    
Apostle Rubie James

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