Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Restored Africa

Could it be that many teachers and preaches were being called into a more profound and deeper level of spirituality rather than ministry?  

Someone posted on Face Book; “We preach Him but our characters and personalities contradict Him. We worship Him with our lips but our hearts are far from Him!"

The major response to this post was, "I repent". Therefore, I asked the question: "What are you repenting of"?

However, why would anyone who has been chosen and selected to fulfill a leadership position of a pastor or teacher have to repent of? 

This is an indication that they were never called or chosen as a leader for ministry. Whom G-D calls he justifies and qualifies.

Could it be that many teaching and preaching were being called into a more profound and deeper level of spirituality rather than to lead a ministry?  

This is the major problem with religious leaders today.  They were not called into leadership of a ministry but to ascend that ladder of perfection as a Christ.  

However, because of erroneous teachings they received propagating the traditions of men, they were unable to tap into the Spirit to see exactly where and in what areas the Spirit wanted to work out the reality of a divine concept. Therefore, they took it as a call into ministry. 

I have seen this over and over again, particularly in Ghana and other African countries. 

However,  due to the Divine Universal Message of Restoration and the Shift into this new paradigm of spiritual awareness and consciousness this is an indication that this problem would exist Worldwide. 

Now the question is how will  and how can one change or propose to change if they cannot hear the voice of G-D or know what G-D is doing on earth today?

As an apostle and prophetic channel of truth, called to the nations for such a time as this,  within that mandate, I spiritually discern the many who were not called as with any enlighten and anointed one would.

However, now that they have put their hands to that “Gospel Plow”,  there is no turning back. Therefore, One must be aware of what it  is they are to evolve into in order to make that change and shift into spiritual awareness.

If one says pray and just have faith weren't they praying and had faith from the beginning? Prayer or having faith to believe something is not effectual.  There must be some type of action apart from that of what was done previously. That is true repentance. The action of repenting is defined as sincere regret or remorse. Notice, I said ACTION.

Synonyms for repentance are: contriteness, penitence, sorrowfulness, regret, ruefulness, remorsefulness, pangs of conscience, pricking of conscience,  shame, guilt, self-reproach, compunction; and many more attributes that requires an accompanying action.  One can talk to a chair, believe they can sit on the chair, have faith that the chair will hold them but until they take action to sit, that talk,  belief and faith is nullified. One can truly be sorrowful, yet continue to repeat the same thing over and over again.  This is not true repentance. There must be a change in one's character and mindset.

Lets have a look at the word ‘repent”. Repent from the Hebrew thought is: To avenge oneself, the Hebrew word for repent or repentance is "Macham". 

In the Greek the words  "metanoia"  "metanoeo", are all derivatives of the base "Meta", which means, to think differently, reconsider, modify vigorously. These words all coming from the root word metamorphosis--to change, transfigure, transform.

Just as the Christman  and other Masters were transformed, transliterated, transfigured their physical body or literally trans-mutated  into the spiritual realm becoming pure light, we humans have this same ability. That story and others like it was recorded for a reason. In accomplishing this, what many call the “Transfiguration”, the Christ showed us how we too can accomplish this. However, religion got stuck on the fleshly linear side. Therefore, we have been taught  to reject the very principles the Most High wanted us to see--that as Christ is so are we. “As above so below”.

Therefore, we humans lost these godly divine virtues. Thus, the reason for Restoration and the opening of portals of spiritual energy into a shift of  a new consciousness.

Metamorphosis is a biological and spiritual process by which the life of animals and humans physically develop after birth, realizing an abrupt change in mind,  body and spirit/soul through cellular regeneration and recalibration of their cellular structure through their Innate and DNA. Now, if you want to call that a rapture, so be it, however, believe that Jesus is not coming back to take people up into the atmospheric realm many call heaven.

Religion has dumbafied us  and Christianity has perverted our spirituality so that we reject the very physics and sciences of the Creator of our divine source of essence. This Source is what would help us to be transfigured into that heavenly state of not only a higher consciousness; but to receive  and utilize the mysteries of the power of Innate to be transformed into vessels of Light that we could transcend this 3rd dimension of physical existence without dying. Elijah did it. Moses did it. Perhaps you have  read of Ezekiels 'wheels' of ascension into heaven. Other Masters ascended by means of what I have learned is the Hebrew word "Merkavah" or "Mer-Ka-Ba".

Mer-Ka-Ba comes from Maat, which means more than to ascend. It was the 'primal' or a pattern of the stages in spiritual evolutionary development.

The Merkavah is the vehicle of ascension. In  the Zulu thought, Merkaba is the vehicle that transports one through space, time and dimensions. The Hebrew meanings are, 'Chariot' and Throne of G-D'. The Ancients of Africa in Egypt or Maat, Merkavah was actually three words.

"Mer" means Light of energy that revolves or turns within itself.  "Ka" means spirit of humans. "Ba" means the human body or the concept of reality the spirit holds within the body. Technically speaking Mer-Ka-Ba is an electro-magnetic field. I am thinking that the Mer-Ka-Ba is closely related to, if not all, a part of the Schumann Resonance.

What we must understand is that because of the Shift, the 2600 year cycle  in the shift of  polls in the earth's axis; the shift for humans is not only spiritual and mental but physical  as well.

I have mentioned with limited knowledge, in order to bring an awareness to the religious community, to the Galaxy Nirubi or Plant X. All the worlds’ events are relevant and connected.  The “Black Hole” the entire astrological solar system has great relevance but has been demonized by Christianity just as our Ancestors were.  Religion has relegated these ‘events’ as a dooms day Armageddon and hell.

Those of us who have awakened, who are making the shift into this awareness of the spiritual energy of consciousness, their bodies are being recalibrated. I personally believe that this recalibration is in order to be able to not only ascend into the New but to survive the radiation fallout and anomalies as a result of Nirubi entering the earths solar system; and, the cleansing of Gaia, Mother Earth, as She renews  Herself.

Children of the Sun SANKOFA. Return to the Way of the Ancients of Days. Restoration has come. Your light has come.  Healing has come. The choice is yours to receive. Catch the vision.

Hotep Light One Love

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