Monday, February 20, 2017

Depopulation Still An Issue

I have attempted   to, through the guidance of Spirit, bring the unknown to light; to make a difference between fact and fiction, truth and error to spiritual reality from religion. 

Those of you who have applied yourselves in reading and studying the revelatory messages through this blog should now be prepared to discern, within your spirit to receive what the Most High G-D would have for you.

We aim to break down false teachings of Christianity  that would start us on the High WAY of Restoration.  This would reveal  the true enemies or devil from that fairy-tale religious satan and the Beast the Bible refers to.

The depopulation Agenda  and mind control of religion used, through the elite, to keep us in ignorance are our enemies. They are the devil, satan and demons who want to destroy us and do not want us to know who we are. They want us to remain in darkness and chaos as we pledge our allegiance to the Beast, their gods, their story. 

Please do not perceive these words as being raciest. It is the raciest and evil ones who have caused these words to be published.

Depopulation is still an issue. Vaccines are a mere part of the Depopulation Agenda contained in the National Security Memorandum 200;  the now unattainable 300  and the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan.

The following is the latest of which was one of thousands made public of a four month old baby of color has died from recommended vaccines. 

The facts, written in stone  hieroglyphics of our Ancestors told a story, just as our Hebrew language told a story having deep revelatory meanings and esoteric concepts from the Mind of the Most High.

This is why there are so many mistranslated, false concepts and erroneous teachings and beliefs...spiritual things are spiritually discerned. One cannot tap into the Mind of  The Creator with mere intellect. Many of the idioms can not be translated or grasped with the intellect. 

There are mathematical, physics, and scientific values in the language of our Ancestors, which Christianity, the Romans and Greeks just could not get. This is why they demonized our WAY to return back to our Creator.

Therefore, if one do not know or have some inclination that Africa is the Mother of civilization: if one do not know that the Ancients of Days go beyond Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then they cannot be restored back to that Divine Image of I AM.

So much was taken from us through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.  Therefore we must SANKOFA...go back and get it! That is what Restoration is all about.

Our Ancestors, the Ancients of Days have stepped up the Spiritual war and are making provisions to Restore whomever will.

Knowledge is power. We need to be aware and awakened to the state the World is in and how we have been deceived.

The US is under judgment. The entire World is under judgment. We have and are destroying ourselves. This is what the Spiritual war is all about--to save the earth from destruction; to save a royal race of humans who have been infused with the innate divine DNA of the Creator.

By now, we all should be in a place to receive and decipher truth. Depopulation is merely one of the diabolical tools being used against us.

We don't have to understand it all, we do not fear, however we must receive into our conscious mind so the Spirit has something to work with to reveal things to us that will protect us from the evils of the elite called depopulation.

Hotep, Light & Love
Apostle Rubie James
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