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"The SUN of righteousness will shine upon you"

Africa had spirituality. It did not need religion.

THE CHRISTIAN MISSION IN AFRICA. By Edwin W Smith. (International Missionary Council. 3s. 6d.)
"1V ever Lord Inehcape may say, we are firmly convinced tni Christian missions are more than ever needed in Asia si Africa, and that it is our duty, as Christians, to support them But we are equally sure that missions to be successful must le wisely directed, with a full knowledge of the new problem which advancing civilization, material rather than moral, brought with it in non-European lands. Mr. Smith's valuable little book defines these problems and indicate tentative solutions. It is, in effect, an ordered summary ci the opinions which were expressed at an international cot ference held in Belgium last September and attended not only by missionaries but also by administrators, teachers and scholars of various countries. Many of their statements wilt startlingly frank, even disquieting. The African's rat consciousness is developing. He may devise a Christianin of his own : almost certainly he will modify European eliuni organizations. But the conference was hopeful that missions could help the African. Mr. Smith's book desen very serious attention..." 

The Christinizing of Afrika…IN THE GOLDEN STOOL by Edwin W. Smith London: Holborn Publishing House
Page 173: “To win a people for Christ, it is necessary to Europeanize them. Behind all systems of administration lies the fundamental question of what we intend to make of the African." 
"This question has, whether in explicit terms or not, been answered in several ways…"

"One possible and largely practiced policy, is that of oppression, which keeps the Native [African] in a
subjected and inferior position, (Keep him in his own place) as a mere serf [slave] of the dominate race”. 

"And the most effective device that has been used to accomplish this European agenda is the religion that was forced upon the Afrikan Ancestors. The religion is called Christianity!”

 Page 186 – "The First method begins by destroying the institutions, traditions, religious and habits of the people then superimpose upon the ruins whatever the governing powers consider to be a better the administration system."

"The other method (while checking the worst abuse) tries to graft our higher civilization of the soundly-rooted native stock, bringing out the best of what is in the native tradition and molding them  into a form consonant with our modern ideas and higher standards. 
 INS="In This (Hoc) Sign (Signo)Conquer (vinces)"
Knights Templar
One of the most effective ways to suppress a people is by putting a device in place that will dissociate these people from their God, spirituality, culture and history."

So they put a device in place that would ensure their perpetual empowerment over the minds of those they deceived. 

WE MUST Sankofa (Return to-Take back) 
our Ancient Scriptures,  and Spirituality...
We must be restored back to TRUTH!
To the Ancients of Days

Hotep, Light & Love
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