Saturday, July 8, 2017

US Shadow War In Africa

The War you've never heard about"

Africans you need to know that 
what   you  are  most often told  

and that  you hear  on the news  is not necessarily true. Be informed!

The United States infiltration of Armed   Forces in Africa has an agenda and you can best believe it is not in the best interest of Africans. 

Start reading Africa,  not only what is written but read between the lines of that which is  unwritten.

Africans will perish and create their own demise for lack of knowledge. 

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Excerpts taken from the original article written by Nick Turse at Vice News. Click on highlighted texts to read the entire article and SOCAAFRICA unclassified report.

"The U.S. is waging a massive shadow war in Africa, exclusive documents reveal...
Six years ago, a deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Special Operations Command gave a conservative estimate of 116 missions being carried out at any one time by Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and other special operations forces across the globe.

Today, according to U.S. military documents obtained by VICE News, special operators are carrying out nearly 100 missions at any given time — in Africa alone. It’s the latest sign of the military’s quiet but ever-expanding presence on the continent, one that represents the most dramatic growth in the deployment of America’s elite troops to any region of the globe.

In 2006, just 1 percent of all U.S. commandos deployed overseas were in Africa. In 2010, it was 3 percent. By 2016, that number had jumped to more than 17 percent. In fact, according to data supplied by U.S. Special Operations Command, there are now more special operations personnel devoted to Africa than anywhere except the Middle East...

“At any given time, you will find SOCAFRICA conducting approximately 96 activities in 20 countries,” Donald Bolduc, the U.S. Army general who runs the special operations command in Africa (SOCAFRICA), wrote in an October 2016 strategic planning guidance report. (The report was obtained by VICE News in response to a Freedom of Information Act request and is published in its entirety in the article.) VICE News reached out to SOCAFRICA and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) for clarification on these numbers; email return receipts show an AFRICOM spokesperson “read” three such requests, but the command did not offer a reply.

“Africa’s challenges could create a threat that surpasses the threat that the U.S. currently faces from conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.”

The October 2016 report offers insight into what the U.S. military’s most elite forces are currently doing in Africa and what they hope to achieve. In so doing, it paints a picture of reality on the ground in Africa today and what it could be 30 years from now.

That picture is bleak.

“Africa’s challenges could create a threat that surpasses the threat that the United States currently faces from conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria,” ...

In January, for example, U.S. advisers conducting a counterterrorism operation alongside local Somali forces and troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia “observed al-Shabaab fighters threatening their safety and security” and “conducted a self-defense strike to neutralize the threat,” according to a press release from AFRICOM.

Earlier this month, in what AFRICOM described as “an advise-and-assist operation alongside Somali National Army forces,” Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken was killed and two other U.S. personnel were injured during a firefight with al-Shabaab militants about 40 miles west of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The battle occurred shortly after President Donald Trump loosened Obama-era restrictions on offensive operations in Somalia, thereby allowing U.S. forces more discretion and leeway in conducting missions and opening up the possibility of more frequent airstrikes and commando raids." 

One might ask how they can accomplish there evil agenda without knowledge of the United Nations getting wind of it. Well, first one must ask themselves who is the UN?  Believe, the UN is well aware of what is going on. Thing is that this Shadow Government, ran by the elite under the influence of dark forces, utilize advanced methods of mind manipulation to control humans. These influences actually make one  think, or should I say, cannot think beyond the elites diabolical agenda. 

The media is merely one tool used to project images that are totally adverse to reality that leave US citizens and the world in ignorance. 

One such example, that comes on the heals of certain events is the media program In The Know. However, you cant really blame these controlled docile ignorant sheep, or can you?

Catch the vision!

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