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SANKOFA – Return and Take It Back!

I have been using as the Spirit has impressed upon me the word SANKOFA. Living in Ghana, West Africa, I assumed the people were very familiar with the word Sankofa. However, this was an assumed misconception on my part. Therefore, I have not elucidated  on the word; only a few lines to let foreigners and my people in the States know briefly what I meant when I used Sankofa and to keep from getting to wordy.

The Spirit merely gives us humans impressions, filtered from a divine language into  our 3-D limited language that we can understand.  We must therefore take those impressions and thoughts; put them into words, in hopes that readers and listeners would make a concerted effort to do their own studies being led by Spirit, to receive what is best for them in their Life-Purpose.

I realized the ignorance  of  the populous who do not know the meaning of Sankofa when a pastor asked me to define it. I then asked those Ghanaians of whom I came into contact with who were at a total loss of what I was asking. It was shocking to me that an African who lives in Ghana; who teaches the people of Ghana, did not know what Sankofa meant.  Yet, not surprisingly enough, I have found that many religious leaders are at a total loss as to who not only they are but who G-D is. Not Africans only. I believe 90% of religious leaders all over the world are at a loss as to who G-D truly is. As a result, of this ignorance, many Africans have been lost within a colonized System of brainwashing and white-washing that is totally adverse to their nature, culture and spirituality. This ignorance came through the domination of Christianity that was forcefully inoculated upon them by their colonizers. I call this the colonization-slave mentality because this ignorance not only penetrates the minds of those in Africa but those of Diaspora as well.

Sankofa, I believe is the most powerful word in the Twi–Fante (pronounced as tree) language. Sankofa is more than a word. It is a concept. This concept of Sankofa derived from king Adinkera of the Akan people of West Africa. Sankofa holds the power of the Mysteries of our Ancestors—the Ancients of Days. Sankofa is expressed in the Akan language as “se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki.”  To translate means: “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot”.

SANKOFA:  “San” means to return. “Ko” means go. “Fa” means to seek, look and take.

The Adinka symbol is based on a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted forward with its head turned backwards with an egg in her beak. It also refers to the Asante Adinkra symbol represented with a stylized heart.  Thus, the Akan believes that the past serves as a guide for planning the future. To the Akan, there is wisdom in learning from the past to ensure a strong future. The Akans believe that there must be a collective movement in learning new things with the passing of time; therefore, an evolution of consciousness and spiritual awareness. In this journey called life as one proceeds to march forward, the knowledge of the past must never be forgotten. 

This forgotten knowledge has been implanted in our DNA held within our Innate, the Akasha Records that holds a conglomerate of all the information one needs to regain memory of who they are and why they are here on this earth.  Within our Innate is the power and knowledge of who we humans are!  

To Sankofa, is to seek and uncover enlightenment. Sankofa teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward.  We should reach back, tap into our Innate  to pull down the best of what our past has to teach us, in order for us to achieve our full potential as we move forward. Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone, or been stripped of can be reclaimed, revived, preserved, and perpetuated. This the Spirit has revealed to me is called Restoration.

When I hear my people say let’s forget the past and when White people say ‘just get over it’ lets me know that they are dwelling in darkness, chaos and spiritual unawareness. Even psychologist says that in order to heal mentally that one must recall previous forgotten memories that impede ones growth and mental stability.  Humans must be primaled of all the old negative energies in order to heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

Visually and symbolically, Sankofa is expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg in its mouth.  The egg symbolizes ones future, creative abilities, life and spiritual fertility. Therefore, in order to understand our present and ensure our future, we must know our past.

The African people have a richly diverse culture. This culture has always been portrayed into pictorial symbolism.  This can be seen in Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Sumerian Cuneiformas well as the Sankofa Heart and Adinkra symbols. These symbols tell the story and the history of the Ancients of Days. They left Africans these symbols of Mysteries that we would not lose our way. These symbols were most often translated and expressed in various African Proverbs.  I like to say that the writing is on the wall. These proverbs provide insight and enlightenment of our Ancestors and a cultural view of Ancient societal experiences, values and ethics. They hold the Mystery of the Power of our Ancestors that has been imbued within the soul/spirit of the African. This is what religion has taken from the African.

Africans did and have lost their way as evil forces devised their demise and destruction through bondage and the African Holocaust. Those who were not killed were conformed and controlled through their way of life call Christianity. Thus, Africans home and abroad have lost the Way and continue in  bondage of a religion that was forced upon them making them powerless, afraid, confused and detached from the Most High Creator.

Even before the Transatlantic Slave Trade ensued, Christianity was used to control and subdue the African; those who were chained and shipped to other countries and those left behind chained mentally.
Most slaves were primarily taken from Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Benin before making their end journey to the “New World” or North America. A large number of Akans were taken as captives to the Americas, and many people of African descent in the Americas have partial Akan ancestry, especially Jamaicans. As the Africans and Sankofa made its way to the United States has since been coined by Diaspora scholars to mean “remembering our past, to protect our future” within the African-American culture. In addition to being used on adinkra cloth in Ghana, the Sankofa heart is a common design on gates in the United States commonly upside down.

Those Africans who were taken as slaves from these countries during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were known as the ethnic group Akan. This is why they want you to forget! This is why Africans must remember! This is why Africans must Sankofa. This is why the Shift in spiritual consciousness of Restoration! I tell you the Ancients of Days have sent your Moses to deliver the African from bondage! We are called the New Man. We are the Enlightened One’s who channel truth and revelation from ZION. We are on mandate to release love and light to restore Africa “beyond Her former beauty”. The choice to open up and receive rests upon each of you.  The choice to return to the Ancient Way is yours.

For over 400 years, many Africans maintain a convoluted way of life that is not conducive to their African culture or their divine godly nature. Just as many do not know who they are and have forsaken the ways of the Ancestors. African religious leaders perpetuate the European agenda by keeping Africans under the yoke of bondage out of greed and ignorance.  The African way of life is rich. Yet have been misconstrued, even by Africans, for decades.

The Way of the Ancients were demonized and made taboo by African invaders. This they did because they did not know the African Creator. They lacked the understanding of a royal people.  They lacked knowledge of African culture and African spirituality. Yet, those greedy enemies of a beastly European mindset who declared the African heathens coveted the power of the Ancients of Days and African spirituality. They then set about forcing the Africans into their way of life; sequestering from the African the true power and knowledge of the Ancestors of which they themselves sought.

They plagiarized from the Ancients of Days, giving the African another White man to lord over the African and forced you to call him savior. Yet what were Africans save from?  With all of this, they continually take, raping Africa’s resources, yet they have failed to bring anything truly useful or allow  technology that would restore the brilliance and innovative genius of the African to once again become the leading trading, thriving, industrial force in the World.

Africans, it is time to leave that old paradigm behind; that negative colonization energy of the false religious concepts forced upon the Ancestors that conformed Africans to an alien way of life. The Ancients of Days have open the portals of knowledge of a new spiritual energy that will build pyramids of  Restoration of Africa and Africans back to their brilliance and that inherent power of the Ancestors that was lost.

It is time to rise from the open sewers of disrepair and servitude of a way of life that has been forced upon you that is not you and is totally contrary to your rich divine and powerful inheritance.  The Ancestors are bidding you to rise; to take back; to receive all that has been taken from you. “It is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind!” "Go back and get it!"  It is time to SANKOFA! Catch the vision!

SANKOFA The Revelation
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