Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I continue to shake my head in unbelief as not only the “whole world wonder after the beast” but Africans, the Diasporas and People of Color; in particular those who claim Christianity, Islam too, are so very out of touch with reality.  However, all acclaim to know truth and the way as they “leave the weightier matters undone”—The Redemption and Restoration of their spirit/soul.

While you people are wallowing in bondage and control of the dark forces brainwashing,  technical, mental and religious manipulations of the elite who are the agents of evil; ignorantly succumbing to these dark forces under the guise of religion as you bury your heads in the sand of  your traditions, culture and the four walls of dysfunctions. You think that your governments and religious leaders are incapable of such atrocities that are being perpetuated against human population.  Giving a new meaning to the phrase, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. All the while, you ignore the signs of the heavens, rejecting truth and the admonitions of warnings even included in that ‘Book’ you all acclaim to know; giving your power and authority to the beast, thinking you do G-D a favor; exchanging your birthrights for a bowl of porridge filled with abominations and iniquities of your dark masters and lords.

This restorative Shift in spiritual consciousness and awareness is for the sole purpose of awakening you out of your slumber; to bring you into the Ark of knowledge and safety; to remove the veil to renew and restore your minds; to make you into the New Man, who will rule in the New Heaven and New Earth. Yet, many of you are looking for a faraway heaven after you die in the wilderness of hell pretending that all is well; living a mediocre existence waiting for a change when the Most High has sent your Deliverers.

You roll your eyes, turning them away from truth and reality. Your religious leaders speak falsehood mixed with a little truth that keeps you in darkness and chaos thinking you are safe. They too have been deluded into not thinking or knowing that they are under this dark spell. They think they are doing the Will of G-D as they keep you in ignorance and bondage of the Great Whore.

Yet, it is your choice and the Most High will love you whether you are call saint or sinner, ain’t or can’t. So will all those Light Workers and Channels who proclaim truth from Zion. This includes me. We continue to release light to shine on your path and sacrificial love in hopes that all will come into the Light.

Hotep Light One Love!
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