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My heart with much love truly goes out to humans, particularly my African brothers and sisters.  OK, why particularly Africans? First, I am of  African descent infused with the divine DNA of the Ancients of Days who has returned to the Way of the Ancients. Secondly, because Africans lost our true identity, culture and divine inheritance as a result of  the evils forced upon Africans from their colonizers and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 

Africans are truly at a loss as to who they are; their importance and why they are here on earth.  Oh, yes there are so many other nations who do not know their reason for being.  However, I have been sent to the many Nations in Africa and the Nations of the World with the Universal Message of Restoration.  Whatever one’s faith or religious affiliation is unimportant.  We are all in this together. We share the same Uni-Verse and Omni-Verse. One thing is of most importance is that whatever one’s religious affiliation they must come to the realization that we are all one and we all came from a divine source.

Africans must wake up and return to the Ancients of Days. They must learn of their Ancestors who existed millennia before a holy line of progenitors named Abraham, before Isaac and Jacob before the Adomites!  How can one be restored and what are they to be restored to if they are unaware of what it is they are to be restored to?

The Bible and Quran were records used to form the Adomites history that were mostly a watered-down, whited-out, rewritten version from Ancient African Records in order to establish their beginnings starting with the birth of Adam. The beginning of the Adomites has been dated around 4004B.C. according to Muslim and Christian records and 3761 B.C. according to Jewish records.  Ancient African history and writings were used to predate and validate both of those holy writings. The history of the Ancients are written on the walls in Egypt, the Cuneiform Tablets of the Sumerians that tells the true history of Africans  millennia before the 6000 years the Adomite historians dated “in the beginning”. This was only six thousand years ago.  This was the beginning of the Adomite race.  This takes nothing away from the Quran or the Bible neither does it diminish the integrity of their Prophets. The Ancients reveals truth to whoever will receive it. I just believe that if the basis of one’s premise of a foundation is faulty or have voids or holes in it that their entire belief system will be faulty having holes and void of some extraordinary truths.

Historians, scientist, archeologist, professors, researchers and professionals from all walks of life are well aware of these facts. They have acknowledged the oldest known “Hominid Skull Remains of Toumai” found in Kenya in 2000. The remains of “Millennium Man” remains that were recovered has been dated to six million years according to the strata of earth. Before “Lucy” 3.2 million years there was the “Bones of “Ardi” years a hominid species that lived 4.4 (5.2-5.8) million years ago in Ethiopia. All these remains were found in  Africa! From South Africa to North Africa the African female Mitochondrial DNA, which all Africans came forth is dated over 9 million years ago. However, the controlling elite are ruled by dark ancient forces who have fed the world lies in their unending search for power and control to keep the African from knowing their divine origins.

The entire world has given their power to the ancient beasts who controls the elite who has deluded humans into believing that their false Systems is the  Way of the Ancients of Days. Why? They have attempted to harness the powers of the Ancients given to their divine seed; and have attempted to decentralize the power and energy source in advanced physics and technology for themselves.

In their attempts to fulfill what is written in their scriptures, humans have clamor to give false suppositions in support of this beastly System; giving their power and authority to the beast as their minds are being manipulated to assist them in their own destruction. Ask yourself, where are the remains of Abraham, Sarah and the other Patriarchs and Matriarchs? The Scripture even states where they were buried, which should have given the clue to finding their remains, even the man they call Jesus! One would think that it would be easier to go back a mere 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 years versus 9 million years.

I am telling you that humans have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lied to and deceived. Humans have been deceived, particularly, Africans into believing that our history started with Adam and Eve.
Africans and Diasporas have been told and many believe that African history does not matter merely because it has remained purposely untaught. African were acclimated to and have received the convoluted false histories of another race thinking that our African history has no relevance, just thankful for Greco-Roman depiction of a Savior dying and saving them. What were they saved from if their divine beginnings were taken from them? Even the Christ’s true history conformed to what the religious elite wanted us to believe.

Humans blindly follow the controlling fraction of the elite and the dark forces out of ignorance, desperation, greed, whatever their reasoning.  In doing so, they are fulfilling the very prophecies written in their bible without knowing or understanding the gravity of what they are doing.  

“And they gave their power and authority to the beast and worshiped the beast receiving the name, mark, Image and number of the beast who make war against the holy tabernacle or “those who dwell in heaven”.

We must realize that the bible was written in parables and  metaphors from a divine language into a language that humans could understanding that warns us of past and current conditions we are facing in the world today. Religion has been the major source of control over humans.  Religion has blinded humans to truth and have caused them to be controlled and manipulated into worshiping, pledging their allegiance and giving their power to the beast. Yet people all around the world are griping, whining and crying about their conditions and the state of the world as they live in insanity and chaos of a beastly System. I say insanity because they continue to do the same thing over and over without any positive results or growth.  

They have the mark in their foreheads, which represents a beastly or unregenerate mind. They have received the mark in their hands as they go about putting their hands to do whatever to keep the beastly System operative. They received and worship the image of the beast in their false churchy religious System. Therefore, their minds are easily manipulated into believing they are on the right path to salvation and restoration. They cannot see past the dysfunctions and controls of the religious System set up by the controlling factors of the dark elite in order to change their course to receive truths that will set humans free.

I believe, deep within their own minds they know something is not quite right, yet they do not have the restraint or the inner power of truth to pull away from this beastly System. This is because they might lose their jobs, money, home, family, and prestige. Therefore they continue to support these dark and evil Systems.

There are many of us around the World who have been awakened and enlightened. These are the “Remnant” the Bible refers to. There are myriads of powerful spiritual beings here on this earth to help humans to make the Shift away from the old consciousness; the old paradigm; that old energy into freedom and their inheritance of power and authority.  Yet, many are they who continue residing in that old paradigm of dark energy that holds them captive to the beast.

I use the ancient word from Twi ( pronounced as tree) language of Ghana, the Asante Adinkra Symbol SANKOFA. Sankofa translates to go back and get it; to return; to seek; to take.  Sankofa is associated with the African proverb, “Se erer fin a wosankfa a yenkyi”, which translates: “It is not wrong to go back for that you have forgotten”. Restoration has come!  Restoration is now! The New Heaven and New Earth is now! The New Jerusalem is now! However it is up to each individual to utilize their free will and make the choice to receive.

I am not saying that if one make the choice not to receive that they will go to that place the religious System has conjured up as hell that keeps humans dwelling in a fairytale of unreality and mind control. Many are already living in hell. Right here! Right now! Waiting. Waiting for what? Just think about it. Use common sense. What are you truly waiting for? ALL has been revealed! The “Little Book”; the portals has been opened! What would one have to lose to receive knowledge and truth? Freedom perhaps…

Even the Christ said, “It is finished”! “He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I AM making all things new’…IT IS DONE”! Catch the vision—SANKOFA! The Light Has Come!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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