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New Jerusalem

“Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth…I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem coming down out from G-D, prepared as a bride dressed for her husband…I heard a loud voice call from the throne; Here G-D lives the Tabernacle of G-D among human beings.  He will make His Home among them; they will be His people and He will be their G-D, G-D with them…Then the one sitting on the throne spoke. ‘Look, I AM making the whole of creation new…It has already happened’.”

What has already happened? The Old things have Passed away. The First things have passed away!  This ‘passing away’  was a futuristic prophetic culmination of  the Old Man Principles of thought, the old world of the past and an Old Covenant with the  continuance of the Kingdom of G-D through Christ, a descendant of the House of David.

The Promise to David was an extension of the Promise to Abraham (Gen 17:7): “I will establish My Covenant to be G-D to you and to your descendants after you for an everlasting covenant”.

The New Covenant that was inaugurated is in perpetuity.  “My covenant must be marked in your flesh”. The covenant of circumcision of the flesh teaches and reveals to us that the flesh symbolically and spiritually must be destroyed or crucified. This crucifixion of flesh is of ones unregenerate mindsets, selfishness and egos.

Jerusalem means habitation of peace.  Jeru: Is a founding constitution, establishment and structure. Salem means peace, safety, harmony, and prosperity.

The word ‘new’ in the Greek as used here is rendered by the word ‘kainos’, which means new in freshness, a renewal, qualitatively new.

The esoteric and prophetic intent for mankind or within man of spiritual Jerusalem is the abiding consciousness of G-D in spiritual peace and rest.  This peace comes as a result of the continuous realization of the Christ Principles and walking within them. The peace is obtained as one rest from their own works.

Jerusalem is Zion.  In the biblical since Jerusalem is known as the Holy City, the City of David. The metaphysical aspects of Jerusalem depict the Cardiac Plexus and the Central Nervous System. It is from this Plexus that Divine Spiritual energies radiate throughout the body. This Center represents the hub of cultivating love, enlightenment and righteousness where one is made new. The Cardiac Plexus, along with the Central Nervous System along with other identifying properties were elucidated to in the message After My Awenkening.

The revelatory aspects of the New Jerusalem are the fulfillment of spiritual consciousness that was founded upon the Foundation Stones of Zion.  Zion is Heaven; it is the dwelling place of G-D. These Foundation Stones are the enlightened ones. These Stones were born in Zion.  They issue forth decrees and the Words of YAH Saboath from Zion.  In Christendom, these Stones represent the prophets and apostles.
God has appointed in the church first the apostles, secondly the prophets. (1Co 12:28)  G-D told Jeremiah: “I will make a New Covenant…within them.  I shall plant my law, writing it on their hearts”. (Jer31:31)  This Covenant was inaugurated and fulfilled in Christ and ratify when he said, “It is done”!

“Therefore you are no longer aliens  but  fellow citizens with the holy people of  G-D” and part of a Royal Household—The New Jerusalem. (Eph 2:19)  Kingdom Citizens are built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets with the First Christ as the Chief Cornerstone. “But if this established Order were to pass away from me then the race would also cease to exist”. (Jer 31:36)

Paul said to the Philippians, “Our  homeland is in heaven…and it is from there that we are expecting a savior who will transfigure the wretched body (of flesh) into the mold of His glorious body” or “in conformity by the execution of power”. (3:20) This is accomplished as one walks in the Christ Principles…That “Whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son that He might become the Firstborn among many…” This means that YAH G-D molded those who were predestined to the Pattern of the First Son making him the eldest of many Sons or Christ’s. (Ro 8:29)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a New state of consciousness into spiritual Christ Consciousness.  The New Jerusalem is where the united spirit/soul of humans are in harmony with and have been united with Divine Mind, in Divine Union with their Creator.  The Kingdom of Heaven is in the Heart of man, which is the mind--the conscious. This is why the phrase, “Behold, I make all things new”! This did not mean that G-D was creating or recreating a different heaven and earth but will and has purified that of which already is!

G-D dwells in holy places. He made His dwelling place within human beings; G-D Tabernacle within the heart and mind of man. This dwelling unites one’s soul and spirit in order to become whole and united with G-D. This is accomplished through the Spirit, the Shecaniah Glory Mother G-D. “They will be My people and I will be their G-D”, G-D with man—“I AM in you, I AM with you, I AM you”!  The world of the past has gone.  It is already happened! It is done! The same words uttered by the Christ-Man when he perfected the Will of G-D, inaugurating and fulfilling the New Covenant that humans may enter into the New Heaven through the rent veil as a restored New Man—a Christ man!

The New Jerusalem coming down depicts the dwelling of G-D in man in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is that place of spiritual realms of being transmuted and ascending into light and truth until one is renewed into a New Man. “For our homeland is heaven where we will be transformed into conformity as a Christ.”

Christ declared, “The Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand”. These Mysteries of entering into Heaven were taught in parables and prophetic prose. Never once did the Christ speak of heaven as being a physical place.  Parables were always illustrative of a state or condition that pertained to the Kingdom as a state of mind or Christ Consciousness. “How blessed is the poor in spirit for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs”. “Unless your uprightness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven”.  The scribes and Pharisees are representative of those leaders in the outdated Religious System and Babylon.

What do these sayings of the Christ actually mean?  It means those humans whose spirit and soul are disjointed are poor or weak in Spirit. Perhaps they have become acclimated to the concepts of dogmatic religious traditions, beliefs and programs, ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of truth. However, those who remain humbly pliable will receive higher spiritual truths.

Most Christians adhere to the rigors of the Pharisical and Sadducial mindsets. Many teach and believe in an apocalyptic dooms day; where Heaven is a futuristic place where those who accept Jesus as their Savior are going after they die.  However, I reiterate, the Kingdom of heaven is now, the New Jerusalem is now, Zion is now!

It is through the Christ Principles that one becomes restored into the New Man to enter into the New Jerusalem.

The New Man requires a resurrection or ascension into spiritual knowledge and understanding to the realization of life and peace in the Higher Way.  This higher or more perfect way is attained through adherence to the Christ Principles.
“Therefore, let your thoughts be on things above.” Once one has been crucified to their own self-will , mind, emotions and egos is when ones life is hidden in Christ as a Christ in G-D.  “When Christ is revealed within your life, “you too will be revealed with in  glory since you have been raised up as a Christ”. (Col 3:1)

Once one has been crucified with Christ, it is no longer them who live but the Christ that lives in them! (Gal 2:20)  “You have come to Mt. Zion the City of the Living G-D, the Heavenly Jerusalem…with the whole church of the Firstborn Sons enrolled as Citizens of Heaven” (Heb 12:22) – The New Jerusalem!

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