Sunday, November 27, 2016

Light Has Come!

Those who are not talking, peddling or predicting a fairytale apocalypse such as rapture or the world coming to an end are walking in spiritual and esoteric Principles of the Kingdom and ‘judgments’.  These judgments are not the negative concepts emphasized in religion but are divine judgments that will refine and purify to bring humans into the Shift of reality and truth that proclaims Restoration. 

I did not say  those flaunting a muse of prophetic prose that they themselves do not understand. I am talking reality.   All of creation is groaning waiting the manifestation of the Sons. One is either going to walk in these revelatory esoteric Kingdom Principles into ZION or they will ‘fall’ within the rudimentary basics with the masses. 

The word ‘fall’ used in this instance is ‘kashal’ and means to totter and waiver; to stumble and faint, lacking endurance becoming feeble. Therefore, those walking outside of Sonship and Christhood are they who totter and waiver in Truths becoming weak that they are not only tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine but fall into the half Truths and or falsehoods that render them incapable of receiving revelatory spiritual Truth.  These truths will unite one’s Spirit/Soul with Divine Spirit. Those who waiver and are undecisive are they who have not accepted and/or reject their divine Inheritance. Therefore, they reject the Revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom, unable to identify truth that pertains to them. They are falling short of their Life-Purpose. They become a part of the masses who encamp around the ‘Temple Mount’--the Holy of Holies or ZION

Everyone wants to be right and predict that we are in the time of the end. Many are continuing to regurgitate the psycho babble of the falsehoods of a rapture, a far-away heaven and/or a hell, or apocalypse of the end of the world. They, therefore, exclude the true meaning of the “judgments” that are coming upon each of us. We all will be judged by our own words. Think about what you’ve been saying. Think about what you’ve been releasing to others. Know not that every word you spoke and released will have a direct affect upon you and your house? 

Many of you were promoting and/or panicking over December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar cycles ‘ended’. While I am not discounting any natural phenomenons or fulfillment of certain spiritual prophecies, I do not know how to impress upon many of you that it’s a spiritual thing! It’s all relative, connected and spiritual! Know that the prophetic is a higher truth that dictates and predicates the natural or scientific or metaphysical occurrences upon this earth! Human thoughts has everything to do with initiating laws that determines human destiny and reality. Therefore, there  exist the probability of an Armageddon for humans. However, the earth, Gaia will preserve Herself and correct the deficiencies upon her.

The Mayans used two calendars; Haab' has 365 days and Tzolk'in has 260. Even with that, time beginning at creation is calculated with the Hebrew calendar, which also has two calendars: the Sacred Calendar and the Civil Calendar. Those who study numerology ascribed more importance to 31March2013 than 21December2012. Those who avail themselves, who are privy to physics, and scientific knowledge; spiritual events and foreknowing, will receive revelatory principles, ideas, concepts and perhaps dates of occurrences of events. However, NO ONE, I believe, will be given the day or time of an ‘end of the world or an apocalypse. Frankly, I do not believe that there will be an end to this world.  Only, perhaps in the sense we know it as it is now. This is because we humans have free will and choice to utilize the creative power within that can and will change our destiny.

The heavens and earth will be made qualitatively new to house the New Man who will proclaim or channel truth from ZION or the New Jerusalem.

Without a doubt there will be natural events that we consider crisis that will occur. We have been speaking disasters, predicting the world coming to an end while all the time we contribute to such calamities by speaking them into existence. What we think becomes words. Words become manifested into things! Many have come against this basic Divine Principle, however, sooner or later we will all face the fact that Divine Law does exist and that our life is controlled by laws that many have rejected, feigning that we are no longer under the Law but under Grace. 

You all better get this…This is why the Prophets and Apostles were specifically chosen to build up the Body until all come into UNITY in the Faith. It has been given to them, the Enlightened Ones whether they call themselves Prophets and Apostles or whatever they want to call themselves; it is the Enlightened ones who carries the Light who have received the Mysteries of the Kingdom and Christhood. This is so they can release  Light, Truth and the Way  to other in order to draw them into maturity as Sons, not the mumbo-jumbo that many are releasing today. 

This is also why you false Prophets, baby Prophets, false Apostles, baby Apostles had better step up or step out! Those of you who think you know, you had best start listening to the words Spirit is giving and revealing to you and apply it to your life to grow firm and strong as not to fall. 

Most often, what the majority of you have received is not meant for someone else…Believe me, it is for YOU! It is for you to grasp and adhere to so that Spirit may lay a foundation to teach you truth that you will make the spiritual Shift. These Truths will move one forward pass the elementary basics of Christ (and a Jesus only mindset). It will restore one and  to bring you into  your reality.

The Light has come!  Within this light lies considerable judgments. The judgments are the fire of burning to awaken and enlightened.  It is only after one's awakening  that they can receive light.

The Word judgment is the Hebrew word ‘mishpat’ (4941) and comes from the root word ‘shaphat’ which we are familiar with means to pronounce a sentence; to vindicate or punish. Mishpat is a Divine Judgment to pronounce favorable or unfavorably a formal decree of Divine Law either individually or collectively. To judge is to render a verdict. The verdict has already been rendered! 

It is the Enlightened Ones,   the awakened one who walk in the Light who are justified and qualified to proclaim these judgments from Zion! 

We need to wrap our heads around this! I do not care if you have a problem with the Apostolic Order. This Order was set in place and is protected by Divine Law just as the ‘Ten Words’ that many of you reject. It is not your job to attempt to correct, neither is it your job to attempt to outdo someone within these Offices. These Offices must be respected no matter who carries the titles. 

Judgment has come to those false Apostles and Prophets and they will fall! These are they whose hearts have been set against the Holy Covenant. They will fall! They will be granted a little help in their hypocrisy in order to refine purge and make pure the Sons and the Way into the Shift of Restoration until the indignation (abomination in the holy place of the mind) is finished. I want you to know that there is a Higher System that even you are culpable to and you all need to catch the vision of it.

No matter what you may say or do judgment has come to each and every one of us! Light is shining in darkness and chaos.  One merely have to change their thinking process and be restored in mind, heart, spirit and soul.

“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever”.   Those words given to Daniel the Prophet who was commanded to “conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time” has come! Judgment has come!  The Light has come!

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