Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Restoration Has Come!

Are you struggling for your breakthrough?

I will not pretend that I am not.  We all have that proverbial ‘thorn in the side’.  That thorn is a reminder.  It is to remind us that no matter how much we progress, grow or attain that there is always more to receive—higher levels to achieve.

I know that not receiving my breakthrough is not because of my spiritual development; it is not because of the prophetic knowledge I receive, nor the indwelling of ever-present Divine Spirit ever wooing me, us, into deeper contemplation and Divine Union. It is not because of some ‘sin’  as many are led to believe and think.

It is not that  Divine Law that I speak of so much is not working to bring our hopes, dreams and desires into manifestation in the physical realm. It is all in our minds! The results  decisions we make because of the gift of free-will.

It is because, most often, we do not know what we want or we want that of which is not conducive to our Life-Purpose.  We ask, however, we “ask amiss”! We often times, many at no fault of our own lack a critical self awareness of who we are, why we are here and what we are here to do.  I call this the  3-W’s 

When we are unaware of  the 3-W’s we lack critical self awareness of those things that fight against the spirit within us.  We have not touched or come into Union with Divine Universal Mind.  This struggle contributes to a self-defeating pattern that keeps us doing the wrong things; it keeps us thinking the wrong thoughts; it keeps us walking along that old same worn-out path hoping that things will change. Therefore, we attract the opposite of our  desires. 

We know that thoughts become things.  This is the Divine Law of Attraction and “Reaping & Sowing”. Whatever you sow you will reap!

Therefore, we keep attracting the wrong things, the wrong people, and the wrong influences.  Dwelling in that old karma and energy paradigm.

The thoughts and things that we enforce and affirm, if they are out of sync with the Whole; these thoughts and beliefs become an unbreakable vicious cycle and what I call the “Roller-coaster” effect in our lives.

Therefore, the reason we continue in the roller-coaster of  'loop de loop' cycles of inaccuracies and error over and over again, is because we have not renewed our mind; we have not leet go of that old energy. 

We attempt to use new concepts in old mindsets. We have the same old thoughts, adhering to the same old teachings.  These thoughts and teachings are mostly from an erroneous traditional religious concept of which we need to expel from our memory.  

We do the same old thing expecting new or different results. This is why Paul admonished us to "Renew your mind"; to "Move past the elementary basics of Christ"; to "put on the mind of a Christ".

It is the renewed thoughts and new thoughts different from that you once knew that produce new and different things and a new mindset. The renewed thoughts is what will free one from the unregenerate nature of that old energy and negative karma.  It is the unrenewed thought process that got us in the predicaments we are in today and the situations we are now facing as humans upon this earth.  Therefore, we can change our circumstances by renewing your thought process we change our lives and the lives of others around us.  Sensor your thoughts.

No one is  exempt from these growth experiences of mind renewal enhancements and personal growth.  In fact, it is the Enlightened Ones, the leaders who experience or should be experiencing more of those things that brings  growth and maturity! 

The intensity will  not be as great because of sufficiently enduring previous   growth experiences.  These experiences are for the sole purpose of bringing us all to Teleios or maturity and ultimately our Life-Purpose.  We will mature on whatever level we are and to the ability of whatever one's purpose is.  Therefore, these experiences will never be lacking in the life of those who are in the Redemption Process of making the shift into spiritual awareness and consciousness to become Teleios and Restored a IAM.

You cannot build a castle on foundations made of sand.  Our personal growth neither does our spiritual growth work that way.  Therefore, what we need do is get rid of the old energy and old paradigms in order to have a conscious awareness of not only right thoughts but the wrong thoughts. These inaccurate and unregenerate thoughts are the root of what is being manifested in our life and the world today; the lack of the spiritual being manifested into the physical realm.  First the spiritual then the physical.  

When we renew our minds becoming cognizant of our own level of awareness, we have not made it. That is when and where the work truly begins. Not only in the physical realm but we initiate Divine Law to work on our behalf in the spiritual realm.  That is when and where the real work of renewal and restoration starts within our mind; our Innate.

We do not need to know the workings of Divine Law.  We merely acknowledge that there is a Law that works on our behalf according to what we think, speak and feed into our minds. Then we will receive the knowledge and ability to allow Divine Spirit to work all things for our good as we think right thoughts that will become a reality.

Therefore, "whatsoever things are honest, just, pure,, lovely of good report; if there is any virtue and praise, think on these things".

Restoration has come!  Restoration is here for all who would receive! All you gotta do is just open the doors and unlock the recesses of your mind allowing Innate to do what She does best.

All this talk about Restoration. What is Restoration? Restoration is when the Innate soul connect and reunites with the spirit/soul within man to become Whole as ONE. Catch the vison!

Hotep Light One Love!
Apostle Rubie James

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