Friday, April 11, 2014


A few years ago Spirit revealed a “Shift” would take place.  Everyone who walked in the prophetic or those who wanted to walk in the prophetic declared that some kind of “Shift” was going to occur.  

Many did not understand thinking that there was going to be some type of physical changes within the leaders and the churches. Some, including me, predicted spiritual changes.  Many did not grasp that we were to prepare for that “Shift”; that things were not just going to switch gears and that there was not going to be any immediate or miraculous changes right then. Therefore, because many saw no measurable change or “Shift”, proclamations of the prediction eventually waned and seemingly forgotten. The content or the information as to the intent and reason for the “Shift” was not completely revealed.  The dissemination of the “Shift”   was merely a  foreknowledge for us to prepare for what was and is to come.

I received the following message and I share it without full understanding having removed all that was directed towards me personally.  However, I know that those “Awakened” and Illumined One’s   of whom this message is for will not only receive but recognize as confirmation things they have already been told.  

“The earth is preparing to renew Herself.  The Shifting and shaking many spoke of is happening, however, not as expected.  Mother Earth is going to shake from within Her inner core.

When the Mysteries being spoken by the holy men and women are about to end many will be changed coming into receipt and the knowledge of who they are.  Those others will be consumed in their own destruction as the earth shake violently to rid herself of those out of tune with Her.

You have seen much over the last few weeks and have not understood. I will open your understanding that you may warn many of that  which is to come upon the face of the earth.

Continue to proclaim and tell of the Mysteries that you receive.  I will save a people unto myself.  A strong people whose minds have been renewed just as the earth will renew Herself ridding of those who vibrations are not in sync with Her.

Many will fall! Those who thought they knew will be surprised at those who not only know but walk in harmony with me as I AM so are they.”

Make The Shift Come Into The New
Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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