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China's Takeover of Ghana's Fishing Industry

These last few years have been trying times for most of us.  The dark energies that are frailing and flapping on their last leg knows their time is up.  One who is not rooted and grounded are being tossed and driven like a wind storm at sea.

Many of the blogs from me lately has been full of enlightenment and revelation of the Shift in awaking; the change of paradigm from dark energy to that of Restoration and the shift into this new spiritual energy of spiritual Awareness and consciousness. This Shift has turned into a shaking and will shudder the very soul of humankind.

Many will be exposed and many will fall of those who insist in staying in those dark energies. Leadership cannot continue to mismanage their countries affairs and must awaken  to move with the vibrations within this new energy. The Most High G-D of our Ancestors have extended  every consideration, revealing many mysteries  for us to return back to the way of the Ancients of Days. If light is to overcome evil and darkness and believe me it will; there must be a change in the African mindset. The old cannot and will not go into the new.

Let me just say of what I consider to be a failed building project: Kotokuraba Market. Sits empty to this day because no one can afford the rents, I am assuming.  The vendors are mostly  street vendors for free. The little money they make goes to support their families and perhaps there is enough left over to pay school fees.  How or why would they pay rent? In addition, most vendors sell food stuffs. The lack of  education, supervision, inspections and implementation of public health rules and hazards is the main reason many remain in ignorance and live below their means. This lack of health consciousness, sanitization and sterilization methods and the primitive methods used to prepare foods would never be acceptable or even allowed in such a building for obvious safety and health reasons. 

The Cape Coast Sports Stadium is another project that the Chinese built designed to denigrate in particular African Women and keep the African living below basic human life’s principles; lacking flush toilets. This is a means to continually set the stage to demote human awareness, growth and knowledge in modernization that keeps people docile and complacent living in and receptive to substandard conditions.

In the back of the cart are frozen fish that came in from
 China by boat delivered by the trucks above 
to be distributed to villages.
Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, both the Suez Canal and the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the east and southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west; making the majority of African countries dependent upon the fishing industry.
This fish is being thawed there on the docks 
to be distributed and sold as fresh fish.
The average woman in Ghana is a vendor of some type of products, mainly fish. Cape Coast, as you can imagine is a coastal city, which lays along  the Atlantic Sea of West Africa formerly referred to as the Gold Coast by the British. 

The women, as well as the men work long and hard to make a living. Africans  make their own boats by hand with primitive tools or the basic tools available to them.  Most often, the boats have no motors, while even the 'White-Collar" jobs pay on an average of 400-500 Cedis per month; compared to the dollar that would be approximately $150 per month.  
There is no financial help available for the local fisherman, in loans or otherwise and they certainly cannot compete with the billions China is bringing in that is coming with a heavy price tag for Africa in the long run, in addition to lining someones pocket. The people are certainly not benefiting from the natural resources being exported from Africa.

The cost of living is high, wages low. Yet you have more PhD's and highly educated men and women in the world living in Africa.  However, the curriculum is designed to acclimate them to that colonization/slave mindset.  Thus, a vicious cycle of the White man mentality living as an African.

The current President of Ghana makes GH22,809 give or take a few Cedis per month plus minor benefits I am sure.  Some government workers live in rent free government owned housing. Public servants such as the police force and military live in deplorable substandard housing comparable to the worst ghetto projects one would see of photos  in the States. Yet, still to most, that would be a paradise. 

Why Are Africans Poor, one might ask with all the natural rich resources that the entire world depends upon Africa?  In the spiritual sense, they have forsaken the Ancients of Days for a Western and European life. They have left their First Love—The G-D of their Ancestors.  As a result, have fulfilled the prophecies written that have thrust them into bondage and captivity.  Four-hundred years plus to be exact. However, know that that 400 years is over and Africans must reclaim what is theirs. African countries must work out their own situations.  They must drop their boarders and implement intra country imports and exports. Africa must keep foreign entities from taking the inheritance of the people. Africans must unite. What does it matter what political party one belongs to?  Isn't the more important goal is that the Continent prosper; to build the economies up to modernization and international standards?

Much like the stories one might read in the bible of the Israelite's, which Africans are descendants of the 24 tribes of Abraham. However, the African lineage and heritage goes back millennia before Abraham to our powerful Ancestors, the beginning of civilization.  Africans are wandering helplessly begging from other countries when they are rich. How could nations of Chosen people revert in every sphere of life and the sciences to take on the ways of their captors and remain in servitude to them?  

From the economical point of view, why Africans are poor other than selfishness, greed, mis- management of resources, just click on the above links and you will see why Africans who live in the richest Continent in the World are poor.

While many government workers live well, they must still take care of their basic household needs and transportation. Many of the well-to-do Africans, perhaps inherited their homes and land from their parents or grandparents when the economy was better or should I say those who prospered from selling their brothers and sisters out to the slave trade. Too many of you leaders are still selling our people out as well as Africa's natural resources.

Although there is no reason whatsoever and I vehemently condone embezzlement  theft, and sell-outs who take bribes from foreign entities, other Africans and of course the Diasporas; the African has been heavily influenced by Western and European society and above all their religion.

Many Africans deal with the mental dysfunctions of brainwashing as a result of colonization and the trickery of these foreign entities that they are, for the most part, completely unaware they are dysfunctional. 

The governments welcome these companies thinking that it will spurt economic growth, however, make no provisions or stipulations that these companies make viable or notable contributions to infrastructure or the communities they are based. You can rest assured that the majority of the larger corporations corporate offices are most modern structures, yet those who employ African workers, many work places are substandard. This is certainly the case with the corporate building the Chinese have built on prime ocean front property on the Elmina Port. 

The autocracy of the ‘elite’ who come into Africa, every country that infiltrated Africa, controlled its people, economy and, monitory markets as they stole and continue to steal Africa's richness. Surly African Leaders are aware of this. This left the African to their own devices to make it the best way they could; what they had learned from the foreigner--coning, conniving, stealing, lying, which is the way of the West and Europe in their business dealings in Africa.  Get all they can while they can from anyone they can get it from, even their own, thus, the African mindset as well.

After all, they took away Africa’s spirituality, broke down their institutions, culture, family values, demonized the Ancestors and gave them a White Lord and Master. To this day, Africans worship the White man, particularly one Greek god they named Jesus. Africans have been conditioned to think that the White man is right; therefore they look up to them and attempt to emulate them. Not knowing that their agenda is to have Africa without Africans. We can have a better Africa and a Restored Africa if Africans just let go of those foreign false histories, their foreign ways of life and SANKOFA.

China as well as the world is over populated with the only available land mass in Ghana and other countries of Africa.  Therefore the fight has began between China and the US to gain a bigger stronger foothold in Africa. They don’t dare manipulate or finagle Mr. Putin whose country has the only other available land. This is why they also hate Mr. Mugabe.

These photos were taken at Ghana's Fishing Port in Elmina, Cape Coast, Ghana.

Thawing frozen fish from China for sell and distribution.
Rt. Reloading fish for distribution to villages.

The adverse health aspects are being felt from consuming imported cheap and tainted Chinese food stuffs and other harmful foods and seasonings Africans use on a daily basis. No, it is not always malaria as is commonly diagnosed. 

From the US agenda, it is to control the food supply and import  damaging pharmaceuticals. Thus,  National Security Memorandum 200 on depopulation and population control.

Think about it! China is over populated, they do not have the food to feed their own people, they are processing plastic food products, rats, salamanders, dead bodies, just where do you think those products are going?  Where do you think they are getting their fish from other than West Africa's Seacoast along the Atlantic Ocean? Why don't they feed their own people this fish? 

You can bet that the fish coming from the Asian Continent's seaways are tainted with radioactive properties from the nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that had and perhaps still has a devastating effect on the entire Pacific Seacoast.

African, you have made a    business out of the funeral industry.  You celebrate death more than you celebrate life. 

So many Africans are dying too young from consuming tainted foods and improperly treated water.  I would be willing to say the frozen tainted fish exported from China that is distributed to the villages,  without a doubt, has crept into the food distribution locally; is the major culprit contributing to the early demise of Africans.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do nothing to educate the people or to discourage China or the US from importing death to Africans.  I believe the United Nations (UN), UNICIF an too many other American ran companies all turn a blind eye to the plight of Africans.  I have no idea what the Africa Health Research Organisation (AHRO) do, rather don’t do. Of course, Africans just want to work.  Therefore they keep their mouth shut as to the known atrocities being perpetuated upon the African.  Everyone seems to know but us.
This is water from my tap.
 Imagine  those who do not
have running water .

Ghana, I say again, wake up and wise up! You are allowing them to kill you slowly. You are allowing the Chinese to take jobs from the local fisherman and to take over Ghana’s staple food supply by importing and you selling their tainted fish to our people. 

Ghanaian women, you are losing your children and your children are losing their parents to premature deaths merely because you do not educate yourselves. 

Ask yourself, what is happening to our children?

Our Ancestors lived long healthful lives. Do you ever question why Africans are now dying too young and are sickly and diseased?  Our Ancestors long to restore and heal the land. 

The average death age of Africans in Ghana is Ghana 61.49 years, Kenya 62.13 years, Nigeria 53.05 years, Mali 58.46, Gambia 60.47, Cameroon 55.93 years. Ask yourself why?

However,  in order to receive the Mysteries of the Ancestors Fountain of Life and Youth to have a healthful long life of prosperity, you must tap into the Spirit of the Ancients of Days that is inherent within your DNA. This is what they demonized and replaced with their religion; the Way back to the Ancestors.  This is why they brainwashed you and gave you Christianity turning you from your true African Spirituality of life!  

You must let go of those strange gods you serve thinking you serve the True G-D but your serving yourselves and the god the West and Europe has given to you to control you, keep you in ignorance and to keep you from the Tree of Life and the Mysteries of Eternal Life; that Path to our Ancestors. For the love of Africa SANKOFA!

Learn your true history of which they have taken from you. Stand up for and receive your heritage and true African Spirituality. 

That lackadaisical, passive, ignorant and religious slave mindset of bondage must be overcome  and primaled from your memory. Your attitudes and beliefs that you cannot fight the government, don’t you know that you are the government? Where would the government be without you?  Don’t you know that you are the gods?

Hotep Light One Love!
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