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No enemy, No negative thought has any power over us! When we think on those things, whatsoever are honorable, right, pure, lovely, good repute things of excellence and those things worthy of praise, this is thinking with our Christ (Anointed) Mind! 

No, one can come into the full reality of their Christ mind just by thinking neither can they get there overnight. They certainly will not get there dwelling in the elementary basics of teachings of the traditions of men from an outdated religious System; and, certainly by not adhering to or recognizing Divine Law.

There is a certain pathway one must walk in order to receive the disciplines required to walk within the higher Truth or the Mysteries of the Kingdom that will set one free from the mundane traditions and bondage's of  false religiosity.

This path takes nothing away from the Christ  but puts the Principles the Christman brought forth into their proper perspective. The Christ Principles are the construction of the building of the Foundations of the Cornerstone that causes the building to become complete. That is what really matters. 

This Way cannot be obtained overnight or through the senses but it is a process. If you are without chastisement,  the disciplines needed to bring you into godship,  then you are bastards and not Sons. You still do not know who your father/mother is. You want to stay in preschool whining for your snacks and your blanket to take your nap, throwing tantrums when things do not go your way.

The disciplines that it takes to become fully imbued and in-tune to Divine Universal Mind and  Christ Consciousness is a process. Just as you do not stay a babe or a toddler all of your life, the process of Becoming  and maturing required to reclaim ones inheritance as heirs takes time. The dissembling process takes time. This process is under the auspices of the Divine Spirit in harmony with one's Life-Purpose as their minds and thoughts become restored, they remember who they are and why they are here on earth.  One then become disciplined in the Will and are redressed in Divine Characteristics; being refashioned, remolded, restored, resurrected, and transliterated into the multiplicities of  the heavenly realms within their spirit. 

With these renewals of Christ Consciousness comes the knowledge of the Mysteries of the Kingdom, which will bring one into maturity or Teleios as gods.

First, one must be pliable. One must walk in adherence to, respecting Divine Law and those who has been Delegated Authority to build up, point, guide and counsel them into all Truth and Mysteries.  These Enlightened One's continually point and draw others as they themselves walk the Highway.  Merely because one do not follow Divine Laws of Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, this does not mean that the Law does not exist. However,  each of us has been given a choice of life or death!

People let’s get it right! The only devil or satan are those who keep you in religious bondage and under their control! There is no negativism that has any power over us unless we allow negativity to enter into our mind and evade our thought process in a negative manner! This is why Paul admonished us to be transformed, renewed in mind and to put on the Mind of  Christ. 

Many give their power to a non-existent or make-believe enemy when they ascribe the least bit of power and validity to a devil, satan or demons! Have you not heard that "You are gods"? You work and reap in accordance to your beliefs. One can only achieve that of which they believe. One's thought process and beliefs will bring one into harmony or discord.

We are the exact representation of a Divine Creator! Start acting like it! Start thinking like it! As a man thinks within his heart, so is he! That is Divine Law! Law rules our conscious or knowing thought and Spirit rules our subconscious thoughts. This is why we should be cognizant of our thoughts and words. It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. The heart is the mind. Thoughts become things. Our thoughts and words invoke Law. When we meditate and pray we evoke and petition the Creator. Therefore, our words have creative power. When we come into the Presence, in the spiritual realm, spirit touches Spirit! Therefore, a law has been spoken or convoked into action. The Spirit then do what She does! Spirit creates the circumstances and/or originate the conditions for our thought to come to fruition or materialization in the natural realm. Spirit does not discriminate, She just is and does. Therefore, whatever we sow that we shall reap. The Law is the same and works no matter who invokes it!

A law is a law! For example mix green and yellow you get blue. You can either learn the law of chemistry through a teacher or you can learn from trial and error what primary colors are needed to make secondary colors. This does not change the law. It does not matter who mixes the colors the results will be the same. Plant an orange tree, you have evoked a law. That tree will grow oranges no matter who plants it. It does not need to know that it is to bear oranges; this is what it was created to do! This is Divine Law! 

All laws are superseded by and are because of Divine Law! There is no getting around or circumventing Law! We will all pay the cost for our actions either by reaping the benefits or suffering the consequences of our thoughts and actions. Therefore, when someone says, we are no longer under the Law but under Grace, this is a mindset that must be eradicated from the consciousness which is antichrist.  It is because of Law that Grace abounds. Bondage is lack of Grace! Bondage is not ordained and comes about because of violations committed against Divine Law.

The secret things belong to Spirit. She reveals to whomever She desires and the things revealed belong to those who seek for Truth.

"I have set before you today life and prosperity and death and adversity." The choice belongs to each of us! I choose life!  How about you? "You are gods!" Ps. 82:6 Catch the vision...

Hotep Light One Love!   
Apostle Rubie James

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