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The Innate is powerful!  Let me attempt to explain or rather present a limited definition of Innate, to my understanding of it, at the spiritual level of understanding I am at now.

There is truly no defining Innate. For one to define and/or explain Innate is to attempt to define and explain G-D. G-D is indefinable! Place 100 people in a room, you will get 100 different answers to who G-D is and this would be the same with Innate. It is a probability that each of the hundred people would be 100 percent right in their assessment. This is because of each individual’s unique godly character.

One of the major problems with religion is that it is intolerant to others beliefs, cultures and ways of life. Religion has taught us merely one staunch dogmatic aspect of G-D and who G-D is from a limited, most often convoluted mindset.  These mindsets were based on orthodoxy, the traditions of men, most often from a humanistic view and one’s own personal thoughts of who G-D is. Therefore, when someone else comes along with their concept of who G-D is, it is rejected merely because that persons beliefs do not fit into the others little box of beliefs and expectations.

In this new dispensation of the awakening and Restoration to spiritual consciousness;  this shift from an old paradigm into the new; many of the enlightened ones are coming forth with what is perceived to be new to the religious System.  Yet ‘IT’ is and has always been. However, it is new in that one has  receives new or additional revelation of a divine concept.  Therefore, humans perceive these divine concepts of the shift into spiritual consciousness as new.  However, these concepts are not new, only to us humans and our recognition of them.  

We have been looking for love in all the wrong places. We have been searching for G-D everywhere except where G-D is. The concept of G-D the same yesterday, today and forever is absolute.  However human understanding has been limited even to that concept.

This is because our finite minds cannot conceive the indefiniteness of G-D only through a predetermined understanding of who we believe G-D is. This is the purpose for the shift.  Shifting from that old energy paradigm that G-D is out there somewhere in the sky.  This shift is more than spiritual.  It is more than mental. It is more than physical.  This shift is meant to bring humans out of their fairytale land into reality and a new earth that flows with milk and honey.

This shift is in order for humans to find their reality! This is why we should honor and respect the god in each person and receive that individual just as they are and the god within them.  We all have the same G-D within, however, in various degrees.  When religious folks get this understanding, this is when they would not force their beliefs, doctrines or traditions upon others and come into unity of faith with the Whole.

This shift in conscious awareness is what restoration is all about.  Until we humans learn to accept others as they are, not forcing our beliefs upon them, this is when we will all come into unity of the faith to become the New Man who will inhabit a New Earth.

Let us start with a basic humanistic definition of Innate. Innate is defined as: something that is inborn, natural, inbred, congenital, inherent, intrinsic, instinctive, intuitive, spontaneous, unlearned, untaught; hereditary, inherited, in the blood, in the family; quintessential, organic, essential, basic, fundamental, constitutional, built-in, inbuilt, ingrown, deep-rooted, deep-seated.

Now combine all those words and we still only have a limited view into what Innate is, however not one of those words are incorrect or wrong. Yet, we humans have and will receive a abstract view of what we think Innate is.  The travesty would be to think another’s view is wrong when each viewpoint contributes to the whole of defining Innate. Are we getting the point here? However, imagine if we would receive all views! Wouldn’t it enhance and increase our understanding, tolerance, empathy and love for others?

We humans must unlimit our thinking and expand our horizons. We must get out of that box of restrictions. We must come out of that dark cave. We must be tolerant and receptive to others and their beliefs.  I did not say compromise your beliefs, there is a difference in tolerance and compromise and we need to acknowledge that difference.  In particular, if we are to grow in grace and knowledge of G-D and the god within, we must stop putting limitations on the omniscient Most High G-D, our  own and others godly uniqueness.

We are all emanations of the SUN of Righteousness, the very essence of G-D.  We are all pertinent valuable ingredients in the stew and cannot be separated  from the other ingredients just as we cannot be separated from who we are and the god within with G-D. Let that sink in. Wrap your head around it, contemplate it, and allow it to permeate into the depths of your mind.

With that, I will attempt to extrapolate from the stew, a few of the characteristics of Innate, from a metaphorical point of view some of the main ingredients.

First let me say that Innate is the Divine Spirit that connects with our spirit/soul. Innate is or holds all humans memories to our higher self that was bred out of us, as we lost memory of who we are, becoming acclimated to an earthly way of life. We forgot!  We became accustomed to the restrictions, traditions, morals and values of a dark society. We lost our godhood.  That was the fall of mankind!

Know that we are spiritual beings housed in a physical body, here on earth to awaken to and fulfill our purpose for being here on this earth. As I say, to fulfill our Life-Purpose.

Restoration and recollection of memory is paramount to our existence and ascension into the heavenly realms.  Mankind will ultimately cease to exist and destroy ourselves unless we are restored back to our original purpose.

Only spirit can enter into heaven, no flesh and bone will enter in. Thus, we must tap into Innate in order to reconnect with our higher self, our spirit self that is beyond the veil.

These memories of our higher self  held within Innate are contained within files called Akasha Records.  One can equate the Akasha Records  to “The  Book” the bible tells us about, ‘ “I saw an angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the book and to break its seals?”   Well, each of us have ability and capacity to open the Book through Innate. However the question is will we?  Or will we apply ourselves with the knowledge to become worthy to open the Book?

If humans would just stop being ultra religious from having a form of godliness to make the shift into true spirituality and this new paradigm of awakening and spiritual consciousness; that  would deem one worthy to break and lose the ‘seals’ to  open the Book.  Within the pages of the Book are records of the Mysteries that would restore humans as gods; “to be a  kingdom and priests of G-D (as gods) who will reign upon the earth”.  

Those ‘seals’ are filters, walls and dysfunctions in our minds that keeps us from opening the Book. They keep us from retrieving our god memories as recorded within the Book of Innate.  This is the Mystery, the esoteric message of Revelation 5 for you religious biblical scholars who insist, “show me where it says that in the bible”.  “It is done! It is finished! Behold, IAM make all things new”!

The bible is full of metaphorical topics written in what many enlightened ones know as a “third dimensional Language” or a divine language that humans must seek and interpret for themselves. Yet, how can one who stays within a third dimensional world, understanding only third dimensional language, receive the Divine Language of infinity?

This is the job of Light Workers. They are known by many names.  Take your pick.  These Light Workers are to help humans find themselves or point them in the right direction of their journey while releasing light and love.. These workers of light who are referred to a “Old Souls” by many, has been specifically positioned for such a time as this; to facilitate the shift and to bring others into the Light. They are the forerunners; breakers of fallow ground; they are the lighthouse!  They are the humans and spiritual beings who will guide humans “Beyond the rudimentary basics”, as Paul said; and, the traditional religious ‘topical’ and most often misconstrued convoluted concepts humans have, into true revelation of spirituality.

However, if one is stuck on Jesus is the only way, you have missed the Way.  Not being mean just real. That’s just fact and truth. Many of you Christians need to repent and come up out of that false religiousness. How dare her say that! Yes, I know. How dare me too.

The point is to release knowledge that of which will set one free from the bondages and erroneous teachings and traditions of a false religious System. These are the filters, walls and dysfunctions that keep one from opening the Book; from being restored to true spirituality. The major objective for all humans is to reach that Place many call heaven.

The choice to receive the Way, Truth and Light belongs to each and every one of us. 

Humans have been brainwashed, lied to, bamboozled and babied for far too long. It is time that you break the seals and open the Book! Catch the vision.

Hotep Light One Love!
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