Saturday, July 29, 2017

Surly African Leaders Know

African Leaders, catch the vision! Not only do these "elite"  companies own everything,  many of them are stealing Africa's resources,  draining Africa dry in addition to importing our wealth back to us as inferior and harmful products, at much higher prices than they took of Africa's valued resources.

Surly,  surly you political leaders know this! The soul purpose of the elite is control; a takeover of Africa and to keep Africans in poverty, darkness disrepair and chaos. Not one of these foreign entities have made any notable improvements whatsoever in Ghana. At least not to benefit the people.  They mainly build up and modernize their corporate headquarters, hire Africans at slave-labor wages and make their profits of which they take away. I would say you even give them tax breaks but gouge the poor vendors to take up the slack.

Do you really, truly believe that the people are unaware of your shenanigans?

Coke has been in Africa since the 20's as with Nestle and many others. What have they contributed to the African economy? Now, the Chinese have you in their pocket.

You African leaders need to step down, if you cannot manage your countries wealth giving it away   to line your pockets. This thing is getting very serious and you leaders, while your playing what you think is politics, need to do your research and look at their bottom line. 

Stop helping them to drain Africa dry!  You are selling Africa and its future generations inheritance for groundnuts,  including your own children. 

Don't think that they will escape by leaving Africa to other countries. And where will you go? Do you think these countries will take you in? Hell no! What use would they have for unscrupulous, lying, scamming people who sell their own people out?

Don't ever think that you are conducting business conducive to International standards. You have no idea! You are digging your own graves and the graves of Africans. Someone else will be given your ill-gained wealth.

So, if I were you, I'd start taking a long hard look past those material things that you cant and wont take to that early grave that you are digging for yourselves. Reevaluate yourself and your mission. These people do not care for you and are using you for their benefit. Believe, those holes in your pockets will get bigger.

Many of you may think, "who do she think she is"? My response is, "I may not be politically correct but neither are you or they. I may not be aware of your political charades but I stand for justice, fairness and righteousness with integrity". What I do and say I will stand up for and do not care who do not like it. I know that my conscious will allow me to sleep at night.  Will yours?

Think and say what you want but your days are numbered.  Like the play write, Vinnette Justin Carroll says, "Your Arms Are to Short to Box with G-D"! Catch that vision!

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