Monday, June 1, 2015

Veiling The Mysteries

Moses put a veil over his face to keep the people from being afraid and apprehensive about receiving pure Divine Light.  He had to shroud the Glory of The Creator within him in order for the people to be able to “hear” and receive the Revelatory Word given to him while on the ‘Mountain’.

Today’s prophets and the Enlightened One's who operate in the Spirit of Moses are expected to sugar-coat and scale-down Truth before it is received. They are expected to make it easy for the lazy Children who do not study for themselves to receive revelation; to present truths shrouded in baby formula before it can be received.

I reiterate:  “The true prophets and ‘Witnesses’; the Enlightened Ones, the the Teleios Sons, although capable of teaching the 'basics', were NOT ordained to teach the “Rudimentary Basics” but the underlying prophetic and esoteric messages of those basics!” This would be the ‘Mysteries of the Kingdom’ in order to bring the ‘children’ into maturity as Sons to receive the Promise of their ‘Inheritance! 

Church leaders must receive these revelatory truths building upon them to bring the Children into maturity.  Many leaders do not understand and are placating the Children with safe messages, perhaps to keep from hurting their little childish feelings or to keep tithes and offerings within their assembly.  However, I want you leaders to know that to refuse the revelations coming forth today would mean that you are teaching from the 'Beast(ly)" nature of antichrist.  You are keeping the Children of the kingdom from coming into their inheritance of Christhood. Leaders cannot pick-n-choose what they are to release to the Kingdom Children but to teach  pure unadulterated truths that will bring them into maturity.
The Awakened Ones, the true apostles and prophets have been commissioned to “Build up a Body of Christ’s”!  The true prophets build up the spiritual “temples” of the Children making sure or ‘cementing’ the foundations of  the ‘elementary basics’ of Christ.  This is so they can build a structure upon the Foundations of the “Cornerstone” so that the Children and Inheritors of the Kingdom will receive ability and capacity to move past the basics, being built up  into maturity in the Redemption Process from faith to faith and glory to glory! 

This shift into the new dispensation of receiving the “Testimony of Christ”, which is the Spirit of Prophecy, requires  the apostles and prophets to release pure untainted word.  The old misconceptions of the erroneous apocalyptic end-time dooms day, hell bound, waiting a so-called rapture message is over!  Take head that you be not deceived.

The revelations being ‘uncovered’ or released in this new dispensation is to accomplish nothing else but Restoration and Perfection!  It is to bring the Children into maturity at whatever their Life-Purpose.

The dooms-day apocalyptic end-time misconceptions are the design of the Beast(ly) Babylonian Religious System to shroud the true Mysteries that would prevent the ‘Joint-Heirs” from receiving their true inheritance now and the hereafter.

These Words that are being released by the Prophets can be traced and confirmed through those elementary basics in the Bible. The thing is to know the Scriptures and the Bible that one may be able to recognize, comparing spiritual with spiritual.  These revelatory truths will compel one’s inner man into growth and maturity beyond the basic into the Mysteries of the Kingdom and the “Testimony of (a) Christ”.  

Therefore in order for one to reach maturity and fulfill their life purpose into the Shift, they must go Beyond the Veil into those revelatory Mysteries that would bring them into fulfillment of the Hope of their Glory. Catch the Vision! The Mystery

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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