Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Flames of Fire

“And He made His ministers Flames of Fire” Ps. 104:4; Is. 66:15

The Flame of Fire is the active results of a holy quickening that takes place in one’s consciousness.  This Flame of Fire is used to tear down old ideas and mindsets.  The burning and refinement from the flames refines, renews and build one up in truth.  The level of building up one’s spiritual temple is according to the degree of light or enlightenment one receives within one’s Life-Purpose. 

Fire denotes the purifying activity of the Holy Spirit refining one into various levels of Christ Consciousness as one’s mind is being renewed.  Fire is the refinement and purification implement used to melt away flesh uniting spirit and soul with Divine Spirit drawing one into righteousness and Divine Union with G-D into the hope of their glory.

In the message, The Job Experience, it was revealed that  (hell/hades) is the grave or pit of seemingly error.  However, Shoel is a place where one is refined through the burning or refinement of Divine Spirit from the sensory realm into spiritual realms where false memories and erroneous thoughts of self-righteousness are removed. This is when the unregenerate, beastly or reptilian mind is changed and replaced with the Mind of a Christ.

Is. 66:16 says, “By fire will Yahweh execute fair judgment…Yahweh comes in fire, his chariots like the world wind to assuage His anger with burning, he rebukes with flaming fire making the clouds his chariot gliding on the wings of the wind, appointing the winds messengers and making His ministers flames of fire”. Once one has been awakened to their own self-righteousness and erroneous concepts of who G-D is, coming into true righteousness, this is when they come face to Face with G-D.

Historically, we have been taught a literal fairytale aspect that hell, hades or Shoel are the flames of fire that will not be quenched; that it is a place of the final judgment of fire brimstone and smoke where sinners are condemned and consumed.

Just as the devil, satan and demons are a figment of one’s imagination, a conglomerate of negative unholy thoughts, so is hell also a state of mind of the manifestation of negative thoughtful activities.  “For as a man thinks within his heart, so is he”.  If one gives validity to thoughts of speaking a devil, demons, satan and a hell into existence, there will be for them.  Even the Bible says that satan or the concept of a satan was a lie from the beginning.  Christ told Peter, “Get behind me satan”.  Was Peter satan?  No.  Peters thought process was that of the flesh.  He did not understand the Christ’s mission and came against it rebuking Him, therefore his thinking process was antichrist. I continue to say that one is either hot or cold, holy or unholy, a Christ or antichrist.  There are no in-betweens.

It is not until one has been purified by the burning flames of the Spirit that one can come before G-D; to come face to Face with G-D and the god within.  This is the awakening!  This is entering into Heaven!  

In order for one to come face to Face with G-D, one must be set free from flesh.  No flesh will enter into heaven or come into the Presence of G-D. This is why Moses was only allowed to see the back of YAH. Moses had not yet been awakened or refined spiritually to the I AM.  Moses had to go through a process before he came face to Face with G-D.  He had to be freed from the sensory realm of flesh in order to come into the revelation of who G-D is.  So it is with every human.  Only spirit can touch Spirit.

After my awakening he will set me close to him and (free me) from my flesh, (then) I shall look upon G-D”. This is the prerequisite to enter into Heaven; to transcend the natural fleshly realm into the spiritual or heavenly realm.

Christians insist that that the only way to enter into heaven is through Christ of whom they call Jesus.  However, their concept of that biblical verse, as with the concepts of a Christ is totally askew from the  prophetic intent. Therefore, they erroneously think and believe that if one does not use the translated Greek name of YAHshua, which would be Jesus that they are lost. It is true that the only way to the Father/Mother into the Holy of Holies or into that spiritual place of Heaven called Zion, is through Christ Consciousness of the Christ Principles or the Mysteries of the Kingdom as a Christ.

Many are they who dwell in the rudimentary basics of the Christ-Man never growing beyond the man to the Principles He brought forth—the Christ Principles.  Many are they who follow the lead of the unlearned object lessons just as the children in the wilderness when a plague of serpents was sent into the camp because of their disobedience and insurrections.  G-D told Moses to instruct Aaron to make a bronze serpent, erect it  on a pole within the camp and all who looked upon the serpent were healed from the venomous bits of the serpents. So what did the people do?  They started worshiping the serpent instead of the principles behind the serpent—that G-D can use any means to teach His people bringing them into obedience and compliance with Divine Law.

When one dwell in the Christ Principles they become fruitful and grow coming to Teleios or maturity as a Christ, putting away childish things and fairytale misconceptions. They come into maturity in Christhood, which is the hope  of our Glory.  This is the Mystery of entering into the Kingdom!

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