Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Make The Shift Come Into The New

Let us be reminded that  “Divine Spirit originates the circumstances that  keeps us on the highway that will bring us into our mission and Life-Purpose.  Therefore we are to identify them and walk in them being thankful no matter how things may appear, knowing that all things work together for our good.

This is the time of perfection where the ‘shift’ is taking us into restoration. This 'shift' all has been talking about is restoration and perfection!  If one does not know the way of restoration and perfection, how can they disagree with the one G-D has sent to bring one into them? If one does not know how to be restored and come into perfection, how can they possibly receive?

In order to be restored one must have been IT already!  Therefore, one must find out what IT is and walk in the principles and way of restoration.  One must know what they are to be restored to!
The true  prophets who has been restored walking the way of perfection has been given revelation of the Teleios man or the new man.  According to the Bible, this is one of the ways one can identify a true prophet, they have the Testimony of Christ, which is the Spirit of Prophecy. The True prophet brings forth the new, plowing up fallow ground of prior beliefs, doctrines, traditions and cultures not conducive to having the Testimony of Christ or that which is antichrist! This  would renew one’s mind shifting them into that secret and hidden  place of the Mysteries of the Kingdom and of G-D where they become fertile to produce much fruit.

Many have been heard saying that G-D is doing a new thing.  This is not a new thing!  It is a spiritual prophetic thing that we are just coming into the knowledge of that is now being revealed. It is a prophetic thing that we had best catch the vision! If, therefore, we are not attentive to Divine Spirit, walking in the “Testimony of Christ”, as a Christ, receiving prophetic revelation, how can one possibly be restored, coming to Teleios?  If we reject the new comparing it to and holding onto the old of that which we know or think that we know, how can the Spirit bring us into the new?  Will the new wine be sustained and matured by being poured into old wine-skins?

We must renew our minds that we might receive ability and capacity to receive those things of the Spirit.  It is OK to disagree; this is the freedom of choice.  However, how can one disagree with something that they have never heard or that of which they do not know merely because it is not written in man’s doctrines?

Divine Spirit  is attempting to position us by preparing our minds and spirit/soul that we may all come into ‘Unity of the Faith”, “past the rudimentary basics of the Christ”, to be restored and perfected into a “Body of Christ’” or Nations of Christ’.  This is in order to  restore and perfect us that we may receive ability to come into our Life-Purpose and receive our inheritance.  Many, however are intent on doing their own thing rejecting unknowingly what Divine Spirit is doing.

If one is stubbornly maintaining the old, how can they receive the new?


Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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