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400 Years

"And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;
But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again...In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river..." 
The Spirit has been dealing with me in regards to a 400 year time span. We have all at some point in time heard about 400 years in biblical history, perhaps in astrology or numerology. I assumed that the 400 years was to that of being in bondage because we, as a Chosen people, turned from serving the true G-D and Creator to serving demigods and false gods. Well, to a certain extent this is true.

It is true that a Chosen People turned from their true Creator, forced to take on another way of life as their culture, spirituality and all that they knew was cultivated out of them.  This was so they could be used and abused for someone else pleasure and survival.

It is also true that a people went into a type of bondage for over 400 years; however, not for the reasons that we have been told and have come to believe through biblical, European and Western histories.

The history of the Hebrews and Jews is  noted in the Hebrew Scriptures.  The plight of these people and their recorded histories go back 6000 years culminating with a Savior and Greco-Roman Christianity approximately 2000 years ago. 

For the past 30 years, I have been on a quest and search of truth. Christianity, for me, left a big void. However, I knew that there was something bigger and I was drawn, rather lead and directed by an inherent power within me that took me by the hand, so to speak, and orchestrated my every step.  

The spirit told me some years ago to “follow the paths of the Ancients”. I am now coming into the understanding of the realization of those words I was told so long ago.  As I look back, everything I have done over those years have lead up to my being placed on that path to accomplish that very purpose.

Since my educational level was limited, in the sciences and true history; having being taught a convoluted false history, in a beastly System, I had to be taught certain concepts before the actual Principle of the thing was worked out within my spirit.  The falsehoods had to be primaled from me renewing my mind, in order to receive truth. 

As I studied and researched, wading through a multiplicity of various beliefs, doctrines, philosophies and various books of Antiquities; at times seemingly going off on tangents, etc.; these Principles laid a foundation that brought me into higher truths from glory to glory. 

I was going to say “faith to faith and glory to glory” as I usually say, but faith implies a belief and reliance upon something unseen or unknown. However, when one know that they know, that they know that they know, and the facts back up what you know, you have gone beyond faith and beliefs of what might be to what is; you are becoming. This is because when one truly taps into that Universal Divine Mind, becoming connected to the Whole, you tap into true life--your very purpose for being.  You come into the knowledge of truth in every sphere or topic. No matter how little the knowledge, one receives all they need, at the time they need it to cement their foundation and purge one from all the false concepts they have become acclimated to.  This takes one past religion, past error, past a blind faith into REALITY! No, I have not attained but I continue to press towards the mark of the Higher calling as a Christ or a divine creation.

People of Color or the Melaninated Ones are Awakening.  Why are we being awakened?  We are being awakened because our Ancestors; the Ancients of Days wants to continue to protect and guard the Royal Progeny.  The 400 years has ended  and it is not what we have thought or what ‘they’ want us to believe.

Most of us know that the Bible was rewritten and watered down from an ancient source.  This source has been used to validate not only Christianity but Islam. Ancient sources of Mysteries have always been and have always been safeguarded even before what many know as the the first man, Adam or the Adomites (3761 B.C.E according to the Jewish calendar and 4004B.C. in the Christian and Muslim calendar); before Moses and perhaps thousands of years before a people called Israelites going into Egypt; before Alexander the Great; before the Pharaohs, before the Pyramids to  a billion years ago to a divine ancient race. 
The preservation of this divine Way and people have been protected in order to preserve it’s integrity. Many of the ‘Stones’, parchments and scrolls have resurfaced. Of course their contents are not given to the masses because they are not for the masses. In particular,  the people of who it was kept from to keep them in ignorance and bondage to a false religious System and the knowledge that would set them free.  This was the only reason these divine ancient texts were preserved and protected from the beginning by our Ancestors, just as the African/Hebrew Race has been protected.

What does this all have to do with the 400 years?  First let me say that this is not a detailed message but a small “pointer” to truth to those who are worthy to receive this revelation. It is not a comprehensive study bogged down with Scripture quotations because if you are one of the Chosen, you will be familiar with much of the contents and the Spirit have and will direct you where you need to go. 

I am doing my own study and research and each of you must do your own.  I am merely a “pointer”.  I have been elected to “Point” the Chosen Ones to Restoration and the Higher Way to other Enlightened Ones or Master Teachers. These Mysteries come with a price and believe one will not understand unless they have been Chosen. 

My job is not to make you understand but to present facts that you might have a direction to begin your journey.  This journey requires one to go past the “Elementary basics” into the multiplicity of spiritual realms to become Restored as a New Man. Many are the Called, few have been chosen”.

In brief, in the 1600’s RH Negative blood types needed melanin to survive. In the year Y2K, there was much ado about the end of the world (as with other prior and  recent times since). It is and will never be the end of the world for Melaninated people…Melanin is the make up of the World.  Melanin is our DNA, Melanin is in plant life, all animal life, darkness and light.  Some of us humans have more of it than others.  It is those who have more of it who are descendants of a superior and divine race. Those who have much less are a dying breed and they must find a source of melanin every 400 years if they are not to get weaker, sickly and their species die out.

I believe that the year Y2K  (2000) marked the end of 400 years.  Therefore, since the time that I will just say, the original RH Negative Blood typed people (Adomites) were created (4000 years ago), invaded Africa (1600) to get the divine gift of melanin every 400 years within a 2400, some say 2600 year cycle, in order to stay alive and    survive. We are now at the 400 year end. Now, catch that vision.

I have never claimed to be an expert of anything and never will.  However, I will never apologize for that I know or that of which has been revealed to me and will not go about trying to prove it to anyone.  We all need to work out our own soul salvation.  And I am telling you right now, this is the time to fear and tremble Melaninated People; to awaken out of your slumber and the false slave religiosity. The colonization slave mindset  was designed to not only control Africans or Melaninated people of lesser degrees of melanin than the Africans, and that divine line of descendants; but keep you from knowing who you are as the nearly non existent melaninated  beast and vampires; the descendants of the original RH  Negative blood type continue to feed upon and attempt to water-down that golden strand of Melanin. Catch that vision or not…

Melaninated gods and goddesses we must safeguard, protect and preserve our royal progeny!  We must SANKOFA!

Hotep, Light & Love
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