Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creation Groans

All of creation groans within waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of G-D. The Son are those who has been awakened; who has made the spiritual transition into the Shift as the New Man into their spiritual reality. These are the Enlightened Ones who shine with  the effulgence in the countenance of god-consciousness into their very Purpose for Being. These are they who have been restored, re-calibrated; who has ascended into their Life-Purpose; having an *Akasha remembrance of who they are and why they are here on this earth. They have been transfigured into the Shift of Energy, that same Energy, just as the Christ was transmuted, to show others the Way who  will be drawn into the Light of their Becoming. This Light or awakening is what will cause the Spirit Man to make the Shift into this New paradigm, this New Dispensation of Restoration into the New Heavens and the New Earth called the New Jerusalem. People, you do not have to wait until you die a physical death to get there! The Kingdom of Heaven in now!

We humans have rejected the very gift of the Promise of our divine inheritance of “joint heirs” by linearizing, conceptualizing, intellectualizing, compromising, compartmentalizing and outright lying spiritual concepts. Therefore, rejecting the very spiritual Principle and revelations that would set them free from religious bondages bringing them into their reality of truth. Therefore, without a doubt humans must change their mindsets, get rid of that old man principles in order to make the transition.  For “Flesh and blood cannot enter into the KINGDOM”.

For those of you who believe in a so-called rapture, this Shift could be defined as just that. However, in the true sense of the definition of the word rapture, not the psycho-babble,  Armageddon end of the world, caught-up in an atmospheric realm of which most have been taught in a religious System. The hype of a so-called rapture has embedded a dysfunctional wall in peoples mind, which was aimed at control and keeping truth away from humans, that they cannot receive the spiritual aspects of a deeper profundity that the carnal minded cannot grasp.  Rapture is defined as a state of joy, delight, peace, happiness; heaven right here on earth! 

Religion has taken a perfect Spiritual concept making it into a far-fetched fairytale of an apocalyptic event that goes against every natural law of nature and common sense, which take more energy to believe and perpetuate than the actual spiritual intent and concept would.  All the false prophecies, predictions of the end of the world that has not come to pass, one would think that there is something wrong with that mindset. 

Reminds me of Aesop’s fables of the young sheppard boy who cried wolf.  He tricked the villagers into thinking that the wolves were attacking the sheep. On several occasions he yelled for help and the villagers would run to help him only to find him laughing at them. When the wolf finally did come attacking the flock no one believed him and ignored his cries for help. 

People, it is time to stop crying wolf! It is time to awake to truth! How long will you be bamboozled, fooled and led astray? How long will you shepards keep the people in ignorance holding on to your exaggerated fairytale of lies and deceits? How long will you continue to teach the traditions and lies of men? How long will you keep raising false alarms; teaching convoluted messages that shroud truth so that the people will not be prepared for the changes that are now and coming upon this earth? Just catch the vision already!

Hotep Light One Love!     
Apostle Rubie James

*Akaha (Qasha) a Divine Concept; a condition of consciousness. Akaha Records; records of all conditions in this Uni-Verse of the Omni-Verse; from unconsciousness to consciousness. with our compliments and sincere thanks for your support 101Things I AM FREE! 101 THINGS I AM also contains a glossary of terms and words used by the Apostle to quicken ones understanding of  prophetic prose. (click on photo or above link)

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