Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Paradigm of 666

The number 6 represents the number of man.  The number 66 represents the number of man as gods.  The number 666 is the representation of the number of man as gods, restored into their fullness or to perfection as god (eloheem).

I had it half right! Many have gotten it wrong! Yet, if that is what they think, it is not wrong to them. It is time for us to shift into the new paradigm.--Restoration.

There is nothing wrong with one admitting when one is wrong or half right.  We have taken divine concepts and made them into a scare and control tactic of error and manipulation.  I want to correct my inaccuracies of the beliefs and half truths I once had.  Don’t you?

We have been taught that 666 is a bad and negative; a mark , name, image and number of a devil and a satan.  I like many others received a partial revelation of what was exposed under the old energy system and old religious paradigm.  However, “when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away with”. 

If we believe that prophecy comes in part, which it does, inevitably revelation of the prophecy comes in part and we must be mature and big enough to make the necessary amends to receive and grow into those truths.

I have received a fuller revelation of the beast in addition to another angle and depth of the profundity of 666.

I am not negating the revelation I received in the messages Mark of the Beast, Number of the Beast, Name of the Beast and the Image of the Beast.  Neither do I condemn the revelation others have received. I cannot speak for all, however, what I did received, has merely been perfected and a new fuller revelation received for the convergence of energy of the shift into this new dispensation the earth is now being moved into. 

All the messages that I have been given was given through revelation at my level of understanding at the time I received it.

However, now the SHIFT is upon us. The time has come for humans to move into the new; to grow and become perfected in the “Testimony of Christ” as a Christ that they may be restored, made new and replete to move into this new dispensation that is coming whether one prepares for it or not.

The problem with Christendom and the old religious System is that they have not grown. They have taken biblical concepts out of context from its true intent to form some dooms day doctrines of hell fire and brimstone, a Jesus only and a Second Advent of a rapture.  Those revelations and beliefs were tainted even in the old paradigm.  However, that was all that many knew!  They needed something to believe in; to make their way of life meaningful.  Those doctrines and beliefs were merely a partial revelation of the Mysteries loaded with conjecture, tradition and error.

I am not afraid or prideful to admit that I only got a partial revelation. I received the revelation at the level of understanding I was at the time. I received revelation that was perfect but incomplete.  I am not saying that we were wrong in what we have received.  I am merely saying that the “Little Book” referred to in the Book of Revelation has been opened, “Knowledge is increasing”, prophecies are being fulfilled right before our very eyes and the full revelation to enter into the Kingdom NOW HAS COME for those who want to receive it! This convergence of spiritual energy and awakening consciousness is received with pure intent and ones free will.

The problem with Christians and religion is that they refuse to admit they got it wrong or that they only got part of it! Instead of them coming into the knowledge of this shift of spiritual energy accepting the new paradigm, bringing the people into a renewed mindset; they would much rather continue to cover it up with lies, false teachings and the misconceptions of which Christianity was established. They would rather continue to deceive people, keeping them in that old dark energy rather than to appear unstable as the pillars they think they are; those feet of Iron and clay.   They will loose numbers of which equates into tithes and offerings if they do.  However, I tell you that our inheritance of prosperity, success, wealth and riches will come into manifestation in the here and now as with our potential to enter into heaven NOW and the HERE AFATER.

Religion is useful and most often serves its purpose. It is useful in laying a foundation on which to build for those who are the called and chosen.  It did for me. Take away the gloom and  doom,  hell fire and brimstone, does and don’ts, a literal  satan, a fairytale devil and demons and it gives people a positive way of living a good but mediocre life. It is coming out of the old converging into this new spiritual energy that will ultimately give humans all they need to enter into the New Jerusalem.

Those called and chosen; those of the Royal Seed and DNA will grow past the rudimentary basics of religion to go through the “dissembling process” and restoration to be rid of the detriments that come along with that old man belief system they learned while in Christendom.  This shift will turn into a shaking for many.  It will shake the very core of ones beliefs. Yet, we have all been given free-choice. 

If we opt to use the choice to come into the new, this is when one will be able to come into the knowledge of Christhood or into god-consciousness of who they truly are and why they are here on this earth. This will ultimately bring them into the Shift as a New Man; into this new paradigm of spiritual consciousness.  

Catch the vision.
Hotep, Light & Love
Apostle Rubie James

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