Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heaven is Now

The Christman made references to Himself as “I AM,” the ultimate name of G-D. When Moses inquired, "Who shall I say sent me?" the Most High said I AM THAT meaning I AM all and whatever you need and want. 

This allusion to  divine origin incited anger in the  people and they pick up stones to throw  for blasphemy. They could not grasp how G-D who is infinite, could become incarnate in a human being. Their concepts and their notion of G-D was limited. They failed to see the divinity of the Christ and the fact that all things are possible with the Creator as a Christman through the Creator. They forgot  “G-D's ways are not our ways"; they could not see that the nature of the Most High is beyond human understanding.

This same mindset exists in the hearts and minds of people today. Many are they who teaches that we cannot achieve Christhood; that there is only one Christ; and, that we are blasphemous if we strive to receive our Promise of "joint heirs" as a Christ to enter into our heaven right now!

Just as many of anointed enlightened ones have been sent to break down the traditions of men to lead humans back to true worship. Many, even today have failed to recognize the Christman; those Light Workers among them today and the Christ within them.

The Christ came as a perfect example of the "Firstborn among many brothern (or Christs) "   to make things right and gave mankind the perfect example of how to return to the Most High as Christs or anointed ones.

However, religious leaders were intimidated by this message of light then, just as they are today. They reject the very truths that will set the world free.  Why?  Because they do not want to loose control of the people. 

Religious leaders of today have that same controlling, antagonistic, selfish and prideful dark spirit of the  Sadducee and Pharisees of so long ago.  They are still teaching and proclaiming a tainted gospel of churchy doctrines and traditions of men that keep people in bondage and ignorance living an earthy life that prevents them from receiving their Promise of inheritance as a Christ. They still reject truth because of their inability to touch the heart and mind of the Creator.

Christianity and religion serves it's purpose in that it gives one the basics on how to live a moral and just and decent life. However there is infinitely more!

Paul said it, "move beyond the elementary basics of Christ...renew your minds...put on the mind of a Christ. Yet many  are still living a mediocre life, stuck in the box thinking they have arrived yet they dwell with the masses in darkness and chaos.  They have not entered into the Most Holy Place where they can connect with Spirit to fulfill their Life-Purpose. We have got to come out of the box  and make the Shift into reality.

How sad and disconcerting it is to watch humans walking as sheep going to slaughter. They reside in hell waiting to die before they can receive the peace, joy and happiness of living in heaven now. Heaven is a state of mind.

When you die, you die. Life as you know, at that time it is over! The same life you lived before is the same life you will live again if there have not been an ascension into the spiritual realms while on Earth.

These are hard sayings, particularly for those steeped in religious doctrines. Yet they are true sayings. Restoration has come to those willing to receive. That is what truly matters.

It is a spiritual thing! Spirituality governs human lives...Catch the vision.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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