Monday, March 13, 2017

Step Outside The Box Into Your Divine Inheritance

I went into the kitchen this morning to prepare breakfast. I am from the West Coast of the USA, a country girl who grew up on red beans, rice and potatoes.

I had some boiled  African yam left over from dinner and decided to cook it in the manner my mother referred to as ’smothered potatoes’ with onions and eggs on the side.  I picked up an onion and noticed that at the end that was lying down was softness indicating it was going bad.  So I cut the end off to use the good part.  

As I looked at the onion, I saw that the entire inner core was rotten. I dug it out and pealed the onion.  Not only was the core rotten but between most of the inner layers were also bad.  I broke the onion down in its layers getting rid of the bad parts. That left me with a few layers of the good parts of the onion; the two outmost layers

Nothing happens by accident and there is a lesson in everything in life. So I said to the Spirit, “OK, just what does this mean”?  

You see the Spirit, along with uncountable heavenly hosts or spiritual beings are waiting to talk to us, answer our questions, guide us in our daily decisions and affairs;  to lead us into all truth.  The Spirit deals with us in metaphors where we humans who dwell in this third dimension called earth can understand.  It is up to us to decipher and receive revelation of those metaphors.  The revelation can go as deep or as shallow as ones thought process and spiritual communication level.

The Spirit told me, “This is how the truth is to some people.  Their outer most layers are nice to look at; they appear to be firm and attractively appearing to be all good. However, the inside is rotten to the very core".

The Christ addressed these same issues over two thousand years ago along with other Divine Prophets and enlightened ones before him and since.

This is what religion has done to us humans.  It has kept us in a lower fleshly life form of consciousness of  not communing or transcending into the spiritual realms. Many refuse to go there merely because of the systematic religious constrains mankind has set to adhere to a set of doctrines. We feel that if we step outside of orthodoxy that we are somehow bad people. Therefore, we stay within the restraints of what has been produced by a religious System of control and bondage. We think that we have arrived merely because everyone is in that box of beliefs with us.

Within this box is a limited and sordid way of righteousness. Yet many are they who dare step outside the box to realize their full potential and life-Purpose.
Therefore, humans live a mediocre life never going beyond those restraints to realize their divine greatness.

Many are they who appear righteous, however, their foundation is weak and shoddy. The Christ said it this way;  “they are full of dead man’s bones”. Their foundation has been build upon sand.  The vultures of the religious elite has swooped down and eaten the seeds that would have grown had they fell on fertile soil.

Now is the time to come out of that box and leave behind all the false teachings and erroneous concepts of a tainted religious System into your inheritance of  Christhood; into your inheritance of heaven here on earth; into your divine nature as the gods for which you were birthed.  Catch the vision.

Hotep, Light & Love
Apostle Rubie James

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