Friday, March 17, 2017

Spirituality Governs Life

The Spirit said to me, “Our Spirituality governs our life”. We therefore must walk circumspect of the vocation for which we were called. How can we do this if we do not know our call or our purpose in life?

Walking in the spirit, which is the higher way for humans is our divine birthright. This necessitates empting the clutter of erroneous teachings, falsehoods and a religious spirit from our minds. This is where one goes through the dissembling process, as I say, that will propel them into the multiplicity of spiritual realms.  This evolution of spiritual growth is realized in the phrase from faith to faith and glory to glory. This is the process and place where the Spirit teaches us and remove those things that causes us to stagnate and retard our growth; to that of moving freely in the ascension and Restoration Process.

It is in the process of restoration  where the actual work of the Spirit is done within the heart and mind of humans.  It is our responsibility to receive and put those things into our mind that causes an invocation of Divine  Spirit to work out the reality of our thoughts that would eliminate all that which is not perfect or conducive to one’s Life Purpose. This will bring us into the righteousness of the Most High that we will lose all those thoughts and memories that stunt our growth and keep us from ascending into the spiritual realms, which is reality.

How arrogant of us to think that all this life consists of is trying to convince others of what they should do and be when we don’t know our own Life-Purpose.  It is those who dwells in mediocrity of false religiosity who believe or think they have arrived; thinking they know what is best for another, attempting to bring someone into their doctrine of beliefs.

Know that there are those who have been awakened and are here to help others reach their full potential.  However, that Great Commission of the Bible has been wrongly misconstrued and misinterpreted.  That Commission of going into all the world and preach the Testimony of Christ, were directed to those specifically chosen to do just that—the Apostles.  These holy men and women were taught by the Master Teacher themselves prior to receiving that commission.  I will continue to say, one cannot teach that of which they do not know.  Most often that we think we know and have become acclimated to in the religious System is designed to keep one in the lower flows of just getting by.

Oh, religion is useful in that it teaches one the basics of human life.  However, that is not all there is.  There is more!  Otherwise Paul would not have said, “Move beyond the elementary basics”. This is a spiritual thing and spiritual things are spiritually discerned.  We know in part, the Christ Principles has given us a VIEW into the administrations and way to transcend this earthly realm into the spiritual realms. When that which is perfect is come that which is in part will be done away with. That is to say one must touch their spirit with Spirit in order to receive the insights to walk in the spirit beyond the veil. We can do that now right here on earth.  We don’t have to die a physical death in order to see G-D Face to Face!

Those chosen to bring and shed light  to a dark world and to release love have learned, most often through experience and direct communication with Spirit; guided by the Spirit of Truth to know what the Spirit would have them to do and say to bring others into the Light   of the love of G-D  that will shine through the world enticing and drawing others into the Light.

One holding onto  old thoughts and the old paradigm will not be beneficial to others. It is in the old paradigm where  past problems has occurred between the dark and light.  In this new paradigm, humans can rewrite  with synchronicity their evolutionary spiritual growth and ascension into the spirit realm.  Humans have been given the power to recreate within their minds how they see others, yourself and the world.  This is done by using our innate intuition. Instead of searching for solutions ,  one will see that the solution was there all along and that they are the solution.

When one is awakened; having gone through the Restoration Process and learns to walk in the Light, those situations of old are negated by the template of one’s  innate divine DNA. The Light has come!  It is here now! All one have to do is receive. Catch the vision.

Hotep, Light & Love
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