Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prophesied To What?

I prophesied to my dishes this morning; “When I return to the kitchen,  you will still be here in the sink”. 

Not funny many of you may think and it is not.  It is sad that the so-called prophets of today, whether they are false prophets or baby prophets speaking from their own heart taking passages from the bible because they do not go into the Spirit to receive revelation. They give people what they want to hear or that they can read for themselves in the Scriptures. 

I see many who misuse this office or just plain  do not know the functions of the prophetic Office.  They release simplistic phrases that we all know or have knowledge of or have heard before.

Just as many give others basic counsel thinking that perhaps they have a monopoly on the Divine Counsel of Knowledge not knowing that the word was meant for them.  They are so into their egos and self that they do not realize that the words they received is for them to grow into the knowledge of spiritual truth; it was a basis for them to learn higher precepts to experience the enlightenments that would bring them into maturity as a prophet.

Growing and maturing as a prophet; to be awakened does not happen overnight. One cannot merely wake up in the morning after a dream or heartburn and proclaim that they are a prophet.  It starts with what the religious world call being “saved”, of which we already are. Our presence here on earth is an indication of that.  Yet, there is another process.  It is called the Process of Salvation.  However, many are stuck at the entry level of going through the Process of Salvation. Therefore, they have not grown enough to go beyond the “Elementary basics of the Christ” into the Christ Principles

The Christ Principles are those basic spiritual learning concepts that cause growth into the esoteric and prophetic realms. Within these growth Principles one is led past the rudimentary basics into putting on the Mind of a Christ or an anointed mind or Christ Consciousness.  It is in Christ Consciousness where one will receive ability and capacity to tap into Universal Divine Mind to become mature as the Spirit moves them from one level of spirituality to the next. 

Therefore, one should not force it or rush it. This experiences it takes to mature as a prophet cannot be by passed and is under the auspices of Divine Spirit.

So, why aren’t your pastors teaching or discerning these Christ Principles?  Many pastors cannot teach these Principles simply because many of them have not been through anything and most often reject the prophet.  One cannot teach what they do not know or have not experienced. Many are they who do not want people to grow up in spiritual truths because they will loose their tithes and offerings; they will loose numbers or they think they will loose that control or their prestige, perhaps they may even have a spirit of jealousy that the Most High is using you and not them.

It is the pastor’s job to receive and build on what has been given to the prophets or those enlightened ones.  That is called Divine Order.  A pastor who walks in Divine Order knows that the building fits jointly together and that all fittings are mandatory for the success of the building up of Spiritual Temples.

The Watchman, A Study Guide, How to Mature as a Prophet, published in Ghana under the direction of the Spirit because of a great need. The Watchman was not my first choice of books to publish in Ghana. I wanted to publish the title Foundations of ZION.  However, the Spirit said, “The Foundations of ZION are the prophets; the enlightened ones.  How can they become a Foundation if they misuse and are ignorant to the functions of a prophet?”

Well, the very people The Watchman was published for have rejected it.   Not really the book but the author of the book.  I don’t mean me, although they have, I am only the scribe.  I am a channel, a vessel being used to proclaim truth from ZION that would awaken minds and point the adherents to the High Way that they may return to their birthplace of ZION.

As spoken in the Prophetic Words, specifically for Ghana, “You are the head and not the tail”. So stop acting like a bunch of you know what and embrace the very words that would Restore and Position you to make the Shift into this new dispensation of Prophecy, which is having the “Testimony of Christ”. 

Do I have all the answers? No. However like all true prophets and enlightened ones the answers are there because we are ONE with Divine Mind.

Does the book The Watchman, A Study Guide How to Mature as a Prophet have all the answers?  This Guide can and does have the answers that would “Point” one aspiring to be a prophet or those wanting to learn the functions of a prophet into a realm where as if they apply themselves, they will receive  answers at their level of capacity to understanding.  Don’t think that you can read any book including the Bible and other books of Holy Antiquity thinking that you are going to get all the answers right then. Therefore, be guided into all wisdom with The Watchman Study Guide and catch the vision.
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