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Elucidation: Christ Principles

Elucidation of Christ Consciousness and Christ Principles Revisited With Apostle Rubie James

I have heard the term New Age for as long as I can remember.  Most often the title is associated with a negative.  

Most Christians reject New Age concepts and Principles dismissing them as evil.  Many out of ignorance reject spirituality and truth just as they reject other beliefs and denominations thinking that it is they alone that have truth. 
Although I have never studied the philosophy of New Age, I have studied the prophetic and esoteric Principles of Scripture and do look forward to studying from the 'Stele' of which historians use to date the Bible, Islam and Christianity. Therefore, my response to those who think New Age philosophy “not of G-D” is: “I don’t know about New Age Principles but I know that the Divine Universal Munificent Spiritual Being that many of us call G-D is revealing New Principles for this Age!"

Paul says to put on the Mind of Christ and admonishes us to renew your minds.  Paul had these thought provoking, positive mind enhancing and mind changing concepts down. The only way to accomplish either of these mind renewal precepts is through the power of positive thinking of which I and perhaps many others call the "Christ Principles" or "Christ Consciousness".

If those who are not religious would dissociate the Christ Principles from the name of the man Jesus; as well as the religious sectors teachings; if they could only understand the true definition of "Christ", I believe that they would all be more receptive and respectful to each others beliefs.
Christ, of which I am not going to get into a provocative study of the etymology of the word here, simply means "Anointed" or a spiritually (anointed) one.
There is nothing easier than thinking.  The thing is to think good and positively to change one’s mindset in order to train your mind to think on those things that will be beneficial to you.

Words and actions are extensions of our thoughts.  This is why we say thoughts become things.

Thoughts become words, words become action, and actions manifest into things and/or situations. It is inevitable that the thoughts we think dictate what manifest in our lives.  Our thoughts come about as a result of our beliefs, our hope, environments and teachings.  If one thinks on love, this causes your thoughts to transfer and manifest from the spiritual realm into the material or natural circumstances in your life so that you will experience thoughts of love then ultimately experience love.

One of my Master Teachers, Prophet Mike Dew would say, “Spirit is the exterior witness to interior circumstances”.  Therefore we are to watch for the move of Spirit (Shecaniah) and move with Her as She validates the experiences that will result as an effect of our thoughts (Cause/effect). 

We invoke Divine Spirit who initiates Divine Law that works indiscriminately on our behalf using our thoughts to bring results into our life. Spirit originates the circumstances that restore us and brings us into the Divine Will for our Life-Purpose.  

If our thought process is faulty, we will continue to go through what I call the 'dissembling process' or  'primal' because Divine Spirit does not distinguish our thoughts as 'good or bad' but work out the reality of the thoughts into our life.

This is why Paul said, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”  Why?  Because 'thoughts becomes things', which becomes situations and circumstances manifested in our lives.

No matter what the thought, it will manifest. “Whatsoever a (wo)man thinks within their heart so is (s)he”.  The heart is the mind.  Spirit through Divine Law is always working for the ultimate good of mankind.  However, in the redemption or renewal process, because of ignorance, rejection and disobedience, man often have bitter experiences.  We think that the condition or the troubles are inflected upon us by G-D or a devil.  

I do not know which mindset is worse! To think of the existence of a Creator who inflicts bad upon that of which was divinely created or to give credence that there is an entity powerful enough to bring bad  at a whim upon divine creations.   The fact is that we bring the conditions or troubles upon ourselves by living out of harmony and out of balance with Divine Law, our Life-Purpose and by not disciplining and taking control of our thoughts.

Therefore, it is up to us to think positive, good and loving thoughts knowing that we can direct our thoughts to reap all that’s good to create positive situations in our lives and the life of others.  

Our thoughts have creative power. We are the creators of our life!  Every invention, every idea and every discovery is a result of right and creative thinking.  Therefore, unlimit your possibilities as you allow the Spirit within to bring forth all that is good within your heart.  

If Christ in you, the hope of your glory, allow Spirit to chanage those thoughts within the mind that negate any negative thought replacing it with good. Catch the Vision of New Thinking for this Age!
 Originally written 11Feburary2014
Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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