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This gold-and-glass pectoral amulet was discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun near Luxor, Egypt. It depicts the familiar Eye of Horus, a symbol of protection from evil, flanked by the cobra  representing Lower Egypt and the vulture representing Upper Egypt.

“After my  awakening, I shall look on G-D”. “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear”, said Job.  That is to say that Job knew G-D only by hearsay. Job says, “But now my ‘Eye’ sees”. Job 42:5, 6.

The usage of this word ‘see’ comes from the Hebrew word Chazah.  Chazah is to gaze, mentally perceive; to have a vision; to prophesy.

The word ‘Awake(ing) is ‘Awr” from the Hebrew root word ‘Uwr (oor), which means figuratively and literally to “stir up”; to be bare; to be made naked.  In the prophetic and spiritual sense, to be awakened is “to be stripped of the flesh”.

Job in Hebrew means adversity, a coming back, restored to one’s senses or the sensory realm in the Spirit.

Scripture says that Job was a “righteous man who revered G-D and shunned evil”.  The story of Job, his conversation with the Creator and his friends denotes a transition of man from self-righteousness to a change of heart into Christ or God Consciousness.  The story deals with the thoughts and intent of one’s inner most consciousness. The scene of Job’s awakening in Sheol is detailed in the message Job Experience.

Know that the stories, allegories and parables in the Scriptures and the Bible have prophetic inferences that if “rightly divided” and interpreted
had a message for that era and for us today.  The esoteric intent and prophetic utterances offers a solution and answer to every situation to surmount any problem or situation, if spiritually discerned and received through a Christ Conscious  or an Awakened mind. 

“After my awakening”! After the ‘Eye’ of one’s  mind has been opened; after one’s mind has been ‘stirred up’ and enlightened; once one has experienced the refining and burning of the workings of the Divine Energy that radiates through  Spirit; and, having been stripped down to the nakedness of flesh melting away; they will receive ability and capacity to go beyond the veil to see G-D face to face.  They will be able to see the god within themselves!

Job said, “But now my ‘Eye’ sees”.  A depiction of this very same ‘Eye’ has been printed on the dollar bill, inside the Capstone of the Pyramid. 

This was no accident. Let us have a look at the similarities of Ancient Egypt. 

"IN GOD WE TRUST" is written on this currency. The Latin above the pyramid, ANNUIT COEPTIS, means, "God has favored our undertaking." The Latin below the pyramid, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, means, "a new (world) order has begun." At the base of the pyramid is the Roman Numeral for 1776. The Eagle was selected as a symbol of victory. In the Eagle's beak you will read, "E PLURIBUS UNUM," meaning, "one nation from many peoples" and it holds in its talons an olive branch (peace) and arrows (war). 

It is interesting that there was an unseen covenant and agreement between the US and African Nations, in particularly the Moors.  However, that is entirely a different complex story of which the US has also buried among their false history.

In ten countries around the world are replicas of the Obelisk of Ancient Egypt, which held the Divine Secrets and Mysteries of our Ancestors that even the Ancient Greeks philosophers could not decipher or tap into the Divine Power it holds. Therefore, they demonized it, created and gave us Christianity to keep us away from truth. 

The “Eye” on the dollar has been called the “Third Eye” and the “Eye of G-D”. This ‘Eye’ has been traced back to our African Ancestors.

Originally known  as   and called the “Eye of Horus” by the Ancient Ones, it was believed to have healing and protective power and was used as a notation of measurement, in particular for measuring the ingredients in medicines and pigments. This “Eye” is also known as the “All Seeing Eye” and the “Eye of RA”. This “Eye” was a powerful destructive force linked to the sun  and called by the Ancients “Wadjet” or “Ujat”, which means “WHOLE ONE”.


I believe this is what  was referred to in Malichi 4: “You who fear (honor) my name ‘the SUN of Righteousness’ will arise with healing in its wings”. 

The Eye of Horus has been demonized in Western and European cultures by the powers to be. As a result, it has separated the Chosen One’s  from the ways of the Ancients forcing them into Babylonian captivity which has destroyed and  stolen their godly legacy so they do not know who they are. This is a diabolical plan to keep truth from the people that we will be unable to be restored and tap into that Divine Power that will open the ‘Eye’ to the whiles of the “beast; the beastly System and revelation of the false prophet(s) and antichrist.  

This plan was put into place even before colonization and slavery. It was the precursor to colonization and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This was so that we will not be able to see or discern clearly that we are not only the Chosen One’s; gods of the earth, but it keeps us in religious adultery and lethargy thinking that we are worshiping the Prime Creator G-D. This keeps us from coming into the knowledge that we are the Righteousness of G-D--That we are the gods! This is why Scripture says that “their eyes have been blinded to truth”.

This blindness causes one to think that they are walking righteously.  However, it has separated our mental faculties from true spirituality and our reality. Therefore this separation extends to our environment and separation of the physical senses from the spiritual.  So, when truth comes to one in this state of separation of mind, there is tumult and inner conflict within their consciousness.

Today’s religious leaders are fearful that when truth comes that the rites and customs of their churches will  interfere with the teachings of those in authority; the customs and beliefs of their past becomes more important than logic and reasoning--Pure Truth!

In Sanskrit the path to the “Eye” is called Chakra. Chakras are the 7-major energy centers that run up the spinal cord--the Central Nervous System (CNS). The Central Nervous System, CNS is a mass of nerve tissue that controls and coordinates the activities in humans and animals. 
The CNS runs through the vertebrates and consists of the brain and spinal cord. The CNS is the core of humans that houses all the vital organs.  It is the pathway into the brain to the Pineal gland or the Eye of RA.

This ‘Eye’ is encased  behind and above that part of the brain called the “Reptilian Brain”.  The reptilian brain is that part of the beastly or animalistic mind in man that must awaken, be overtaken and renewed by the Light or Energy of the Spirit. Kabbalist depicts this same path  in the “Tree of Life”. 
Within the Bible, this path has been depicted in Solomon’s Temple and again in the prophetic usage of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means a habitation of peace.  In man, it is the abiding consciousness of spiritual peace as a result of coming into the realization of spiritual powers of one’s Being and Life-Purpose; connecting to ones higher self--God.

Jerusalem is known as the City of David, which symbolizes the great nerve center in back of the heart.  This is where Divine Spirit awakens and renews one’s consciousness by sending Her radiance throughout the body, namely those 7-points called Chakra.  This is the substance center.  This Center is the point where the inflow of enlightenment originally takes place.  It is the spiritual navigational center just in back of the stomach.  It is called the “Cardiac Plexus”; the cerebrospinal axis.

The Reptilian part of the brain is indirectly attached to the pineal gland
and controls vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance.  The pineal gland, as it were, sits in the middle of the brain.  The pineal or penal gland is shaped and encased within the brain and resembles the “Eye of Horus”.  

The Pineal gland is a mystery within itself.  Many know it as the gland which produces melanin. Melanin is a color darkening trait that causes dark or Black skin. The more Melanin, the darker the skin.  The entire universe is made up of melanin.

This ‘Eye’ is the major connective communication center to and with man’s Creator. When one has been awakened, this causes a flow of energy that causes the Pineal gland to osculate emitting waves of energy that producing more melanin. In short, an increase in melanin gives one increased ability and capacity to receive knowledge, ideas, genius and ascend into the spirit realms. It is the operation center of this “Third Eye” or the “Eye of G-D” that brings mankind into direct communication with the Divine Creator putting us on the same frequency of energy,  or  megahertz’s (MHz’s) as the Creator.  This is coming face to Face with the Creator making us the righteousness of G-D; one with the Prime Creator and restoration as gods.  It is the righteousness of  ones god thought that brings them into Divine Union, through the Christ or god consciousness with the Creator.  This is what is meant by the saying in the Psalms: “gliding on the winds of the wind, appointing the winds your messengers making His ministers “Flames of Fire”.

This ‘wind’ or energy is  Divine Spirit.  She is that resonance or wave of energy that awakens us bringing us enlightenment through multiplicities of spiritual levels advancing us into the next level each in our own order, at our level of ability and capacity to understand and receive enlightenment. This is what Paul meant when he said, “move past the rudimentary basics of the Christ”.  Humans were not meant to stay in that old energy, even then, but to move beyond what the Christ gave as energy is forever changing.

In that old Baptist church I grew up in, we use to sing this song: “every round goes higher, higher since I laid my burdens down”.   I never knew what that song meant until now.  Since I have been awakened!  Since I have been enlightened! Since my ‘Eye’ has been opened!  We then can move from one level of spiritual enlightenment ascending to the next level in knowledge and truth.  This is why we must continually grow; this is how one becomes a Flame of Fire. Light is continually shinning.  We become as a wise virgins who had enough Oil to kindle their lamps to enter into the Bridal Chamber--Beyond the veil.

"The eyes of Adonai move to and fro throughout the earth to strongly support those whose heart is complete". Catch the Vision

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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  1. Power and truth! The greatest pathways to truth often sit right before us, as revelation unknown, truth as a hidden fact, or a package never opened. Dear one's open the package set before you and let the layers unveil to show you a path to Truth... where your "Eye" may see the glory face to face...
    It would be sad to leave a gift such as this unfulfilled. To not know the purpose of a thing will lead to the abuse of the thing... Study! Show yourself as one who has been improved!!! Let Christ arise!

    1. Yes, indeed! Thank you for your enlightened comment of truth and revelation.