Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Divine Language

Many of you may have perhaps noticed that my language is changing.  This is because I am changing. I am growing, ever evolving into that spiritual being I started out as. This is what I put in this third dimensional  human language as becoming a Christ or an anointed one; being restored as IAM. This is our earthy goal; to become full of light, love and life to the extent that others will see the god within us; to be that light upon the hill that shines in darkness. This should be each and every human’s quest. 

My aim is not only to be good, do good then die to go to heaven.  I aim to ascend the spiritual realms to have the peace, joy and happiness of heaven right here on earth now while I live in flesh and bone.  That, to me, is life! That is the Promise of human’s inheritance. 

Many are they who missed it when prophets said it. Many missed it when the Christ said it.  Many will miss it when I and other enlightened ones say it.

I have tapped into my Innate who is revealing and helping me to remember who I was; why I have come to this earth and to connect to my higher self. As a result, I am beginning to drop all that I thought I was, the non essentials; the traditional filters and dysfunctions that we humans pick up throughout our lives, as I take on a divine nature and this divine language.

Thus far, my writings and verbalization's have been in a manner conducive to religion and Christian orthodoxy, to a certain extent. This is because as a teacher, in order to reach those of whom the Universal Message of Restoration is for, who are perhaps stuck in the religious System; I must meet them in a way and with words they understand and are familiar with that many in the religious sector have heard before. Even in ‘tailoring’ divine revelation, I have attempted not to turn anyone off  but use traditional verbiage so they might receive the esoteric mysteries being released  for such a time as this.   At the same time, I attempt not to  bore those who dwell in light.

The portals of divine knowledge has been opened to whosoever will to make the shift into this new dispensation and awakening of spiritual consciousness and awareness.  

The “heavenly” language must be interpreted then tailored into a form humans can understand. This heavenly language is received through thought, impressions, dream and visions today just as they were given to the prophets and seers in the days of old. This is also why many were misunderstood and their words even today are mistranslated and taken literally, in most cases, because of the lack of ability many have to rightly divide, interpret and tailor  those words to meet the needs of people today.

Religion has distorted these messages building upon a doomsday Armageddon and end of the world expose. They have failed to realized the true intent  or  what G-D has prepared and given to humans. 

Once their fairytale prophecies did not occur, they slumped back into their usual teachings and doctrines not realizing why these prophecies failed or even what was actually prophesied. Neither have they repented or changed their mindsets that would bring them into what G-D has in store for them now.  

Many are they who still conjure up demons and devils, looking for a rapture and an end to the world, holding onto that old energy thinking to receive revelation of the new spiritual energy concepts. 

Some do receive, however, the old beliefs, concepts and old religious energy cannot and will not  shift into this new spiritual energy. There must be a change of mindsets.  The old must be forgotten and removed from one’s consciousness. Their bible even gives them a great parable  of the effects from putting new wine into old wine skins.

The Spirit told me some years back “Tell My people that they must tailor My Word” speaking specifically of the Bible. This is because of the lack of religious leader ability to rightly interpret. Thus, the problematic situations of divisiveness we see  in today’s  churches.

However, I am finding it difficult to conform to that old language as I evolve. I have relented my will and given my Innate (spirit/soul) permission to open my Akasha Records that I will become fully restored and imbued with the power within me. 

This is the greatest gift I or any light worker could ever give to human kind—LIGHT.  Within that light exudes the sacrificial love of all those who dwell in the light.

We humans truly need to get a grip on semantics, verbiage, cultural differences and dialects; past Merriam Webster’s standard definitions, past Strong’s, Smith’s and other dictionaries and concordances, tapping into the spirit within to connect to that  pure  divine  language directly from G-D; Divine Spirit and an  myriads of spiritual beings entourage on assignment waiting to lead, guide and direct human affairs. However, many refuse to leave that restrictive box of religion to initiate divine assistance from these spiritual beings many of you call angels.

This divine language has the same message for everyone.  Yet, it is according to one’s grasp and level of proficiency in whatever language they speak that they receive revelation.  This pure language says the same thing but uses the receiver’s ability of grammar that will reach everyone at their level of understanding. No matter how its said the Source is the same.

It is written, ”I will turn the peoples language into a pure language that they may call upon the Name of G-D in one consent (walking shoulder to shoulder)”.   

Therefore, do not be so quick to reject truth and revelation merely because you are used to hearing things  a certain way. Otherwise, you will miss it, of which many are and do.

The Shift from the old consciousness is upon us.  Whether or not one make that shift or not is up to them. However, aren’t you tired of living a mediocre life of a mere existence waiting to die to go to heaven?  Aren’t you tired of sickness, disease, working hard to pay for drugs that cause other conditions, facing all those unnecessary challenges to just die? 

This shift is more than the words spiritual awareness and consciousness implies. It is a total and complete restoration of man in every aspect while here on this earth and a cleansing of the earth. These will be known as the New Man; the New Heaven and the New Earth.

I have said in the past that this pure language is love.  However, have come to the realization that that ‘pure speech’ is more than love and being in ’one consent’.  It is creative and powerful. It is the divine language of the gods. Catch the vision

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