Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wavering Between Two Opinions

Happy Holy Days royal family. I am encouraged.

As many of you know, I have been called to proclaim truth to the nations of a Chosen people. I live in Africa. Therefore, the message of Restoration will have a great impact and lean towards every Country and nation on the African Continent; and, I believe World-wide. . I was born and reared in the States having been acclimated to and are well versed in the bible and Christianity.  These truths are Universal and for everyone; every tribe; every nation and every people. This is the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Some of you reading may conjure up images of racism. If that is the case, then you must deal with those proclivities within your own heart and mind.   It is time that humans stop separating ourselves using race as an excuse not to receive truth.  Truth has no colors it just is—truth and nothing but.

I received the following message from a Ghanian. Ghana has proven to be an adversity of a great challenge for me.  Although, many are Christians, their concepts of the reality of Christianity, just like those in the States, is out of touch with reality. They have been caught in a great divide because of colonization, the degradation of the Ancestors and their culture by those ‘do-gooder’missionaries who neither understood nor wanted to understand the African way of life and those who came to exploit the land stealing its natural resources, even until this day. Therefore, this message is indeed an encouraging blessed message of truth for me.

I was beginning to feel like the Prophet Elijah: "I am the only prophet of the Lord who is left, but Baal has 450 prophets".

Chosen One's of the Most High, I ask the same question Elijah ask, "How long will you waver between two opinions"?

“Please take notice the  Blackman is capable of reason and good thinking but has abandoned his course to the true path of salvation and has  adapted himself to the white-man's way of  learning  that has  affected his  way of thinking, reasoning and acting, quite opposite to the original plan by the supreme Creator.

We blacks  have lost our  path to the true knowledge of God. We live in the world of ignorance, we have lost our true identity. But is no fault of us but by the Western world.

They came to learn from us civilization, developed their synthesis 
and later formed their hypothesis to destroy Africans through the same intellectuals they have trained to be our leaders; the same trained persons some  become  our pastors, evangelists ,reverends, prophets, lawyers , judges , teachers in our public schools. Some also have become our presidents, mp's in our in parliaments, lawmakers, administrators, tax collectors etc, ect, etc.

The teachings of the Eastern World differ categorically from the Western World. The Eastern World teaches forgiveness. The Western World teaches justice. But justice in its true definition is direct opposite to the love of    God. The White man has trained the black-man to be selfish and again corrupted our minds with their false teachings and doctrines by bringing false teachers, pastors, reverends, fathers who are not religious but come undercover pretending to be men and women of God.
My dear sister, look around  and see what's happening in our so-called churches, the judiciary and law courts, our governing bodies, our  educational systems,  our social and general behaviors, our ways of thinking  and you will come to realize that our way of education has totally affected our ways of reason to act.

The Black man has abandoned his true way of life,
tradition, cultural practices, traditional foods and even dress making and wears. We are totally lost. But thanks be to the good Lord the Creator  has  now  opened  a few  even fewer eyes of the  Black man to use the  knowledge of the so-called White man as a tool  to return to the path of salvation.

The knowledge of God and the true teachings are written in books and kept in temples in the East. And without  being able to read and write how could the Black man be capable  of knowing first what is Black  and what is White and to establish what is Black from  White. 

Quietly, secretly some few blacks are pursuing the path to perfection unnoticed by many, having abandoned politics and commercialism which the White man has used to blind us and sway us from the path.

The layman on the right path outstrips the swift who wanders.” be continued. Authors name withheld for lack of permission. Photos inserted.

The Most High have ways and various means to disseminate truth; to tear down the walls of falsehoods and impropriety; to encourage the Enlighten Ones, confirm the CHOSEN ones for preparation of Restoration into a renewed mindset  through those who have been Awakened.

Truth is sometimes difficult to receive simply because Blacks have been brainwashed and inoculated into a false religious System of mind control in order to destroy us and take away our divinity. Africa had spirituality, they did not need religion.
Many Blacks do not want to offend their offenders. It is not about racism, at least not for the Black man, as we are led to believe.  However,  when Blacks step out against injustices with truth, we  will be accused of being raciest. This mindset is what brought about the Reverse Discrimination agenda in the United States. They, as I say “flipped the script”. What it is about is Blacks reclaiming our rich divine heritage, which should be the same goal for all humans.

The time of the gentiles is over! However until those of Diaspora, Africans, and Africaners realize that they are not gentiles as they have been taught to believe, many will continue to waiver between two opinions.

I ask again, How long will you weaver between two opinions? “The vision (revelation) is for an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” (Habakkuk 2)  Catch the vision!
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