Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who is Isreal?

What does the following  video have to do with Restoration? EVERYTHING?

Restoration requires a change in mindsets. In order for one to change, they must know themselves, their history and truth in order tear down dysfunctions and  the fallacies of false and erroneous information that keeps them in bandages; and for their mind to make the transition necessary for mind recovery and renewal.

If one do not know who they are, how can they be restored? The process of restoration requires one to know who and what they are to be restored to.

In order to be restored to something that something must have already existed. Otherwise, how can something be restored that never was?

It is always refreshing when I run across one who is well versed in religious history. Many Christians who acclaim to serve the Creator do not know, read or study their bible for themselves. They merely take their pastors word as truth without researching the validity of what that individual is telling them. Afterall, he/she is the Sheppard of their souls and would not dare lead them astray. 

Well guess what? This is exactly what many religious leaders are doing. 

I normally do not use anyone elses words or revelation. I do my research and are directed by the Spirit.  Therefore, there is no need for me to get second-hand information.  

I came across this video on Facebook  and was so impressed with the young ladies knowledge that I am using it in this message. 

I have previously alluded to who the true Hebrews of Israel are in both messages the Synagogue of Hasatan  and  Israel Will Be Restored.

The true Chosen One's will be restored along with whosoever will...Catch the vision.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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