Friday, April 8, 2016

Job Experience

I have had some debilitating and disturbing experiences of  late.  Upon my inquiry, the Spirit led me to the Book of Job. In reflecting on the Scriptures and the word ‘Sheol’, the Spirit revealed the intent and meaning of the word Sheol clearly.

Sheol is not a hell or hades as many suppose and have been taught but a place of burning and refining fire where one is purified from all the dross and their unquenchable desires.  At least in the context of  Job’s experiences and I believe the righteous who are being prepared to show the Glory of the Creator, Shoel is a place of purification and refinement.

One enters into Shoel when one’s mental process is out of harmony with the Law of  man’s Being; or out   of  balance with the Perfect Will for their Life Purpose; and to be perfected coming into the true knowledge of who G-D is.

This place of refinement of Shoel come as a result of perhaps error; dwelling in an unrenewed and/or unregenerate thought process, and one dwelling in their own self-righteousness.  These detriments  produces unpleasant conditions through ones words, thoughts and actions. One's spirit is therefore refined to perfection to be a living testimony as a Flame of Fire.

It is through one’s negative words, thoughts and actions and a negative intent that they experience trouble and sorrow; that mental and bodily anguish overtake them.  This can be defined as hell.   Either way, we are freed from our own concepts of self-righteousness and who we think G-D is. 

Shoel can be defined as the outer darkness; the realm of the senses where one experience burning of the flesh through the workings of Spirit.  To live in the ‘outer’ is to reside in a dark silent condition of seemingly error or sin where it seems that the Spirit has withdrawn Herself as She silently works out the reality of the purification experiences that brings one to maturity or Teleios. This is where an awakening occurs to the reality of the god within. 

Sheol denotes being buried in the grave or the ‘pit’; out of thought, out of mind, out of sight above that of which the “overcomer” will rise.  The ‘outer’ place of Sheol represents those scattered thoughts which has become inactive or inappropriate and negative thoughts in one’s consciousness that must be purged.  It is in Sheol where there is a burying of the flesh and all that is antichrist.  It is a state of burning purification to perfection or Teleios.

This is the process that causes humans to become Flames of Fire.   This fire and burning is a result of a quickening that takes place in one’s consciousness.  The fire is used to tear down old ideas, concepts and erroneous thoughts to build one up in truth according to the measure of light or enlightenment required to fulfill one’s Life-Purpose.

Fire represents and suggests the activities and energy of  Divine Spirit.  This Fire refines, purifies and justifies one in the purification process of redemption, propelling them through the Christ Principles into righteousness;  Christ Consciousness, and ultimately, Divine Union with G-D.  This is the Hope of our Glory!

The Scripture said that Job was a sound and honest man who feared (revered) G-D and shunned evil.  The Old Man acknowledged Job’s righteousness and the protection of El Shadday by putting off the old becoming dressed in the new.

The Verse in Job that stood out to me most was “After my awakening, he will set me close to  Him and  (free me) from  my flesh, (then)  I shall look upon G-D.” Job became awakened to the fact that he no longer had to look for G-D outside of himself; that when he was freed from the fleshy realm, he entered into the spiritual realm and was able to look upon the god within himself.

Hell and hades are Greek words mistranslated from the prophetic Hebrew intent of Sheol. These words have been mistranslated to that of becoming a place for the unincarnate souls; a place where one dies and go if they are bad; a place for sinners; those who have come up short of the Will of G-D for their life.

However, one must see the spiritual implications that one must die to their own self-will, mind, ego and emotions.  This is in order for them to be refined, restored and enlightened to come into the Will for their life—to “look upon G-D” and be set free; to  “overcome” the fleshly realm by putting on the Mind of a Christ. This is the ‘awakening’ Job referred to.  This is why the Christ-Man said, those who follow after me must “take up your Cross” into a crucified life. This is the process so that humans can enter into that Heavenly place, the Holy of Holies, to stand before G-D as gods--“From the flesh” into the spirit realm.

The Divine Creator dwells in high and holy places of  which we have come to know as heaven. Heaven is not a physical place, just as hell and hades are not physical. Heaven is a mental conditioning of the heart, mind and a united spirit/soul into the spirit realms. Flesh and blood cannot enter into the heavenly realm or stand before G-D.  The Creator G-D is Spirit.  Only spirit can touch Spirit. Catch the vision!

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