Saturday, March 28, 2015

Black People When Will We Get It?

There have been years and years of tyranny, injustice, false charges, arrests and murder of Blacks for nearly ”400” years.

The most recent deaths,  beatings  and violent arrests showing racism has  brought  the World’s attention, to that of which Blacks have known since they were old enough to understand these unjust disparagements. Huff Post article and video, the most recent of many such injustices, in 2015, that are on the rise: "I'm lucky to be alive".

Some, out of aggravation have responded inappropriately and many have peacefully protested.  However, we are not getting the revelation of this thing!

The Creator of whom many call G-D’s Infinite Wisdom has brought to light these injustices for purpose.  However,  Afrikans and Blacks are not getting it!  

The sacrifice of Black lives must not go unchecked. How are we to respond?  How are we to act in the face of these perpetual adversities?

I believe that this unjust  ‘beastly’ System is about to fall. According to the prophecy that I was given, starting with Paula Dean. Like stacked dominoes all will be revealed as Divine Spirit continues to bring these plagues to light.  The circumstances surrounding the revelation of these racially overcharged quandaries is meant to bring the True Hebrew Nation of Chosen People redemption and restoration.

If Afrikans and Blacks do not come into the realization of who they are and why these atrocities are happening to them as a Nation of people, unite as a Nation, they will forever be treated unjustly under  ‘Color of Law’; and, will forever remain in bondage to a "beastly" System.

Western religion enslaved Afrikans, the System protected the en-slavers and still today, Afrikans and Blacks wait for the return of (the slave Ship) Jesus to deliver them from it all when their salvation is and has been nigh
Blacks are strangers in a strange land who was scattered to the four winds of the earth into captivity.  They have taken up the strange gods, ways and culture of their captors. They have forsaken the true G-D and have gone into bondage as they adhere to the religion of their slavers who  built upon the ruins of which was their agenda to create.   However, restoration has come!  Yet, it must be known and accepted.

Afrikans and Blacks must know who they are as a Nation that they can be restored; come out of the bondage of Babylon that they may receive their Inheritance as the Chosen of G-D. They must come to the realization of all that  they were, all they had was taken from the Ancestors in order to acclimate Afrikans to a World System under “One World Order”.  Christian religion was the very tool used to accomplish this.

Christianity had and has a very effective agenda in the Afrikan minds. Just as devastating as the Willy Lynch letterThe Making of a Slave” and speech on the banks of the James River in Virginia.  Afrikans home and abroad must overcome their colonization and slavery mindsets to claim their inheritance.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
Apostle Rubie James
REVELATION TODAY for the Nations  
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