Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teen Rapes Kenyan Orphans

Orphanage in Kenya


“Okla. Teen Missionary Allegedly Raped Several Children at Kenyan Orphanage” Reads the headlines at The Root

Europeans and Westerners have always had their own agendas in going to Afrika.  These agendas have had their roots in, as written by  Missionary Edwin W. Smith in his books The Christian Mission in Afrika and The Christinizing of Afrika…In The Golden Stool, both approved and sanctioned by the  International Missionary Council.  These books details not only their mission for Afikans but listed ways on how to accomplish their agenda saying:
“the most effective device that has been used to accomplish this European agenda is the religion that was forced upon the Afrikan Ancestors. The religion is called Christianity!”  More alarming excerpts can be read at Preparing Mindsets for a Higher Truth in the Message Christian Mission in  Afrika.

White Christian Missionaries are on another mission still with twisted agendas.  Perhaps not all are but with the history of mistrust  and  lack of support to Black Missionaries,  causes, organizations and churches to evangelize in Afrika, it drums up fresh memories of Colonialism and the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in my mind.  

It is a slap in the face to believe that Black Americans do not have ability or love and compassion to help their own;  that we do not want to go on missions to Afrika; or that we cannot be trusted with funds to take care of the mission projects.

"He was supposed to be at the Kenyan children’s home helping out with the underprivileged kids there, but now the teen missionary is being accused of raping and molesting them..." 
What would influence a White teen to think that he could rape Afrikan children under the umbrella of Missions?  Was it an all too familiar story he has heard? In my opinion, this is nothing new.  I believe that too many Whites think that Afrikans are savages who are lucky to have them to help, when in most cases they go to Afrika with their own agenda in mind.

I have been attempting to raise money for Mission Ghana for months now.  I even received an offer from a Christian man who insisted that “Those people worship other gods and participate in witchcraft”.   Needless to say, I blew that interview and offer of help.  The job of anyone working as a missionary and evangelist is to present Truth and leave the individual alone to make their own decision.  

If one does not go to Afrika with the intent of building up the community, offering help in those things that are needed and where needed the most, e.g. improve sewers, providing drinking water and food where needed, medicines, toilets, clothing and shoes, provide books, computers,  school buildings, desks and supplies; and teaching pertinent skills, you should stay away! 

If you feel that you would like to help and support Blacks to go to Afrika on Mission trips, please pledge your support to Mission Ghana!  Get more information and see those we support at HIS Love & Truth Ministries International   or   GoFundMe
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