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Women have a special inherent nurturing instinct of which the Creator uses to protect the children. This divine character in the female was demonstrated when Herod killed the infants 2 years and under while attempting  to kill the Christ child: "A VOICE WAS HEARD IN RAMAH, WEEPING AND GREAT MOURNING, RACHEL WEEPING FOR HER CHILDREN; AND SHE REFUSED TO BE COMFORTED, BECAUSE THEY WERE NO MORE."  


Stop looking to government to protect you and your children! Be informed and educate yourselves. Know that you are living below your means and that is the way they want to keep it as well as you in darkness, sickness and disease! Wake up from your slumber my African Queens and take your rightful place! Return to the Way of the Ancients of Days and claim your rich inheritance of prosperity and perfect health.

If your spouse is one of those who are selling us out to foreign entities with their hands under the table taking bribes, you will not receive the blessings of the Ancestors and neither will your children.  You will be consumed by their lack of integrity, honesty and selfishness's. SANKOFA daughters of Africa so that you can rise!

"The World Health Organization (WHO) published a new human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) treatment guidelines recommending that there was the need to offer antiretroviral therapy (ART) earlier than expected. It said recent evidence indicated that earlier ART would help people with HIV to live longer, healthier lives and substantially reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to others." 
Accra, July 3, GNA 

How ironic that WHO would be presented billions of dollars from the World Bank to reach a calculated conclusion and report how many Africans die.  WHO has always asserted: "WHO report on the health of women: AIDS leading cause of death globally in women of reproductive age. World Health Organization (WHO) states that AIDS-related illness is the leading cause of death and disease among women of reproductive age in low and middle income countries, particularly in Africa. TB the number one cause of death among HIV-infected people in Africa".    

Just seems to me that those billions could have been better used in prevention, education and medications for those infected than a study to ‘observe’! 

Lets not be sidetracked by GMO foods and other imports and foreign corporations bringing shinny gifts not conducive to the overall and long-term health of Afrikans.

"President John Mahama says his government is still committed to the vision of making Ghana the best in Healthcare."   

Although President Mahama is doing a fantastic job, in my opinion, in making strides to improve healthcare, perhaps there should have been more information available for the HPV Vaccine and its long term affects on our young Afrikan women. 

Health care providers should not be so anxious to use this vaccine or any vaccine.  If thy must be used, instead get early childhood basic vaccines to treat the normal 'everyday' disease people are susceptible to in Afrika. 

Most vaccines and medications are NOT conducive to melaninated people. Our divine DNA does not support drugs that wwere created for those with less or very little melanin.
Perhaps there should be more of a preventative effort to provide a more non-infectious safe healthy climate; proper elimination of waste and proper sanitation facilities--fresh running water. Education and awareness of environmental issues that not only pollute the air e.g. burning of refuse that disguise chem-clouds of which all contribute to the demise of the African. 

However, many of you seem to be content eating and serving tainted foods just to make a Cedi. Your attentions are being diverted from the real life health issues because of your lack of education; lack of resources and your insistence on "this is how it has always been done" attitudes. 

There is no way, in this day and age, that any woman should have to "squat" or do without the basic hygiene that promotes wellness! There is no reason that we should continue to allow our rich resources go for groundnuts and receive inferior imported goods. Living for now, not looking to the future is a trap and will be the demise of Africans.

While HIV/AIDS, according to WHO is the number one killer of Afrikans, one of the local hospitals claims that cervical cancer is the number one killer of women, therefore welcomed the HPV vaccine. Know that this vaccine has been rejected in the States and perhaps most countries.

Modern Ghana writes: “… in New York when Ghana hosted a side event at the UN General Assembly, in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the Global Fund that Ghana will begin a demonstration project vaccinating girls against human papillomavirus (HPV).” 

They then go on to say thatHPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer, which is the biggest cancer killer of women on the African continent and this vaccination has been carried through as promised. In fact Ghana, was the first GAVI partner country to introduce this vaccine in Africa.”  

I cannot help but to translate the word 'demonstration' into ‘experimentation’! Know that the US holds the patient on both AIDS, Ebola and other virus and you are their guinea pigs. They have Americans believing that AIDS/HIV originated in Africa as the results of such foolishness as having sex with monkies. Ultimately, most Americans are also ignorant to their governments depopulation agendas as they  are either mind controlled through  censored, intentional false media with subliminal messaging or electrical energy mind alternating technology.  Believe, these devices do exist and  are a reality, even here in Africa.

There is a cure for AIDS, maleria, cancer and most every disease you can name.  However the pharmaceutical industry is a money making entity who has and continue to make their wealth on human gullibility. 

The most perfect cure and prevention Africans has, you have turned your backs on for the Western and European ideologies and way of life that has consequently diverted you away from the very thing they seek--The Fountain of Youth.

Have Afrikans forgotten so quickly how HIV/AIDS became an epidemic?  Have the Ebola crises been forgotten so quickly as melaninated people died while WHO twiddled their thumbs intentionally? Or you have not put 1+1 together yet?  Africans certainly cannot push these dreaded disease from your minds or be ignorant as to the why!   

My question is that with billions being poured into WHO by the World Bank, why is it that there are not medications for AIDS, more education or a quicker response to ACT? Have these government controlled entities become so passive because the  HIV/AIDS virus is accomplishing its purpose—death! Depopulation of Africans is a reality.

On a side note, if Afrikan women could not afford a pap smear or did not know that they should have a yearly ‘pap’ to prevent cancer; who will pay for the recommended yearly pap suggested to be performed for those who have taken the HPV Vaccine? How will information be disseminated to  all those young girls if the mothers are still unaware that they must get a yearly pap themselves?

I can only hope and pray that  this 2006 FDA approved vaccine is all that it has been presented to be!  We all had better pray that the HPV Vaccines do not mutate and create another incurable epidemic such as AIDS, years down the road! Let us hope and pray that this is not a ploy in "their" depopulation efforts and that we can see and experience the longevity of life of our beautiful Afrikan Women! 

Long Live the women and men of Ghana! Long live our beautiful Afrikan women! God have mercy on and bless Afrika!

Originally written and posted 1/18/2014 under the title: Ghana The First African Country To Receive The HIV Vaccine

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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