Saturday, August 26, 2017

Can We Talk About How Black Women Are Treated As Threats

“Can We Talk About How Black Women Are Treated As Threats, Too?”  This article from The Root began with: “We tend to focus on the consequences of stereotypes about men but Black women are victims of racial violence as well. Understanding that this is a matter of life…”  As a Black woman, I can attest to the aforementioned statement from experience...We are expected to relent to a way of life not conducive to our greatness; to say, "Yezza Mwezza" in many situations otherwise we are seen as an "uppity Negro" rude and arrogant! Many of us have taken off the mask of deception, having awakened to our greatness.

Black women are still constantly perceived as threats by law enforcement and non people of color. We must begin behaving with that awareness, if we are to understand our plight and why we are so hated and feared.

I came to Ghana from West Linn, Oregon, one day when entering the public transportation system, I was expected to not respond to a denigrating remark made by a White female driver who was quite surprised when I politely and intelligently addressed her disrespect. This was no isolated incident, merely one of too many we women of Diaspora have had to deal with like others before her. 

Racism and discrimination is something that we, as strong Black women of Diaspora have endured mostly every day of our life. In fact, it is their racial ignorance and false air of superiority that has made us strong. 

The most perplexing atrocity is that we come home to our Mother Land-Africa and are treated with disdain, the objects of derision, jealous gossip and ill treatment by our African sisters and brothers to be called Oburoni.

Many Africans think that those of Diaspora had a good life of ease and lived a life of luxury. Too many have no idea of our plight in America or of our history, even our (their) African history. 
This is due to the colonization of Africa and the horrid dysfunctional picture of denigration painted by Western and British media of us for the sole purpose to engender distrust and keep us disjointed. We have worked very very hard for what we have accomplished under forced and industrialized servitude.  Think Diasporas had it easy Think Again!

My African brothers and sisters, I want you to know that it is our Ancestors who has brought us here to set you free from your colonial mindsets that Africa may be "Restored beyond Her former beauty". We are the New Man fulfilling the prophecies of the Ancients of Days!

This article that is no longer available was reposted by me as a memory on FB August 2014. . However, this is an important issue that those of Diaspora still face today, of exponential proportions and must be addressed. My statement is also too important to not repost. I would hope that The Root would revisit the article. I would also hope that those of Diaspora and Africans would get ‘unsensored’ news etc. from a “Black” perspective. 

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