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Many of the awakened ones are being enlightened to the false histories and that of what many call "White-Washing" of true history.

Many are dwelling in the rudimentary basics of Christ refusing to move on past those elementary basics that keeps humans disjointed.

Racism has always been and will be as long as nations of people dwell in darkness of ignorance. The first recorded incident of racism was recorded in the 12th Book of Numbers with Moses and his “Black” wife. Many of you know the results of that and how it was displeasing to YHVH. However, if one speaks out on truth, call a spade a spade; making the necessary corrections to the false histories all the world was taught from the controlling elite, this would eliminate raciest mindsets.  As long as it is true, it is not racism.

Many Christians have been acclimated to a false world history and biblical history of compromises designed to control their minds into this One World Order. This was to keep them in darkness of ignorance. This is the agenda of the elite and it always has been in order for them to fulfill their self-made prophecies.

I am not saying that all history is false, however, history has been told by the controlling factors of the elite that has left out, perverted, or has changed facts to a one-sided convoluted view.
This, in my opinion, is what makes religion so dangerous and a major contributing component of darkness that exists in the World today.  It has engendered certain biases and racism that most are totally oblivious to.  It has left nations of peoples brainwashed to certain ideologies that keeps them dwelling in darkness of ignorance of not only who they are but who the true Most High G-D is. It has disjointed and put many in contention with their brethren over menial subjects that have nothing to do with nothing; particularly righteousness and restoration, which was the reason the ChristMan came to earth.

It is like that old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.  Not that they are wrong. How can anyone be wrong who are earnestly seeking G-D? However, it is the intent, the rejection and non acceptance of others, of their beliefs, ways of life, culture; their unwillingness to evolve into truth that keeps the world in darkness, discord, confusion and chaos.

There has been much discussion and debates in regards to Jesus. Not his name only but his ethnic color. The point is not that the Greek Jesus or the Messiah, YAHshua was Black  nor anyone of the matriarchs  and patriarchs  were Black painted as White; the point is that they change the name and clouded the story that  represented the Most High.  They changed the entire story making it theirs--Greco-Roman.  Why?
If they hid or changed the identity of G-D,  what God did they replace the Most High with?  Thus, the reason for using G-D versus God, they had many of them and still do.

If they have lied about that, what else have they lied about? 

Yet they took African  (Kemet)  chemistry symbols,  of which is used today; demonized the Ancients of Days and true spirituality, mistranslated and watered-down the Ancient Way to Eternal Life. 
They changed the name AMUN RA, disguised it attempting to maintain the Power of AMUN RA with Amen. So,  when one pray to Jesus,  who are they actually praying to?

When one says amen who or what are they agreeing with?

If they lied about one thing,  wouldn't they lie about it all to cover up the first lie?   And they did!
It is in the Name that one receives the power.  What better way to capture and control a people than to have them think they are calling on the Most High but is calling on the name of a fictitious person? 

YAH G-D said,  "If My people who are called by My Name..."  Revelations  says,  "And  his Name will be written on their foreheads. ... Upon him I will write the Name of My God, and the Name of the city of My God".  Also, it says,  "The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witnesses, (are) the beginning of creation".   "Do not harm the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads." What is the Seal?  It's the Name of G-D. 

So, what’s in a name?

You see, one of the detriments of taking the Word literally is that it causes misconceptions. Religion insists that the Christ, whom they call Jesus was the Father/Mother Spirit or Shecaniah, of the Most High G-D, who was incarnate G-D.

In ESSENCE,  this is true. Thus he said,  “You SEE me you see the Father”.   Not that he was the Father but a 3-D representation of the Most High.
The Christ was his own distinct deity (just as we are) who is one and part of the WHOLE (just as we are), described as the Son(s) of G-D.

Think about it.  If one thinks that Christ is the Most High G-D, versus being an extension or integral Part, if you will,  of G-D and the Whole; worships him as G-D, then how does one worship and reverence the Most High G-D?

The regenerated restored human carries the same attributes as G-D as a Christ; should we then start  worshiping  that  person  as the Most High G-D?

Most disconcerting is the lack of the esoteric teachings and the mistranslations of the Greek Christos that most assume is the title of the ChristMan and his godhood alone. Many think that Christ Jesus was his name.

The definition of "Christ" simply means,  "an anointed one". Isn't that what we are all seeking--he anointing of G-D? What does it actually mean to be anointed? How can one receive something that they don't know what it is they are to receive?
Scripture says,  "NOW,  we are  the sons of  G-D and it does not yet appear what we shall be but when he (G-D)  appears ( to us, when we become as a Christ) , we shall be like Him, we will SEE him (us) as  He (we) truly is"--gods.

The spiritual  REALITY  is  the ONLY WAY to G-D is as a Christ!

Now,  that may be a stretch for some of you because of the way religious leaders have been teaching, not wrong,  but an INCOMPLETE gospel as they dwell in the elementary basics of who the Christ and G-D truly are!  They think that they know, however many of their own precepts and understanding or from someone else's concepts of a topical, intellectualized, linear precepts of the reality of truth.  This is far removed from the spiritual intent of the Word and those Principles the ChristMan gave that would truly redeem and restore humankind.

In short,  many religious leaders lack the "Testimony of (a) Christ”, which is the “Spirit of Prophecy”.

Therefore,  we humans stumble through life worshiping a man instead of the "Christ Principles" the man brought forth. These Christ Principles would ultimately bring us into ONE  with the WHOLE--A “BODY OF CHRISTS”; ONE with the Most High G-D; as sons,  as Christ's.

Metaphor:  If we honor,  care for, and exercise, say our arms only, what happens to the rest of the body parts? 
It is in this light that humans should seek to have a balanced life in peace, harmony and love with(in) the Whole; to change and grow (evolve) to receive ability and capacity to exercise the greatest gift inherent within—A Christ! Catch the vision.

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