Thursday, May 28, 2015

Restoration of Israel Has Come

I went to Ghana's world renowned eye clinic a few weeks ago.  In the intake process of filling out forms, the application asked for my nationality.  I wrote ‘Black’.

When the intake worker  was reviewing the form with me she questioned me again as to my nationality.  I reiterated, ‘Black’.  She sat befuddled for a few seconds before she asked again.  I replied, “Afro-American”. She then replied, “How about we say Ghanaian”?  Since I am in Ghana I said, sure, why not”?

The point is, we, as Afrikans and Afrikans of Diaspora have been so brain washed to the European way of life and mindsets that we only know ‘US’ through the eyes of our colonizers and our enslavers. We have become receptive and  conformable to them identifying us to their liking as they took all that our ancestors were away and what they knew forcing the European Agenda upon us.  They have stripped us of our culture, our way of life and spirituality. They demonized the Way of the Ancients so that we would not look into our true godly nature believing it to be evil.  They have white-whited us out of history that we do not know who we are!  Most pitiful is that we cannot even identify us in their Scriptures or the Promises made to us through a Holy Covenant.

We are a lost and disjointed nation of peoples without direction clinging to the lies, deceptions and craftiness of that woven by a lower life-form of an inferior people.

In order for one to “Know Thyself”, one must know ‘Who’ they are, “Why” they are here on this earth and “What” they have come to do while here in order to fulfill their Life-Purpose.

If the  G-D you serve cannot bring you to the realization of these 3-W’s,  as I call them, you are serving the wrong god or are living in disobedience to the Will of the Divine Creator for your life.

If one is not walking in the Proposed Predestined Plan (PPP) for their life, which is the higher path, from faith to faith and glory to glory; ever growing in the knowledge of truth; they are, according to the Bible, a ‘bastard’ and not a Son.  They are worse than an infidel.  

One who chooses to live their life in misconceptions and lies have rejected their inheritance as Sons and are just as the ‘Prodigal Son’.  Even the Prodigal Son was restored!  However, he had to come to the realization of who he was in order to Become!

The so-called “lost Tribes of Israel”;

the true Chosen One’s; the True Hebrews, after nearly 400-years of bondage has been sent their present day Moses' and Elijah' (Prophets or These Enlightened Ones who has been conferred with the same anointing has been given revelation of  the Mysteries to release that all Nations might come into perfection and restoration as Sons.  This restoration is in order to receive one’s full inheritance as a Christ, which is the Hope of our Glory.  Catch the Vision!

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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