Thursday, April 13, 2017

Catch The Vision

Someone sent me this photo and the Spirit prompted me to write to one of my groups for their spiritual edification and understanding of Restoration. Restoration is the message I have been given and I believe this same message has been given to all of the enlightened one’s.  Our terminology and verbiage may perhaps be different, however, the universal  message is the same; a total and complete awakening, regeneration and ascension into the spirit realm.

This is the first graph photo of the ET elite hierarchy I have seen that includes the Archons.  We don't read the name Archon in the bible per se, however, the Archons depicted in the photo have been described as the "fallen angels" in the bible. We do read about other Archons  in the Gnostic Scriptures.

The Gnostic Scriptures were hidden when Rome destroyed many of the holy writings forbidding use of them then wrote their own bible.  The Gnostic Scriptures had been divinely protected and preserved until discovered near Upper Egypt in 1945.  Since then, they have been transcribed into English in a book titled The Nag Hammadi Library. However, the  ancient hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids of Egypt in Africa and the Sumerian Cuneiform collaborate the authenticity of many of its esoteric contents.

Without a doubt, I know how this make me look but it is not about me dear ones. This is reality.  However,  the elite  may have control and think they rule the World but I know a Higher Power who truly rules.

This is what many of the Enlightened Ones have been preparing people for gradually. The message of Restoration is the KEY  to the survival of humans and this earth. As I say, we had better catch the vision real quick.

The Most High said, "I will make ALL things is done".  The Christ echoed that same intent,  "It is finished" nearly 3 thousand years ago  and we still haven't gotten it.

ALL things are connected and relevant. The conditions humans all around the world are facing of current events, anomalies, disasters and atmospheric changes are all connected and are the very signs we were told to "Watch and Pray".

This brings me  to Planet X or the Galaxy Nirubi.  Perhaps many of you have read or know about. Without a doubt we have all seen the effects of Her orbit with the change in weather patterns, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteors and what 'they' contribute to the "Greenhouse Effect" and the "Black Hole" upon the earth in Her approach. NASA has been keeping this Galaxy under wraps denying its existence, silencing anyone who talk about it. In fact, the Hubble Telescope was launched into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery for the purpose of keeping an eye on Her trajectory.

This approaching Galaxy into the Earths Solar System, the fall-out of debris, in the form of meteors, I believe the depletion of the ozone, the changing of poles is no accident. Neither are the messages being released that would prepare humans for the Shift and transformation of what is to come upon this earth.

Good news,  is that there are the good Archons;  our Ancestors, the Ancients of Days and the Creator.  However, the Ancients of Days will not intervene in the earthly realm, particularly, without humans doing our part to unite, show love towards others, love and honor the earth (Gaia) enough to stop our pollution, wars, hate and destructive ways. They love us because we are them, they and Gaia are us.  They want to see humans restored to their original intent and to fulfill their Life-Purpose while here on earth. The Earth will protect and renew Herself. This will be a time of total restoration of mankind and cleansing the earth.

The Ancients of Days will and have been keeping a watchful eye on their Divine DNA for eons--those royal inheritors of the New Heaven and New Earth--the New 'Man'.  The New Man   has made the spiritual Shift that will transmute  and prepare them to survive the  phenomenon of  changes that will come as a result  of Nirubi entering the earth’s our Solar System and those catastrophic  changes  Gaia will use to protect the Herself and  correct deficiencies; to  purge and rid Herself of those out of sync with Her.

Let me just say as well, this is why some have been enlightened with  vision of vast agricultural projects; building earth/underground eco-homes for sustainability and creating water purification systems. The Ancients of Days are also releasing breakthroughs and advanced physics to scientists  on alternative methods to generate  energy and produce fresh water supply.

Those elite shown in the pyramid are well aware. They too have received advanced technology that they have used against the people that controls their minds. They are in their last ditch effort to maintain control  of the masses and to depopulate the earth from their  political base,  to the banking industry,  to the food industry and natural resources. Henry Kissinger said, “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer”. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control  people”.

Why do I mention Henry Franz Kissinger? Merely because he is a member of the Bilderberges, the progenitor of the Depopulation Agenda for the elite--National Security Memorandum 200. His cousin, Elizabeth is the central figure at the top of the human part of the pyramid or would that be a lower level reptilian.

All around the World deep underground  cities have been built  that not only houses these ET's but for the elite of which they think will save them. The Ancients of Days are and have been fighting a spiritual battle against these evil ones.  This is because humans are awakening coming into truth, having integrity and concern for their fellow humans. We want peace.  We want our power back!

Many are they who are looking for a man called Jesus to return and save them to take them to a better place, that place they call heaven. I tell you heaven i now!

The detriment of these false teachings and doctrines of a so-called rapture, contrived by the religious System that was forced upon humans, was in order to instill fear and for control. If one thinks such, it keeps them from reaching their full potential NOW!  It keep one in a fairytale land of make belief and unreality as they settle for their current conditions. Therefore, they will never reach their Life-Purpose.

So, there it is. All I have said is written in Scriptures, yet intentionally clouded over by a One World Order Religious System in order to keep truth from the people. We humans have become adept to thinking that the metaphorical and prophetic prose contained within the Bible and stories of creation are the totality of reality while disregarding the esoteric intent behind the stories. Therefore, we become blind to It's true revelation of the spiritual and scientific concepts in contriving our own theories and doctrines. 

This is merely a tip on the iceberg.  Sure, there are many theorist out there  whose credibility has been under attack by the controlling faction of the elite merely to cause people to lose focus, thinking all is well. Many of these theorists know what they know in their area of expertise and seemingly, at times, contradict each other.  I tell you that they are all right in what they believe.

Knowledge is increasing. The Ancients of Days has already shifted from the old paradigm, all we have to do is listen, rightly discern and  receive. This would free our minds from the control of the beastly System and that religious System used by the elite to keep humans complacent and dependent upon them.

If these theorist could just  pull together their hypothesis, agreeing to disagree, learn to respect and honor each other at whatever level one might be, we, the people of plant earth will assume control over our lives as we take the necessary actions to do so. We can get  our power back to rule our own lives in unity, love and honor for all of creation.

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