Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why Restoration Guard Your Mind and Thoughts

Good morning royal family. I would like to share this  with you someone sent to me.

The object is to choose a number, think on it when the numbers reappear, the number you thought on would not be there.

I am re-posting this for two reasons. First, it is a precept of Divine Law, specifically the Law of Attraction: "One becomes what one think" or "whatsoever a (wo)man thinks within their heart so is (s)He."  It is an example of using energy of thought to manifest into the physical realm. "Thoughts become words, words become things".

Secondly, it is the same principles of wrongly used energy of advanced electrical technology by some televangelists. This technology dupe people into believing these people have the anointing and power from G-D to heal, etc.

They use these waves of electrical energy to make hundreds of people at a time "fall over backwards" or making them think they were slain in the Spirit in order to get them to believe, therefore will give generously into their ministries.

The worse, most damaging use of this mind alternating energy manipulation is used by governments worldwide, particularly the US on its citizens to keep them docile, in religious bondage, dumb little puppets who believe everything they are told. "And they gave their power to the Beast...receiving the name, image, mark and number of the Beast.”

How can this be you ask. Ever hear of Nikola Tesla? Do you have a cell phone, iPod, computer, TV?
Someone asked, “what does this have to do with the message of Restoration that you proclaim? My answer, “EVERYTHING”!

If one can't see or know of such things they can be easily influenced by the negative implements of subliminal messages of dark energy transmissions.

Many in Christianity have already come under this spell, most unknowingly. This is because the forceful induction into Christianity started  nearly 2,000 years ago when the Old Roman Catholic Church compromised making concessions for those they exerted their influence over, into their Ecumenical Movement of a One World Order of religion. They issued edicts and convene Councils to set the precedent for their newly found "Christianity". Much of the adherence to the edicts from these Councils are still being cited in Christian churches all around the world as a permeable to their Statements of Beliefs and doctrines. For example, the Nicene, Constantinople, Ephesus, Chalcedon Councils.

They killed the true followers of Christ who refused to relent their beliefs and way of life. This caused many who held firm to that 'Golden Thread' of truth to go underground during the Inquisitions. They changed the name of Christ from YAHshua to Jesus, among other changes and forbid anyone to teach anything other than what the Catholic Church wanted otherwise they would be killed or "anathematize".

Protestant Christians took some of these same old ideas and precepts into their religion, although they dissented from the church coming against some of the edicts of the Old Roman Catholic Church. Catch that vision.

No, these technical advances did not exist then but humans have always had ability to think. Thought is the most powerful gift given to mankind.

The Most High, the Creator through Divine Spirit, messengers or what we call angels are energy and are moved or evoked by the wave frequencies of energy from   human thoughts. Call it prayers if you like.
This is the reason for Restoration. I continue to say, one is either a Christ or antichrist. One either dwell in Light or darkness. One is either holy or unholy. Catch the vision.

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