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Meditation And Prayer

Meditation and prayer are the essential components of communication with the Most High.

Prayer is when we speak to the Creator.  Meditation is when the Creator speaks to us.  It is through meditation that we HEAR (Shamah: Heb. Hear, receive and obey) from the Creator. 

When we pray, we are merely confirming in our own mind that of which has already been acknowledged by the Divine.  It is “the Spirit (who) makes intercession for us and knows what we have need of”.  It is the Spirit who implants thoughts in our mind that we might know how to pray and what to pray for.

Without actions, working towards accomplishing our requests, our prayers do not come to manifestation, Why? We expect the Spirit to do the work for us; to perform some miracle when WE ARE THE MIRACLE!

Many, in Christendom think and believe that the more they pray and the louder they pray this will make the Most High move on their behalf. Repetitive,   loud, outward physical expressions of boisterous gestures in prayer are most often an indication that one is not in true communion with the Divine Creator.
Many are they who believe that the more they pray; the louder they pray; the longer they pray; the speedier the answer and the more they are heard when, in actuality, the Divine heard you the first time! 

One of the Enlightened Ones, who is well versed in the use of the Key of the Law of Attraction, (can’t recall the name but was a contributor to the video “The Secret”), used this analogy of ordering from a catalogue. When you order an item from a catalogue, you believe and expect that it will be delivered. Therefore, you would not continue to reorder over and over again. You know what you ordered is on the way. (Paraphrased)

As stated, it is the Spirit who implanted those thoughts in your mind to know how to pray. Therefore, if one believes in the power of prayer, why continue to ask for something over and over and over again?  Do  you truly believe that your prayers were heard? Do you believe that you will receive?

Meditation is when we become still and quiet in one’s spirit, emptying our minds presenting an atmosphere where the Spirit imparts revelation, creativity, answers and Divine Counsel.  This is where we receive the information and tools we need to achieve the requests made during prayer and the Keys we need to unlock the doors. However, we must HEAR and put what we hear into practice. 

Prayer and meditation goes together. Prayer without meditation and action places limitations. Why? If you do not hear, how can you act?  Upon what will you act? There are Divine Laws we have the power to initiate.  We do not need to know how the Law works, just that there is a Law that produces manifestation of our thoughts.
The Spirit is Law! The Spirit does not discriminate good from what we perceive as bad; but works out the reality of our thoughts, words and deeds.  It is our wavering, our inability to ‘hear’ to know how to implement those Divine Laws to work on our behalf that keeps us from receiving our petitions or answers to our prayers.  That is praying amiss! 

Our Ancestors, before colonization, knew how to touch the heart and mind of the Most High.  Some still hold these Mysteries. They knew how to implement Divine Laws; they had the KEYS to eternal life and immortality.    Even today,   there are many speculations being theorized of how our Ancestors built the pyramids by those unwilling to accept the Divinity of the Ancients of Days. They do not want to accept the fact that our Ancestors used that Higher Power given by the Creator to use their minds, united as one in ONE Mind of their divine energy within to move and place tons of boulders.  On the other hand, this Mystery is what evil greedy men took away from us to use for their own personal gain for evil against us. They then demonized these Mysteries in order to keep us from receiving and using the power that we were given; forcing us to become acclimated to a way of life where we lost memory of our true inheritance. Thus, the need for RESTORATION!

Many are they outside of the dogmatic Christian systematic mindset who knows of these Mysteries.  However, Christianity have denigrate, warped and rejected them because it does not fit into the Religious System of fear and control.

As I continue to say and as they wrote in their own books of history; Christianity broke down the institutions and spirituality of our Ancestors “building upon the ruins what the controlling powers thought best”.  They took the Way, watered it down, removing that of which they could not attain and gave back to us a counterfeit System they created called Christianity. Therefore, our people lost the true Way and Light continuing to grapple and babble in darkness and chaos of the enemies who captured them.

If, someone wanted to speak to me or tell me something, perhaps give me a pertinent bit of information and they tell you, how will I know that it was meant for me?  How could I receive?  How could I hear?  How could I answer? How could I act? This is what we have come to believe that if we ask in the name of Jesus that our prayers will be answered; that if we worship Jesus we will receive abundant life.  Even their Jesus said “worship the Father”, in the book of Revelation he said to John as John fell down to worship him; “Do not do that; I AM a fellow servant of yours and of your brothern…worship G-D”!   It is the Most High Creator alone who is worthy.

This POWER behind true prayer and meditation of direct contact and communication with the Most High is the major resource and Keys that have been taken from us by making us believe that if we pray in the name of a Jesus, that our prayers would be answered. Has that worked for you?  Have your prayers and petitions manifested in the natural realm?  Without a doubt some prayers will be answered and manifested merely because one has invoke a Divine Universal Law and it is the Creators desire to give human creations their hearts desire

The Christman was an Enlightened One, a Chosen One, a Son of the Most High who came to show us the Way and to Restore humans back to that Perfect Image and Likeness as eloheem. (Eloheem is the original plural word used in Genesis that includes the Most High G-D and created gods. The word Eloheem was replaced with “US” and “OUR”).  The Bible even states that he, Jesus, was the “Firstborn among MANY”.  What does this tell you

The Christ had ability to defy gravity because he utilized that same power of energy within just as our Ancestors did to build the pyramids!  Just as we have received from the Creator.

All humans possess that Power and all of Christendom is seeking that power. However, they are unable to tap into IT because they have settled in the lower beastly consciousness of the traditions, lies and misconceptions of the devices put in place by evil beings called mankind.  We have been sidetracked, hoodwinked and bedazzled by a Religious System created and implemented by those who want to stay in control.

Are we not all the children or Sons of G-D?   Were we not all birthed in THAT Image and Likeness? “LET US MAKE…IN OUR IMAGE AND LIKENESS”…So then, why do we pray to a Jesus and in the name of Jesus expecting that our prayers will be answered when we can go directly to the Creator?

“It does not yet appear what we shall be” but when the “Spirit of Truth” comes; “when  that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away with”;  the Spirit will reveal ALL things and we shall truly see ourselves as we really are for “we shall be like him”.  Who is that him?   The Eloheem--A Christman; an anointed one; a Teleios one.
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