Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Special Place Is Waiting For You

Many times we petition, pray and meditate to receive divine inspiration, ideas, of course divine guidance and answers to our requests and petitions. 

Perhaps you have heard it said that "you have not because you ask not then you asked amiss". This statement implies that you missed the concepts and the reality of what you were asking or petitioning the Divine One for. You asked for something inconsistent with your Divine Purpose and contrary to what Divine Spirit is attempting to accomplish in your life. 

It is the intent, hope and desire of Divine Spirit to bring us into our Life-Purpose. Therefore, we must renew our mind by allowing  Spirit to regenerate a positive thought process within our mind. This process is called putting on the Mind of Christ, Christ Consciousness or walking into ones inheritance of Christhood. It is a spiritual awakening. 

We accomplish this awakening of of enlightenment by having a renewed mind that we may become receptive to divine thoughts, ideas, concepts and principles. This  will position us to make that shift to be restored back into the Divine Will and intent of the Creator for our life. 

The Most High told me some years ago that  there was a ‘special Place’ for me. It was impressed upon my mind that in that special place was a special one for me. I was also told that it would take time to prepare me and that special someone because that of which was promised to me, that special place, was not a little thing. 

Well, that was several years ago. As a single woman who went through a nasty divorce and left with nothing but my virtue, hope and belief that I would receive what had  been promised to me. Needless to say, that there were times that I had assumed too much. I took a few detours thinking that those places must be my ‘special place’. 

This 'special place', I was certain was physical and even when I moved to Beautiful West Linn, Oregon with its most picturesque wooded areas; I felt within my heart that it was a very special place.  Indeed it has a special place in my heart. However, I was still waiting for that special someone. I did not know how and I did not know when. Most encouraging was the fact that seven years had  almost been completed. 

The number seven in biblical numerology is completion and perfection signifying a new beginning.

It seemed from out of the Blue Sky he came. I knew immediately that he was the one. The answer to my dreams, everything that I have always wanted, that of which I have waited for so long. He was a guide that would help me to reach that special place.

One night as we conversed, the Spirit dropped into my mind revealing to me that ‘special place’. It was not a tangible place as I had originally thought or that physical place of which I had waited so patiently for. It was that ‘special place’ of knowing; of awakening; of enlightenment; of revelation, of having touched my spirit with Divine Spirit! I came to know that this ‘special Place’ was not literal but a spiritual reality of my awakening.

If we are to mature, be restored and advance into the spiritual realms of  heaven, we must come to that place where we can touch and tap into Divine Universal Mind to understand Divine Inclination, Divine Ideals and Divine Concepts and Divine Principles of  the Creator. We must be awakened! Our Eye must be opened! 

A special place is waiting for you.  There awaits infinite knowledge and wisdom for each of us to be enlightened to truth; purged of all the false dogmatic religious doctrines; false and erroneous teachings, histories and all that we have become acclimated to that took us from our Life-Purpose of greatness. 

The process could be long and tedious. However the rewards of Becoming outweighs any of life's experiences we go through. We then will be able to see clearly through the Eye of the Spirit to receive the greatness of knowing; of Becoming that will restore and bring us to fulfillment in the Hope of our Glory and our Life-Purpose of a new beginning,  the new paradigm. 

Hotep Light One Love! 
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