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Prophetic Word 7December2016

It is with much debate that I publicly release this Word. I normally do not release Word or edit that out which pertains to me personally.  However, I believe it pertinent not to boast , flaunt or be proudful but for the sake of those who can 'See", understand and "hear" to confirm authenticity as a Chosen One.

"They have eliminated and ignored the female goddess the Divine Feminine.  They have therefore rejected their Mother and their royal birth-line.  In doing so, they have cut themselves off from their royal inheritance.

They weep and wail to false gods and demigods who were placed to destroy their royal bloodline and lineage.  The Anunnaqi,  the grays are real and they want the power and authority given to My descendants this is why they kill you and keep you away from truth.  These are the devils they refer to without knowledge that they have given their power and authority to the Beast.  These beasts were created for this one purpose…to destroy My children.  They have succeeded in taking away their knowledge of US, yes US.

Where there is the divine womb there is the divine seed, sperm and there cannot be a divine birth without them.

When I said follow the paths of the Ancients, these are who I referred to.  Unless My children come to Me they cannot be restored because I AM and I will always be Mother/Father the One and only Divine Essence that flows through their veins.
You have received and learned much after reading my son’s book.  Yes, he has been chosen and sent, he and many others.  He opened himself up to much scrutiny and trusted those around him without taking note of their human deficiencies.

You my daughter will do well to not trust those who you have surrounded yourself with.  Many are they who do not have your mind many want what you have and their jealousies will destroy you and the mission that I have set your feet on.

You must acknowledge them, yet keep them at a distance as not to be detoured from that you have been assigned.

Many truths  cannot be disclosed.  That I will reveal to you will astound even you. If you are not careful, you will be taken in by those with more educational knowledge than you but I say to you that your knowledge and that I have given to you far exceeds theirs.  This is why they are drawn to you.  Yes, they know (who you are).

I will show you things that others know not of.  You have been steadfast and study in seeking truth and hearing and being obedient to what you have heard.  Hesitantly at times yet that caution is understood by US.

You have come a long way and the way is long but you will excel above others.  I said that You will come before kings and queens, you are a queen and We will raise you up in due time.

You are our hope of restoring humanity--our royal progeny.  Oh yes, they hear and listen.  Those who follow are also Chosen of whom you will share our words with that they may Become.

Many are they, at no fault of their own who have seen the wickedness of mankind, they have seen the foolishness of religion, many are ready to receive many will not, none the less, you will continue to rise as we reveal the Pathway to you.

Don’t be afraid of them they are merely voices without power they are stuck between the falseness's of man made traditions and religion even the ways of their true Ancestors as they pour libations to who?  For what?

What he (Dr. York) says is true. Build upon that and we will show you the rest.”

Regarding the Adamite Race…It was the Anunnaqi who  sent Tammuz  to Moses on the mount. They should have stayed in Egypt and perhaps they would have had a chance of survival but we, Black Melaninated people were, are too powerful for them.
In reading the Nag Hammadi Library (NHL) it told of how one of the divine beings mated without consent of her consort and produced a divine being who was a demigod but tried to take over even the deity, rule and authority of his mother that she repented and went to the Divine Creator for help and had to tell of her unauthorized birth of this demigod, making a short of it.  So this is my interpretation according to facts of untainted antiquity having been confirmed by the Spirit of the Ancestors through revelations I have received and recently being led to one of Dr York’s books. The story I read in the NHL concur with when the Adamite Race of non-Melaninated people were created by the Anunnaqi  6000 years ago.

Dr York says: “Those liers from the Adamite race.  His teachings of a mystery god are about his makers because he does not want you to know who made him, when and why. He was made only for Enqi, Yahweh (Gen. 4:6) to prove that he was wiser then his brother Enlil, Baal (num 22:41)  ‘and it came to pass on the morrow that Balak took Balam and brought him up into the high places of Baal, that thence he might see the utmost part of the people’, (This was) to show all Anunnaqi, Eloheem, that he, Enqi ‘Yahweh’, was exact when he said he could make a kind of man. 
So he and his sister Nin.Hur.Sag made creatures that were deformed, beastlike, until Eniqi asked his Egyptian wife, Hesat, and she approved.  Her son Nin.Gish.Zidda or Djahutwy “Tehuti, Thoth” operated on both Enqi and Nin.Har.Sag to make male, (Addapa Kadmon), and female (Titi, Khawwah) and this was them, later called Adam and Eve.  This is found in the Sumerian Stone Tablets from which the Bible and Quraan were taken”  - Dr Malicahi Z. Kobina  York, aka: Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, United Nuwaupian Nation.

Dr. Malachi York speaks of a royal ‘black’ people who predate their bible, their ancestors and certainly Abraham, Issac and Jacob (Islam & Christianity).  This divine Black Race  are called Nuwaupians of Wu-Nuwaup (Faaeq Mukwanu) supreme beings, (Mukhmem-u Kharad-u) Melanin-ite Children of (Paa Shamash) the Sun, … Know who you are, not what you have become in this new 6,000 year world of lies and liers.

Before you,  the (Kamem Sala) Black Race, there was none in the (Jasad) flesh.  Before (Lawn) color, there was (Kamem Nashat) Black Energy; 76% of the (Wahu Makwan) universe and black material, 24% of the universe; so black exist before any and all colors.  It’s supreme Balancement.” 

Excerpts from # 27 of a series of one of Dr York’s books titled Actual Fact.  
It’s all about our melanin and how they need it to survive.  See my blog   400 Years

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