Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nyame Nhyra Mbaa [G-D Bless Women]

One of my professional friends and I were talking about Ghanaian women, in particular, their character and mindsets.  The entire conversation was very disturbing to me.  I all of a sudden realized why many act the way they do and why some African men’s apparent lack of control of their sexual proclivities to denigrate and disrespect women. My friend who is a counselor began to tell me how many women, when indulging in sexual activities, whether within or outside the marital relationship, insists that their ‘vagina belongs to them and they can do what they want with it’, while claiming to be living a godly and holy life.  I thought hog wash! Surly they cannot think such!

As an African of Diaspora, I am misjudged by both African men and women according to that of which they have been programmed to think of American Blacks from news media or that they see on TV shows.  Their beliefs culminate with a number of dysfunctions and false beliefs from the way the majority of African men treat women as sex objects as the Europeans, to satisfy their narcissistic and false beliefs they hold of  warped ‘mocha-man’ sexual concepts.  I believe this is mainly due to a colonization mindset and leaving the Ways of the Ancestors as they became acclimated to Western Christianity, Greek and European mindsets in regards to the inferiority of women.

I just could not wrap my head around what my friend was telling me.  The next day, I picked up a daily newspaper and read the caption:  ”Pron Video Hits Gomoa Ojobi”.  As I began to read through the article that had not only a photo of the man but his name and occupation who the police had arrested for “allegedly having sex acts with a married woman and selling the video on line…The suspect was said to have had sex with the women (name withheld) in an uncompleted building after she asked him to lend her money to pay for the fee of her ward…”. Now anyone who lives in or know anything about Ghana there are many such buildings and they are more than likely filthy dirty and overgrown with weeds.  The ‘wards’ are usually those of whom their family cannot pay for their schooling.  Therefore, they become live-in house help for ‘well-to-do’ Ghanaians and foreigners who live in Ghana who pay for their schooling in return for room and board and perhaps uniforms and books.

I could not help but to put my hand over my mouth.  As I continued to read the article, it told of the willing sexual acts of abuse in various positions and the woman performing oral sex on the man.  I was flabbergast because the very reasons the article sighted for her alleged succumbing to what the man demanded was exactly what my friend and I talked about the day before. 

The most pathetic and distressing thing of all was that the woman was the pastor’s wife at the local church in the town! OMG! A pastor’s wife of one of the oldest and largest international denominations in the world!  What could this pastor have been teaching or doing that she could not go to her husband to get whatever she needed?  What kind of spirit could she have had that as a pastors wife who supposedly believed in the god they served, would go to another man and ask for money for any reason?

I would not have believed it, yet it explained all the untoward ‘passes’ made to me from men within and without ministry; the overall attitude that I should give way to their contemptible advances or pay them in addition to the job they were getting  paid to do; why I have been rejected and denigrate as a teacher of truth; and, why I have been refused platform by the ruling religious leaders of organizations (international and local) in Ghana.

You see, for those who do not know my mission for Ghana and the Divine Universal Mission for all of mankind is Restoration.  Restoration demands a change in mindsets; a repentant nature, a humble, contrite, receptive, obedient and pliable heart with a love for G-D and mankind.  What a sense of humor our Ancestors have…the Most High sent a woman to teach, lead, direct,  and point all into the knowledge of truth; male and female, young and old. 

Lol, how funny the things and unlikely people the Most High uses to bring about fulfillment of Purpose and the Will for humanity. Only, I do not find their scamming and scheming, their reluctance to receive truth, their disobedience, and actions of blatant abuse of the feminine godess or the enlightened ones funny at all! Yet, my job is to release revelation from Zion and let the Spirit do the rest. That I do no matter what they might throw in my path.

Have our people gone so far off in the Great Whore of Babylon away from the Way of our Ancestors, as they mimic Western Christianity, that they have become so very vile and evil as to think that what they do in secret will not come to the light? 

According to a prophecies I received 24April2015, 26July2016,  6August2016 that were  recorded and disseminated through Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Preparing Mindsets For A Higher Truth, and  Revelation Today For The Nations; Ghana, I want you to know that the pastors wife is only the beginning of  bringing your evil adulterous and treacherous ways to light.  You have treated the true prophets and enlightened ones who were sent to guide you into truth with much prejudice and contempt in your ignorance. From your government officials, your Christian councils, bishops, your false prophets, apostles, pastors and other religious heads, you have robbed the people and continue to keep them in ignorance for your own personal greed and not one of your evil acts have gone unnoticed.  You will be judged harshly and swiftly.

As one chosen and called to Ghana and the Nations of Chosen peoples, I have been justified and qualified with revelation, truth and Divine Counsel. I am telling you to step down or you will be brought down.  Repent NOW and it may be that the Most High will have mercy on you. I tell you this is only the beginning of miseries.

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