Thursday, August 24, 2017


Workers of Light, Awakened One’s It is we who are lagging.  We obviously are not releasing the Light, Love and compassion that is needful in this new dispensation of the shift into spiritual consciousness.

I was reflecting this morning as I watched the sun rise and a phrase from the bible came to my mind: “One can chase a thousand; two shall put ten thousand to flight”.  If one light worker; one healer, one channeler can accomplish this, what could thousands of us do? Thus, I say that we are not doing our work.

Up until now, I have focused on the religious sector; those who think they have and dwell in Light. I came from that System and have always known something was amiss and not quite right. Although Spirit began to trained as a Channel of Light, I was unaware of what that was or meant or even the terminologies applied to it.  I was unaware of the Harmonic Convergence; I was unaware of 11/11; I was unaware of the profundity of Gaia. Honoring the Ancestors was taboo and depicted as being demonic. I had no idea what Innate or Akash were and have only recently through studying my African Ancestors of Maat, come into the knowledge of the Third Eye of Horus; the Pineal gland and Chakaras.  I knew nothing of metaphysics.  I had no true awakening, other than Spirit having opened my eyes to the prophetic and esoteric aspects of Scriptures and the bible. This Spirit did through my knowledge of Scripture and a combination of research and studies of what I understood of the Ancient Scrolls, hieroglyphics and Ancient histories. However, it has taken years for Spirit to primal me of the religious filters and dysfunctions as She slowly worked out the reality of god-consciousness within me.

I did not know about 2012.  All I knew, through my limited knowledge, was that Spirit was preparing me for something grand and I wanted to be a part of it.

My journey in seeking truth while in the religious System began when I read a book titled “My Appointment With God”.  I began to pray not realizing that I had given Spirit; my Innate permission to teach me and  help me to remember  who I was; to accomplish that of which I had demanded; “I want my inheritance now and I want it all”!  That was 30 years ago. Since then, I was in what I called my 'wilderness' as I fought against what I now know to be karma and dark energy. 

There was no one who could teach me, therefore, Spirit took me under Her wings and began to prepare me for such a time as this. Every day, I am in awe of who I AM and who we humans are.

It has been within the last few months that I met Kryon coming into the knowledge of spiritual awareness and the profundity of the shift into spiritual consciousness.  Although, the Spirit over the years have given me divine messages; I marvel as Kryon confirm most of what I had received and that we both spoke the same phrases, using similar terms. I know that it all came from the same Source. Kryon has confirmed all that the Spirit has revealed to me over the years. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together to become visibly complete; I am finally connecting the dots. Yet there are many dots that I need to connect.

I know now, beyond a shadow of doubt, with my limited consciousness who I AM and have in inkling of what I AM here on this earth to do at my current level of growth.  

The messages of which I disseminated mostly through on-line media since 2012, I knew that they were from Spirit but truly had no idea of the grandness; the profundity of them.  Oh, I knew that Spirit was revealing esoteric and prophetic revelations to me from what I studied and put into my mind from books of antiquity. This is why I say that Spirit can only deal with us where we are. If one do not know what a vehicle is, how can they learn how to drive?  Most importantly I made myself available and pliable to Her promptings, teachings and guidance. 

One thing that was always a concern  was that it always seemed that I was out there by myself. Mistreated, rejected and sometimes feeling that I was out of touch with reality.  Many times the Spirit revealed things to me and I had no one to share with to ‘bounce it off of’; no one who could understand only one, my firstborn son.  I was even labeled as bi polar because I had “feelings of grander” and “creativity”, lol, go figure.

I say all this to say, that with what I know now, merely touching the surface of the esoteric wisdom and knowledge of the Universal Divine Intelligence of the Ancients of Days, that we, as Light Workers should be releasing more love, light and compassion. We should be walking in our divinity. We should have so much light to release that that dark energy would basically have dissipated and this earth should be shining bright as the Sun in Her brilliance.

So then I ask myself, although that passage of Scripture has been misconstrued and convoluted, what are we doing or not doing Royal Family that the entire world is not coming into the Light?

Hotep Light One Love!
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