Monday, August 7, 2017

Come Into Your Reality

To my beloved African brothers and sisters first, many of you  are reading  what  the  prophet  of  G-D and this channel of truth from Zion is saying. Stop pretending that you are not reading.  The stats say differently.   

The majority of your leaders have kept you in bondage to a religious system that goes against the very nature, character and divine DNA of your true self and your Promise of Inheritance. They are teaching you half truths and words from their own heart and have not heard from G-D those things that the entire world now face.

You have believed and followed the falsehoods of religion that the world is coming to an end.  You have worshiped and are waiting for a White man to come and take you to that place many of you call heaven.  You have believed everything your oppressors have told you to keep you in bondage, darkness and chaos.  Why is it so difficult for you to believe that you are the gods; the New Man who will rule in the New Heaven and New Earth called the New Jerusalem?  It's a spiritual thing, always have been, always will be.

If we Africans, if humanity is to survive, we must Sankofa; return to the Ancients of Days; follow the paths of our Ancestors to make the Shift into this new spiritual consciousness energy of Restoration. Our minds must be renewed that our spirit; our psychic will come on-line and in-line with this new electromagnetic field of energy so that our physical bodies will be recalibrated.  This reclibration is designed to make the transition into this 2600 year shift of  Polls in the earth’s axis and that of which is coming upon this earth as Gaia renews Herself.  Believe, She will cleans Herself and rid Herself of all that is out of vibrations with this new polarity of energy.

Do not believe that these cataclysmic anomalies that are occurring around the world, because of this shift in the magnetic field of the earth, is an accident. Neither is it an accident that Nibiru/Plant X is entering into the earth’s solar system. 

Play time is over and have been for some time now. It is time to awakened and be enlightened. However, the choice to believe or disbelieve is yours to make. There are no judgments only a release of love and light that you will come into the knowledge of your reality.

Religion has ignored all the signs given to mankind.  The old religious System, dark energies and old consciousness is over.  It is to those who “overcome” who will be the inheritors of the Kingdom, who will rule in the New Jerusalem. 

Those of you who believe in a so-called rapture, you could say that this is it.  However, not in the way many of you perceive and believe or have been taught.

There will be no end of world or all that mumbo jumbo “end of time” Armageddon stuff that has been rammed down our throats for hundreds of years. There will be no nuclear war. There will be no war, if so, it will be short-lived. 

However, I will say that it is the 'time of the end’ for humans to awaken; reclaim the truth of their reality; the truth of their purpose here on earth; to be restored. The Light has come! Restoration has come! And so it is and will be...
“And the G-D that sits upon the throne said, Behold I AM making all things new…It is already done. I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto those who athirst of the fountain of the water of Life…he that overcomes shall inherit all things, and I AM will be your G-D and you shall be My son…They who overcome I will grant to sit down with Me on My Throne”  Catch the vision

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