Sunday, July 16, 2017


My beloved royal family. We must unite and release love and light to our lost brothers and sisters that their eyes will be opened to truth. We must no longer be taken in by the dark forces that have kept our people in bondage, chaos and ignorance.

Each of you are a light for all to see. Ghana has been chosen as the hub of the shift for the African Continent  to shift all into the new paradigm of the awakening of spiritual consciousness.  It will be the awakened ones who will initiate the shift out of darkness into light.

We must stop feeding into this old dark religious energy that our captors forced upon. This has taken us away from truth and the true Way and Light of the Ancients of Days.

We must SANKOFA and receive our birthright of prosperity. Our light has come. Our freedom has come. Restoration has come! All we have to do is acknowledge and receive it.

Our Ancestors are patiently waiting for us with open arms in much love to give us all we deserve; to restore double what has been taken from us. If we just come out of Babylon; the religion of our colonizers, we will see Ghana rise above all nations of the World.

G-D has said, "IAM will restore Africa beyond Her former beauty. It will start in Ghana having the domino effect throughout Africa and the world."
We are that chosen generation of a royal priesthood. We are that light that all will be drawn to. The choice is ours. Do we continue in bondage of our captors religion or do we make that shift to be restored, mentally, financially, economically and spiritually?

All we ever desired is waiting for us to receive. Believe, Ghana is that land flowing with milk and honey. But Her rich people are perishing in lack and poverty for lack of knowledge and turning away from our first love--The Ancients of Days. 

Hotep Light One Love for a Restored United Africa! 

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